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Florida Caverns State Park © John Bunting
Madison Blue Springs State Park Madison Blue Spring State Park, Lee, Florida © Marcine E Lohman
Swimmers enjoying the cool water at Madison Blue Spring State Park near Lee, Florida
Fort Clinch State Park Sea Oats on dunes © Ed Taylor
The Sea Oats on Ft. Clinchs Dunes.
Edward Ball Wakulla Springs State Park Butterflies and Lilly © Katrina Batson
Drinking from the Hurricane Lilly.
Big Lagoon State Park View south from observation tower © John Bunting
This view is looking south towards the lagoona and across the island towards the Gulf of Mexico from the observation tower at Big Lagoon St. Park.
Fort Pickens State Park © Marshall Media
Blue Spring State Park Blue Spring State Park_14 © Roger Schroeter
Blue Spring State Park Blue Spring State Park_6 © Roger Schroeter
Alafia River State Park © Ben Prepelka
Saint Joseph Peninsula State Park Horseshoe crab © John Bunting
Thousands of these were washed up on beach on bay side
Rocky Bayou State Park Raw Oyster © John Bunting
freshly shucked oyster
Edward Ball Wakulla Springs State Park Sunshine On My Shoulders. © Katrina Batson
Anhinga drying his feathers.
Rocky Bayou State Park Nice Cypress tree © John Bunting
Beautiful cypress along the shore at Rocky Bayou
Those wishing to discover a rewarding destination off the beaten trail while visiting Florida would be well advised to consider the appeal of Fanning Springs State Park, strikingly situated slightly inland from...more
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Florida Parks Visitor Reviews
11/26/2021 1:15:19 PM Fort Pickens State Park by Sandy_S_
Great History - I have been coming to Fort Pickens for over twenty years Never gets boring
10/1/2021 8:54:43 PM Suwannee River State Park by Vicki_I
First timers - Great time hiking on our way to Alabama. Ranger reported water level was up 15 feet. Our feet got a little muddy on the Lime Sink Trail. Would love to come back and camp or stay in a cabin. Also looks like a great river to canoe.
9/23/2021 2:38:27 PM Lake Kissimmee State Park by Robert_M_S
Bob - I could not get to reservation I tried calling no can do I was told to call a different number they said they couldnt help either
6/20/2021 4:52:35 PM Bahia Honda State Park by Sarah
Do NOT RECOMMEND - After driving an hour to meet family, we got there with a loaded car of beach stuff and kids and were turned down because they were full after our family was already in the park all set up waiting for us The guy at the entrance was rude and did not care at all. Waste of our time and vacation. We were very let down. Way to Tura family beach day.
6/20/2021 1:35:03 PM Bahia Honda State Park by Mark_w
Bahia -
6/10/2021 5:36:53 PM Anclote Key Preserve State Park by Cat
The park and island is beautiful - What is the point of having park rangers if they drive right by the trash left on the island and do not do anything about the tons of dogs brought out to the island The dogs are a nuisance to the turtles nests and bird nesting area.
5/19/2021 8:45:47 PM Florida Caverns State Park by Jayne_G
Shearyl Lovett - On May 19, 2021 my husband and I visited the Florida Caverns State Park for the first time. We approached the gate and was greeted by OPS Park Ranger Shearyl Lovett. What an great first impression we received visiting your park. Ranger Lovett had an incredibly wonderful personality that reflected her love of her job. She was beyond helpful and gave us great pointers and also the name of another Florida park to visit. We enjoyed the park and want you to know that Ranger Lovett was a big part of our experience.
4/16/2021 3:51:44 PM Saint Joseph Peninsula State Park by Melanie_B
6/4/2020 4:26:30 AM Big Lagoon State Park by Cynthia Miller
My favorite so far - Big lagoon was my first campground with my RV, and is still my favorite. The walkways to the beach are so beautiful. The staff was amazing. Would love to go back as camphost.
3/19/2020 5:41:15 AM Blackwater River State Park
My Favorite Park - Thought we would see you in a couple of weeks, that changed yesterday when the park was closed. When it comes to spending time in a Florida Park, Blackwater is at the top of the list. Always quiet, no lights to keep us awake at bed time. God Bless you and your Families during the Virus time out. God is totally in charge and this too will pass. Stay safe, Bill and Glenda Hoisington Crestview, FL
Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park - I enjoyed seeing the manatees. There were many different spots to observe them. There was a presentation about opossums which was very interesting. Watching the hippopotamus Lu eat was pretty cool. The employees were friendly knowledgeable.I was there from Noon to 5 pm. After that than I went parked in the overflow parking lot had a nice picnic lunch. I wish I could have went on the boat tour but it was closed for the day due to high water. I would highly recommend going here. It was a pretty cool place. It was $13 for adults.
11/9/2018 4:43:09 PM Pumpkin Hill Creek Preserve State Park by Silvermane
Interpretive Program with Rangers - I went to an Interpretive Program and found it very informative. The Ranger talked to us about fire management and controls used. This was my first time at Pumpkin Hill. The trails are more for horse riding but we walked some just to be away from it all. There is a kayak launch area as well. Had a wonderful day in nature
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