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Sequoia National Park
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Yosemite National Park
'Lumbert Dome and River'
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Lumbert Dome in Yosemite NP California

Point Reyes National Seashore
'McClures Beach'
© Rob Nuti Photography


Wave crash looking south from McClures Beach

Death Valley National Park
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Death Valley National Park
'Death Valley National Park '
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Death Valley National Park, Zabriskie Point, California, January 2007

Yosemite National Park
'Sunny Tourist Day'
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Kings Canyon National Park
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Grizzly Falls

Yosemite National Park
'Yosemite valley '
© C Edward Hardam


View of Yosemite valley with El Capitan and Bridelveil Fall.

California's Northern Region Parks

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Parks in this region are near these California Cities (click city name to see parks within 25 miles)

Ahjumawi Lava Springs State Park
Ahjumawi is a place of exceptional, even primeval, beauty. Brilliant aqua bays and tree studded islets only a few yards long dot the shoreline of Ja-She Creek, Crystal Springs, and Horr Pond. Of the park's 6000 acres, over two thirds of the area is covered by recent three to five thousand years lava ........more >
Ash Creek State Wildlife Area
Located in the center of Big Valley, the Ash Creek Wildlife Area encompasses more than 14,000 acres of natural and cultivated habitats for wildlife species. Hunters travel from all areas of California and adjacent states to hunt waterfowl during the fall and winter. Other popular recreational activities ........more >
Azalea State Reserve
A 30-acre reserve for western azalea Rhododendron occidentale. Each spring, a profusion of pink and white blossoms scents the air. There is a picnic area available. Plan to visit in April and May when azaleas are in bloom.........more >
Biscar State Wildlife Area
Two small reservoirs within Snowstorm Creek Canyon collect water and attract water birds. Lower Biscar reservoir is about 45 acres, Upper Biscar about 15 acres. No improvements currently exist for parking, picnicking or trails. However, space for parking is available below the dam at Lower Biscar . ........more >
Boggs Mountain State Forest
........more >
Boundary National Recreation Trail
This is the longest trail in the Ouachita NationalForest spanning 192 miles across its entire length.In the west, the trail begins at Talimena State Parkon Highway 271 near Talihina, Oklahoma.The eastern boundary is south of Perryville,Arkansas on Highway 9.An additional 32 miles of trail, located on ........more >
Castle Crags State Park
The park offers swimming and fishing in the Sacramento River, hiking in the back country, and a view of Mount Shasta. There are 76 developed campsites and six environmental campsites. The 4,350-acre park features 28 miles of hiking trails, including a 2.7 mile access trail to Castle Crags Wilderness, ........more >
Castle Rock National Wildlife Refuge
Castle Rock Refuge is half a mile offshore from Crescent City in northern California. This coastal rock covers approximately 14 acres, and rises steeply 335 feet above sea level. The refuge provides an important sanctuary for Aleutian Canada geese and nesting seabirds. It is, in fact, known as the ........more >
Cinder Flats State Wildlife Area
........more >
Clear Creek National Recreation Trail
Backpacking trails are pleasant and plentiful in California, and one of those is Clear Creek National Recreation Trail in Siskiyou County. Spending too much time indoors got you down No problem, Clear Creek National Recreation Trail in Siskiyou County, California is just the place. A visit to California ........more >
Clear Lake National Wildlife Refuge
Established in 1911, this 46,460 acre Refuge consists of approximately 20,000 acres of open water surrounded by upland habitat of bunch grass, low sagebrush, and juniper. Small rocky islands in the lake provide nesting sites for the American white pelican, double-crested cormorant, and other colonial ........more >
Clear Lake State Park
Clear Lake State Park is on the shores of Californias largest freshwater lake. The area is popular for all kinds of water recreation, including swimming, fishing, boating and water-skiing. Anglers can catch large mouth bass, crappie, bluegill and channel catfish. The park is the nesting place for ........more >
Clear Lake State Park Visitor Center
........more >
Colusa National Wildlife Refuge
Colusa National Wildlife Refuge is one of six refuges in the Sacramento Refuge Complex located in the Sacramento Valley of north-central California. The refuge is about 70 miles north of the metropolitan area of Sacramento. The 4,507-acre refuge primarily consists of intensively managed wetland impoundments, ........more >
Crane Mountain National Recreation Trail
This trail, located east of Lakeview, Oregon, is 36 miles in length. It connects into the Fremont National Recreation Trail at the South Fork Crooked Creek Trailhead. The Crane Mountain Trail offers many scenic vistas and diverse environments as it traverses the slopes and summit of rugged Crane Mountain, ........more >
