Arabia Mountain Nature Preserve 'Peidmont Azalea' © Christopher May
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Arabia Mountain Nature Preserve
'Peidmont Azalea'
© Christopher May 2012

Indian Springs State Park
'Water Flow'
© All Rights Reserved.

Cumberland Island National Seashore
© Alfie Company Photography. All Rights Reserved. Please place print orders from website.


Franklin D Roosevelt State Park
© Christopher May 2012

scenic overlook on Pine Mountain Traail, near Visitors Center

Jekyll Island State Park Authority
'Gathering Storm at Sunset'
© All Photos Copyright 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 2008 Joseph W Cwik

Shot from the beach facing West in evening, 2004

High Falls State Park
© Copyright 2007-2010 Benjamin Prepelka All Rights Reserved


Franklin D Roosevelt State Park
© Christopher May 2012

On Pine Mountain trail

Cumberland Island National Seashore
© Alfie Company Photography. All Rights Reserved. Please place print orders from website.


Stone Mountain State Memorial Park
© Photos courtesy of Julie Shumaker


Riding the Skyride

Crooked River State Park
'View through twisted branches by St. Marys photogr'
© Jacqueline L. DeBusk, Use with permission from artist only.


A view from Sempervirens trail at Crooked River State Park is framed by natures artistically twisted branches

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Georgia Parks Visitor Reviews
12/29/2013 9:07:11 PM High Falls State Park by Laura-Grace
A little piece of heaven - I love to take time to hike down the trail and just sit in the peacefulness of nature. The roar of the river is healing for the mind and soul; while the hike is great for cardio:)
7/10/2013 5:37:51 PM Jekyll Island State Park Authority by duckie
loved everything but the campground , - Hey thats part of camping, maybe u should get a hotel...
5/31/2013 12:11:12 PM Providence Canyon State Park by Andee
A wonderful surprise! - My son had leave from Fort Benning this Memorial day and we were looking for something to do besides eat and shop. We decided to give Providence Canyon State Park a shot. We drove there knowing next to nothing about it and not really expecting much. Needless to say we were blown away by this treasure hidden in the Georgia countryside. The shady trails are perfect for either a leisure hike or a challenging run. We managed to do a little of both while taking in the lovely scenery! I am looking forward to coming back and taking the seven mile hike.
5/15/2013 8:28:30 AM Gordonia Alatamaha State Park by Keith & Dana
AWESOME SHOWERS! - We camped May 8 2013 had a great time! Showers are AWESOME! Rangers and camp host are very helpful and always around if you need anything. Looking forward to camping again , actually we are planning on camping may 23 & 24!
4/7/2013 12:31:20 PM Tugaloo State Park by ellen
rhe greatest park - we have been going to tugloo for over 30 years hope to be going for 30 more years
2/9/2013 8:51:14 AM Savannah National Wildlife Refuge by Stevie J
This is a nice place - I took the kids for a ride trying catch a glimpse of the gators. It was if the gators came to see us. There were some many and all over the place. It was about dark as we made it through the gates. I will go again
1/11/2013 12:41:29 PM Reed Bingham State Park by MasterTeacher3
The Best Camping Sites in Georgia! - When our children were growing up we spent many relaxing and fun weekends at Reed Bingham. Now, we bring our grandchildren and Reed Bingham is better than ever. Not only do they offer numerous things to do, the campground is beautiful and spacious with many full hook up sites, YES, full hook ups! It is quiet and the perfect place to go for a getaway weekend. We go every opportunity we get!
10/22/2012 6:54:49 PM Crooked River State Park by Kat
Amazing! - I loved Crooked River! Amazing scenery and at night the stars look truly incredible! I loved how clean everything was and how quiet and calm it was. I am definitely going there again soon!
8/15/2012 3:03:11 PM Vogel State Park by Janice
A Family Tradition - Growing up, it was understood that going to Vogel, usually with family friends, was a way of life! Now that we are all grown and have families, we have passed that on to our children. What wonderful memories! This park will forever have a very special place in our hearts and memories!
7/10/2012 10:57:19 PM Moccasin Creek State Park
7/7/2012 11:00:04 AM Tallulah Gorge State Park by psndalton
will never go again - have gone to alot of state parks but this was the most annoying. We had a man pull up our camper and then he was leaving after he set it up for us.Within 30 mins. after being there,the park host came up and stated,very rudely,that he had to be out in the next 5 mins.So he left without finishing the setup. We have always set up a tent with our camper with no complains. Our grandkids love it.The camp host saw us setting it up and said nothing that day! Early next day the camp host inform us,rudely again,that we had to take it down or pay an extra 18.00 a night.We were already paying 20.00 a night for camper. The camp host came back in about 30 mins. and said we could keep it up but not sleep in it.We agreed.So 3 grandmothers and 5 grandkids slepted in camper.We left tent up and stored extra clothes in the air mattresses in there for grandkids to play their games.We were doing what we were told very rudely to do.That night a severe storm came and the sheets we had left and one the air mattress got wet. We were told that we would be checked on making sure no one was sleeping in tent.The day after the storm new host came,Francis,came and told us she had went back on the files and that we had to get the tent down now and we why were the air mattresses still up and why were we drying sheet.The storm was last night.She was very condensing and spoked very rudly.We spoke nice and took tent down and I even after 10 that night went to her camper and informed her that someone had left hot water running cause they couldnt turn it off.She wasnt a happy camper! This was a camping trip from --. The only good thing was the new friends we made.Try sleeping in a camper with 3 old women and 5 young kids! We did it.We arrived Friday but 1 adult and 3 kids went home Wed. because of all of this.You did have a great playground!I have never been so rudely treated in all my camping adventures.I myself had seen camp host get on people for petty things.I know rules are to be honor but come-.Some of us had to stay the whole time cause the man who was pulling us back would not be able to come back untill Fri.TGIF.
7/7/2012 7:05:42 AM Keg Creek State Park by J & B Strom
Bring a chainsaw - My wife and I attempted to ride the loop on our mountain bikes this week. It was a dismal experience. You will be hard-pressed to go more than about 150 yards without getting off of your bike to bypass fallen timber over the trail. We made it about 3.5-4 miles in before we gave up and turned around. This trail is in serious need of some maintenance.
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