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Nathan Bedford Forrest State Park Cabins © Cindy Kryscio
A look at the rental cabins across the water.
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Tennessee Parks Visitor Reviews
Water gone before fishing began - Water drained from impoundments before refuge was even open to fish. Look forward to bank fishing every year. But with no running water, fishing is going to be poor . NOT HAPPY
10/29/2019 11:36:16 AM Roaring River State Scenic River by Marty Whalen
Camp Host left a huge mess - The camp host for Roaring River abandoned a car there and left a huge pile of trash that animals are hauling all over the park. While he was there, the host continually trashed the area leaving a real eye sore for our school children to observe. Is this how we honor our state
Very bad management - Whoever allowed small game hunting during deer season needs to reconsider there decision. You cant do both sucessfully. What was once a great place to hunt has now been totally ruined. After 13 years of hunting here Im actually sad about having to leave but I will never hunt here again and wont recommend it to anyone. I will in fact do the opposite. This isnt the last time I will address this either.
2/24/2018 5:21:33 PM Dunbar Cave State Park by Margie wallace Williamson
- in 1940 I lived in clarsville, there was a swimming pool there,I was 10 yrs old. When we got hot we went to mouth of the cave.We spent many happy times at Dunbar Cave, good memories.I am no 87yrs. old.
8/28/2017 2:50:17 PM Fort Pillow State Park
Camping Fort Pillow State Historic Park - full hook ups, everything is new and redone, please add this to the description
8/21/2017 4:03:34 PM Bledsoe Creek Camping State Park by Gloria S
Perfect place to experience Totality - Cudos to staff for their organization on Eclipse day. I came from Houston and the park was the perfect place to hike before the eclipse and absolutely the perfect place to watch it.
4/1/2017 3:19:09 PM Cedars of Lebanon State Park by mike smith
first park i remeber visiting.. - we lived just 3 miles south of the park on summit hill rd in 65- 67 we used to go there quite often in fact the last time I remember there there were the log fences in the picnic areas which are still there.
1/24/2017 2:57:26 PM Warriors Path State Park
Love everything about this park. - Great family experience.
6/24/2016 5:24:31 PM Big Ridge State Park by Kathy
rest rooms showers - I do not believe I have ever been in a bathroom;shower that was so filthy would rather bathe in the lake ;gross
2/27/2016 1:09:02 PM Cedars of Lebanon State Park by Scary horses
Dangerous horses in Cedars Park - Cedars of Lebanon Park is beautiful, but never try riding, we almost died, horses was unattended, my husband and I had a lot of injuries and guides just sad oh sorry. Irresponsable people.
2/8/2016 11:09:50 AM David Crockett State Park by D-J Clemons
Wonderful Cabins and Restaurant! - Party of 4 adults spent 3 great days exploring,hiking and taking many pictures. Knowledgeable staff at the Park and brochures. Cabins had many conveniences but the Restaurant had delicious food on buffet or a menu!We were just there Feb.4,2016 but still very nice! Town close by also. Will definitely be back in the Spring! Had their first Bald Eagle Family nesting!
10/26/2015 4:32:07 PM Montgomery Bell State Park by Patty
camping - We just took a camping trip Oct 2015. We decided we would eat our supper at the restaurant at the Inn on Friday our first day. We were there for the seafood buffet. MY first thought when we walked into the Inn was how DIRTY the outside windows were, Oh my if the outside windows at the restaurant were that dirty I can imagine the rooms are not properly cleaned. The windows looked as though they had not been cleaned in years. The restaurant was suppose to look out over a lake and the pool and hottub, the pool was closed due to the season understandable but the hot-tub was boarded up. It was hard to tell if there was even a lake but we walked outside to make sure.I was so disappointed in the place I told my group we would never try and come back to that INN. Its sad to see, Being from Tennessee one of our State Parks looking so bad. just saying Gee wiz
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