Crystal Lake State Fish Hatchery
........more >
Darrah Springs State Fish Hatchery
........more >
Del Norte Coast Redwoods State Park
The park, established in 1927, has approximately 50 old growth coast redwood and eight miles of wild coastline. The mixed understory includes tanoak, madrone, red alder, big leaf maple, and California bay. Ground cover is dense with a wide range of species. Vegetation is predominately red alder which ........more >
Delevan National Wildlife Refuge
The Delevan National Wildlife Refuge is one of six refuges in the Sacramento Refuge Complex in the Sacramento Valley of north-central California. The 5,797-acre refuge is approximately 80 miles north of Sacramento and consists of over 4,500 acres of intensively managed wetlands and 1,200 acres of uplands. More ........more >
Grizzly Creek Redwoods State Park
The redwoods in the Grizzly Creek area were what inspired Owen R. Cheatham, founder of Georgia-Pacific Corporation, to preserve this site in perpetuity. The Cheatham Grove is an exceptional stand of coast redwoods. The park is a quiet place to camp, hike, fish, swim and picnic. The Van Duzen River ........more >
Hendy Woods State Park
The park features two virgin redwood groves Big Hendy with a self-guided discovery trail and Little Hendy. The Navarro River runs the length of the park. Located in the middle of the Anderson Valley wine district, this park is warmer and less foggy than redwood parks along the coast. The park is ........more >
Honey Lake State Wildlife Area
........more >
Humboldt Bay National Wildlife Refuge
Humboldt Bay National Wildlife Refuge is located on Humboldt Bay, on the coast of northwestern California. The refuge exists primarily to protect and enhance wetland habitats for migratory water birds using the bay area, including tens of thousands of shorebirds, ducks, geese, swans, and black brant. During ........more >
Humboldt Lagoons State Park
In the early 1900s Dry Lagoon was drained by early farmers and several types of crops were attempted but none proved economical.Several dairy ranches were established along the shores of Stone Lagoon. Later, when the highway was improved, a motel-restaurant called the Little Red Hen was located next ........more >
Humboldt Redwoods State Park
Humboldt Redwoods State Park encompasses nearly 53,000 acres, of which over 17,000 are untouched old growth coast redwoods. Created in 1921 with the small Bolling Memorial Grove the park has grown over the years to include a diverse ecosystem including the entire Bull Creek watershed and the Rockefeller ........more >
Jackson State Forest
At 50,000 acres, Jackson Forest is by far California's largest state-owned forest and the only one home to a significant percentage of second-growth redwoods. These second-growth trees provide critical habitat for species dependent on large, older redwoods for survival. ........more >
Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park
Established in 1929, this 10,000 acre predominately old growth coast redwoods park is bisected by the last major free flowing river in California, the Smith River. Almost all of the park land is water shed for the Smith River and Mill Creek, a major tributary. The park has about 20 miles of hiking ........more >
Jug Handle State Reserve
Jug Handle State Reserve is located on the Mendocino coast. The 769-acre park features a 2.5-mile self-guided nature trail called The Ecological Staircase which explores five wave-cut terraces formed by glacier, sea and tectonic activity that built the coast range. Each of the terraces was uplifted ........more >
Klamath National Forest
Located in northern California, lies the Klamath National Forest. You can fish in over 200 miles of rivers and streams, enjoy a stay in a campground, or hike into the backcountry seeking pristine solitude in five different wilderness areas. You can swim near a sandy beach or wade into cold clear streams ........more >
Klamath National Forest Supervisor Headquarters
lamath National Forest is a 1,737,774-acre 2,715.27 sq mi, or 7,032.52 km national forest primarily located in Siskiyou County in northern California, but with a tiny extension into southern Jackson County in Oregon. The forest contains continuous stands of ponderosa pine, Jeffrey pine, Douglas fir, ........more >
Lake of the Woods State Wildlife Area
........more >
Lassen National Forest
Located in northern California, lies the Lassen National Forest. This is where the Sierra Nevada, the Cascades, the Modoc Plateau and the Great Basin meet. Within the forest, you can explore a lava tube or the land of Ishi, the last survivor of the Yahi Yana Native American tribe watch prong-horn ........more >
Lassen Volcanic National Park
Beneath Lassen Volcanic's peaceful forests and gem-like lakes lies evidence of a turbulent and fiery past. 600,000 years ago, the collision and warping of continental plates led to violent eruptions and the formation of lofty Mt. Tehama also called Brokeoff Volcano. After 200,000 years of volcanic activity, ........more >
Latour Demonstration State Forest
