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Rhode Island Parks Visitor Reviews
5/10/2015 9:00:31 PM Fort Wetherill State Park by Karen
Beautiful - You can find spectacular views close to the fort if you take the time to explore. There are also many picnic tables which is not a common thing in some of the parks. Wish the views were able to be seen from the picnic areas.
8/9/2011 Goddard Memorial State Park by Lilly
what a change - Used to go riding when I was a teen.. This park has undergone an exquisite change. It is the most beautiful park I have been to yet. The pride is back and it shows.. thank you keepers of a tradition.
7/30/2011 Colt State Park
oneof our favorite parks - full of history,boating fishing,claming. beautiful picnic areas very clean and everyone is friendly nice events and a very nice place to cool off and unwind
loved it - beautiful spot,scenery great...
8/10/2009 Colt State Park by Annuh.Silva
Beautiful invironment - The cosmetic is beautiful. But the water is questionable. Has it been tested for any type of parasites. When my daughter and I got in up to our ankles the water made us itchy. My daughter cried it hurt her legs so much. Now I am feeling like something is under my skin. I will get it checked. I think the water should be tested.
5/27/2009 Colt State Park by shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
good -
1/7/2009 Colt State Park by kika
Where is that place Mr Jankowski? -
8/15/2008 Colt State Park by The Jankowskis of Somerset
great park - nice little beach. dozens of scenic or secluded picnic areas. Nice place to watch the sun set!
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