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Tishomingo State Park © Darlene Huntington
Tishomingo State Park © Martha Jo Killebrew
Paul B Johnson State Park Misty Morning sunrise © Judy Barrett
Hugh White State Park © Francis Ford
Paul B Johnson State Park Confrontation © Dewese Milstead
Dog versus Ducks...Dog lost.
Paul B Johnson State Park Peaceful on the lake © Donna Posey
Taken in loop 2 Nov 23, 2012 Thanksgiving
Gulf Islands National Seashore Gun Port © John Bunting
port where cannon used to stick through the wall
Tishomingo State Park © May Killebrew Vokaty
Mockingbird © stateparks.com
Picnic Table © stateparks.com
It is always a great day for a picnic in the park.
Small Boy Fishing © stateparks.com
Gone fishin.
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Mississippi Parks Visitor Reviews
8/17/2021 7:11:48 PM Gulf Islands National Seashore by stephenie_w
Gulf Islands National Seashore correctio - Hello, I just wanted to ask you to correct your website. Gulf Islands National Seashore is not a state park. It is a national park.
8/13/2021 3:18:16 PM Buccaneer State Park by Stephanie_T
Misleading - We planned out our vacation months ago to Buccaneer State Park. It was us an another family with 4 kids between us so the attractions that drew us was the water park and park pool for the kids. Well we got here on a Sunday only to find out that the pool nor water park will be open until the weekend. This was not something that was communicated to us and our kids were very upset. I understand short staff and no life guards but we should have been notified that way we would not be expecting those things once we arrived or we could have scheduled our trip elsewhere. I also understand that we pay extra for the use of those things but they are attractions to this park and campers should be notified when they wont be available especially when we have reservations. I defiantly will not be back for any other vacations.
8/23/2020 8:57:30 AM Paul B Johnson State Park by Gato
- dogs and animals should not be allowed..
7/22/2020 1:26:06 PM DeSoto National Forest by RFoster
Bethel Trail needs work. - On July 21st 2020 I arrived after a two hour drive expecting a GREAT trail ride only to find that most of the trails were blocked by down trees and overgrown with vegetation. The staging/picnic area was overgrown and neglected. If cleaned up, this will continue to be a great place to ride.
6/25/2020 7:05:21 AM Natchez State Park by Mike an Susan Cangemi
Had a great time fishing and camping. C. - Caught lots of bass , one was 9.5 pounds Susan caught
6/23/2020 7:44:43 PM Holmes County State Park
From Michigan family Great park. -
6/9/2020 3:56:19 PM Delta National Forest by Lorne Green
Highway Sign West of Park - Hey, just drove through there this past weekend on my way to Jackson from Central Arkansas. Noticed on your highway sign on the west side of the Delta National Forest is spelled incorrectly. You guys have it posted as Delta National Forrest. With two Rs. That is the proper name spelling like Forrest Gump. The large ecosystem of trees is spelled Forest. With only one R. Your website has it spelled correctly. Just thought youd want to know. It doesnt reflect well on the state of Mississippi. Thank You Lorne Green Morrilton, Arkansas
6/4/2020 3:52:46 AM Shepard State Park by Cynthia Miller
Very peaceful - The sites are huge,wooded,and well separated. You truly get the camping experience, not just parking your camper
5/21/2020 1:56:45 PM Roosevelt State Park by Meow_ma_mia
Great Park - It was great I really liked it. COVID-19 made it a little bad but it was ok
4/8/2020 11:03:55 AM Roosevelt State Park by Lalena Smith
Little Paradise - My husband and I and our 4 boys love it here. Its the perfect place to get back to nature, fish,camp, swim in the lake. We come as often as we can. We even love it in the winter big campfires chili and hiking trails is just what the doctor ordered.
12/2/2019 5:36:50 AM Nanih Waya State Park
Apparently abandoned, in dire disrepair - While the mound itself is easily accessible, it is showing signs of erosion and the associated park amenities are in shameful disrepair, collapsed and unusable. The formerly well built State Park that was deeded to the MS Band of Choctaw Indians in 2008, is in a different, distant area where the cave is located, but is closed and inaccessible for use by the public. It is a shame that the Choctaw people no longer seem to respect or care for their purported heritage.
7/28/2019 9:32:02 PM Cossar State Park by Parkers
A few days to relax - Family was on our way back to Arkansas from Gulf Shores. We had about a 13 hour drive and decided we needed to find a spot mid way for a couple of days to park our trailer and just chill. We chose Cossar Park. It was situated among a deep forest of beautiful old trees, near a beautiful lake. Deer were wandering around everywhere. We just went for walks with the dogs and even took in a game of putt putt golf with our daughter. The park was not new and extravagant, but all I can say is, I wish it was 7 hours closer to us and we would be back.
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