This property became a state forest in 1946 when the State Lands Commission deeded the property to the then California Division of Forestry. It is located in Shasta County south of Burney and east of Redding at the edge of the Lassen National Forest. LaTour forest contains many interesting volcanic ........more >
Lower Klamath National Wildlife Refuge
The Lower Klamath National Wildlife Refuge, located in rural northeastern California and southern Oregon, was established by President Theodore Roosevelt in 1908 as the nation's first waterfowl refuge. The refuge, with a backdrop of 14,000-foot Mount Shasta to the southwest, is listed in the National ........more >
MacKerricher State Park
MacKerricher State Park offers a variety of habitats beach, bluff, headland, dune, forest and wetland. Tidepools are along the shore. Seals live on the rocks off the parks Mendocino coast. More than 90 species of birds visit or live near Cleone Lake, a formal tidal lagoon. During winter and spring, ........more >
Mailliard Redwoods State Reserve
The purpose of Mailliard Redwoods State Reserve, in Mendocino County, is to preserve and protect, in an essentially natural condition, the coast redwood forest and associated wildlife habitat which occurs along the Garcia River and adjacent watersheds. This park, in the hills three miles south of Highway ........more >
Manchester Beach State Park
The park has a beach, sand dunes, and flat grasslands, with nearly 18,000 feet of ocean frontage. The beach line curves gently to form a catch basin for sea debris, which accounts for the volume of driftwood found here. Five miles of gentle, sandy beach stretches southward towards the Point Arena Lighthouse. One ........more >
McArthur-Burney Falls Memorial State Park
The park is within the Cascade Range and Modoc Plateau natural region, with 910 acres of forest and five miles of streamside and lake shoreline, including a portion of Lake Britton. The park's centerpiece is the 129-foot Burney Falls, which is not the highest or largest waterfall in the state, but ........more >
Mendocino Headlands State Park
The park is near picturesque downtown Mendocino. The park features grass-covered headlands and a beach, with access from the mouth of the Big River south of town. Trails are popular with hikers and joggers. In winter, the park provides a site for whale watching. The Ford Museum features weekend lectures ........more >
Mendocino National Forest
The only one of Californiaaposs 18 national forests not crossed by a paved road or highway, the Mendocino National Forest is especially attractive to people seeking an outdoor experience of tranquility and solitude. The Forest is approximately 65 miles long and 35 miles across, consisting of one million ........more >
Modoc National Forest
Located in the northeastern corner of California, lies the Modoc Naitonal Forest. Itaposs about a three hour drive from Reno, Nevada, and about the same distance from Redding, California. The Modoc National Forest is bordered on the east by a spur of the Cascades known as the Warner Mountain Range, ........more >
Modoc National Wildlife Refuge
Modoc National Wildlife Refuge is home to more than 250 species of birds and a variety of other wildlife. Located in a high-altitude desert valley on the western edge of the Great Basin in Modoc County, California, the refuge is part of a large complex of mid-altitude wetlands and lakes in northeastern ........more >
Montgomery Woods State Reserve
Montgomery Woods is one of the more remote of California's 31 redwood parks. It is a perfect place for a picnic, and tables are provided for that purpose. A trail follows Montgomery Creek upstream to five separate redwood groves that have never been logged. The trail is about three miles long, laid ........more >
Mount Shasta State Fish Hatchery
........more >
Navarro River Redwoods State Park
After winding over rolling hills and through the Anderson Valley, motorists traveling along Highway 128 suddenly enter an eleven-mile-long redwood tunnel to the sea. The redwood forest along the Navarro River is a magnificent sight. Visitors to the Navarro River Redwoods State Park can enjoy picnicking, ........more >
Patricks Point State Park
Located 25 miles north of Eureka California, Patrick's Point is a 640 acre park in the heart of California's coast redwood country. The park's dense forests of spruce, hemlock, pine, fir and red alder stretch over an ocean headland with lovely wildflower-festooned meadows. A dramatic shoreline ........more >
Plumas Eureka State Park
Plumas-Eureka State Park was established in 1959, and provides visitors with a glimpse into a fascinating period of California history, as well as opportunities for quiet recreation in a beautiful high Sierra mountain setting. The focal point of the park is the museum building and historic area surrounding ........more >
Plumas National Forest
Located in Northern California between the Sierra Nevada and the Cascade Ranges, the Plumas National Forest covers over a million acres filled with hundreds of high alpine lakes and thousands of miles of clear-running streams. The water from Plumas National Forest forms Lake Oroville, the headwaters ........more >
Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park
Set aside in the early 1920s by the forethought of the people of California and the generosity of the Save-the-Redwoods League, Prairie Creek is a 14,000 acre sanctuary of old growth coast redwood. Prairie Creek offers hiking, nature study, wildlife viewing, beach combing, picnicking, a visitor center ........more >
Redwood National Park
Redwood National and State Parks are home to some of the world's tallest trees old-growth coast redwoods. They can live to be 2000 years old and grow to over 300 feet tall. Spruce, hemlock, Douglas-fir, berry bushes, and sword ferns create a multiple canopied understory that towers over all visitors. ........more >
Richardson Grove State Park
Established in 1922 and named after Friend W. Richardson, the 25th governor of California, the park is bisected by Hwy. 101 and the south fork of the Eel River. Camping, hiking, swimming, and just relaxing are popular activities throughout much of the year. Fishing for salmon and steelhead is popular ........more >
Russian Gulch State Park
This park is known for the heavily forested Russian Gulch Creek Canyon, a headland that features the Devils Punch Bowl a large, collapsed sea cave with churning water, and a beach that offers swimming, tide pool exploring, skin diving and rock fishing. Inland, there is a 36-foot high waterfall. Hikers ........more >
Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge
The Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge is the headquarters for the Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge Complex and is one of six refuges located in the Sacramento Valley of north-central California. The refuge is approximately 90 miles north of Sacramento, adjacent to Interstate 5. The 10,783-acre ........more >
Shasta National Forest
The Shasta-Trinity National Forest part of the Pacific Southwest Region is located in the central part of Northern California between the interior Coast Range on the west and the Cascade Range on the east. Elevations range from 1,000 feet along the southern and eastern edges of the Forest to 14,162 ........more >
Sinkyone Wilderness State Park
The rugged wilderness that once characterized the entire Mendocino Coast can still be explored and enjoyed in the Sinkyone Wilderness State Park. Since there are no main highways near the coast in this vicinity, the area has come to be called the Lost Coast.........more >
Sisson Calahan National Recreation Trail
........more >
Six Rivers National Forest
The Six Rivers National Forest lies east of Eureka in northwestern California, and stretches southward from the Oregon border for about 140 miles. U.S. 101, the famed quotRedwood Highway,quot parallels the inland Forest in a north-south direction on the coastside. The Forest is just east of the Redwood ........more >
Smithe Redwoods State Reserve
Smithe Redwoods State Reserve contains the beautiful Frank and Bess Smithe Grove of redwoods.........more >
Sutter National Wildlife Refuge
Sutter National Wildlife Refuge, the southern-most refuge in the Sacramento Refuge Complex, is located in the Sacramento Valley of California, about 50 miles north of the metropolitan area of Sacramento. The refuge consists of about 2,600 acres, consisting primarily of wetland impoundments with some ........more >
Tahoe National Forest
Located straddling the crest of the Sierra Nevada mountains in northern California, lies the Tahoe National Forest encompassing a vast territory, from the golden foothills on the western slope to the high peaks of the Sierra crest.........more >
Tehama State Wildlife Area
6,862 acres of oak woodland, grassland and chaparral. There are also rugged canyons throughout the area. This area is a winter range for black-tailed deer. Wild pigs and turkeys are also found here.........more >
Trinity National Forest
The Shasta-Trinity National Forest part of the Pacific Southwest Region is located in the central part of Northern California between the interior Coast Range on the west and the Cascade Range on the east. Elevations range from 1,000 feet along the southern and eastern edges of the Forest to 14,162 ........more >
Tule Lake National Wildlife Refuge
Tule Lake National Wildlife Refuge is located in the fertile and intensively farmed Tule Lake Basin of northeast California. It was established in 1928 by President Calvin Coolidge as a preserve and breeding ground for wild birds and animals, yet was still subject to conversion from wetland habitats ........more >
Van Damme State Park
Van Damme State Park consists of beach and upland on the Mendocino Coast. Of all park system units along the Mendocino coast, Van Damme is perhaps the richest in terms of historical resources connected with the redwood lumber industry. Its story is a prime example of the struggles and eventual failures ........more >
Whiskeytown-Shasta-Trinity National Recreation Area
Lake based recreational opportunities are Whiskeytowns primary focus during the hot and dry summer months. Whiskeytown Lake provides 36 miles of shoreline and 3,200 surface acres of water, and is excellent for most water-related activities including swimming, boating, water skiing, fishing and scuba ........more >
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