Starved Rock State Park 'LaSalle Canyon' © Bob Franklin
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Starved Rock State Park
'LaSalle Canyon'
© Bob Franklin

Matthiessen State Park
'Old Bridge'
© copyright 2011 McCormicks Photography


Bridge over Cascade Falls

Sand Ridge State Forest
'Fallen Acorns'
© Copyright Betsy Cox 2012

Fallen acorns on the forest ground of Sand Ridge State Forest.

Matthiessen State Park
'Winter Thaw'
© copyright 2011 McCormicks Photography


View of Cascade Falls in early Spring.

Wolf Creek State Park
© All Images Copyright 2011 Watson Photography


Beall Woods State Park
'Blue Bird '
© Copyrighted Image Joe D McDaniels Photography


One of the birds at Beall Woods

Starved Rock State Park
'Tonty Canyon'
© Bob Franklin

Castle Rock State Park
'Overlooking River'
© Eric Hoffman


Illinois's Northern Region Parks

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Parks in this region are near these Illinois Cities (click city name to see parks within 25 miles)

Apple River Canyon State Park
Apple River Canyon State Park is in the hilly northwest art of Illinois in Jo Daviess County near the Wisconsin border. This scenic canyon area was formed by the action of the winding waters of Apple River. Limestone bluffs, deep ravines, springs, streams and wildlife characterize this area which was ........more >
Ayers Sand Prairie State Nature Preserve
........more >
Buffalo Rock State Park
Buffalo Rock State Park is located on a bluff which was once an island in the Illinois River. Now standing majestically on the north bank, this promontory affords a magnificent sweeping view of the Illinois River. Located approximately three miles west of Ottawa in LaSalle County, this 298 acre park ........more >
Fox River State Park
........more >
Franklin Creek State Park
Franklin Creek State Natural Area is located in Lee County, one mile northwest of the village of Franklin Grove and eight miles east of Dixon just north of Illinois Route 38. The beautiful Franklin Creek flows throughout the 664-acre park. Several large natural springs, hardwood forests, bedrock outcroppings, ........more >
Gebhard Woods State Park
Gebhard Woods State Park was originally purchased from Mrs. William Gebhard by the Grundy County Rod Gun Club in 1934 for the amount of $1,500.00. A game fish rearing pool was developed on the property by the Rod and Gun club who in turn donated the property to the State of Illinois to be developed ........more >
Goose Lake Prairie State Park
Early settlers to Illinois, in an attempt to describe the unfamiliar terrain they were encountering, referred to it as a sea of grass with pretty flowers. Today, Goose Lake Prairie State Natural Area serves as testimony to the prairies that once covered nearly 60 percent of the state. Located in ........more >
Green River State Wildlife Management Area
........more >
Heidecke State Fish and Wildlife Area
Located southeast of Morris, Heidecke Lake State Fish and Wildlife Area is managed by the Department of Natural Resources for fishing and hunting. DNR has leased Heidecke Lake since 1978, when it was built as a cooling lake for the Collins power plant, which is now owned and operated by Midwest Generation. ........more >
Illini State Park
Illini State Park is the kind of park you think of when you think of big picnics and family gatherings. With its rustic Civilian Conservation Corps buildings and riverside picnic areas, Illini State Park offers beautiful views and a sense of history not found in many other parks. Named for the native ........more >
La Salle Lake State Fish and Wildlife Area
LaSalle Lake, a manmade, 2,058-acre lake 8 miles southeast of Marseilles, is popular among anglers. Serving as a cooling lake for Commonwealth Edison's LaSalle Power Station, the lake is formed by levees that rise above the surrounding land. While this perched construction helps the lake catch the wind ........more >
Lake Le-Aqua-Na State Park
Whether you visit for an afternoon or stay a few days, you will leave Lake Le-Aqua-Na State Recreation Area with many happy memories. Located in Stephenson County just west of Route 73 on Lake Road, the park is six miles south of the Illinois-Wisconsin state line and three miles north of Lena. Highlighted ........more >
Lowden State Park
One of the most picturesque sites along the Rock River is just north of Oregon in Ogle County. Legend has it that Chief Black Hawk, as he left the area after the Black Hawk War, talked of the beauty of the area and admonished his captors to care for the land as he and his people had. Lowden State Park ........more >
Marseilles State Fish and Wildlife Area
........more >
Matthiessen State Park
Canyons, streams, prairie and forest combine to delight visitors at Matthiessen State Park. Located in central LaSalle County, approximately four miles south of Utica and three miles east of Oglesby, Matthiessen is a paradise for those interested in geology as well as recreation. Visitors can expect ........more >
Mazonia State Fish and Wildlife Area
Braidwood Lake, owned by Commonwealth Edison, is a partially perched, cooling lake. Braidwood Lake was constructed in the late 1970s and impounded in 1980-81 with water pumped from the Kankakee River. Several surface mined pits were flooded within the lake, so fisheries management actually began in ........more >
Mississippi Palisades State Park
The Native American pathfinders along the rock palisades of the Mississippi River did as present-day hikers do - in coursing the bluffs, they took the paths of least resistance. The trails at the Mississippi Palisades, especially the parks southern routes, puts you in touch with the past. Walk them ........more >
Moraine Hills State Park
From angling to hiking, from viewing rare plants to observing migratory waterfowl, Moraine Hills State Park offers you a recreational bounty. Located in the northeast corner of Illinois, the park is 3 miles south of McHenry. McHenry Dam, on the Fox River, is on the park's western border. Roughly half ........more >
Morrison-Rockwood State Park
A trip to picturesque Morrison-Rockwood State Park offers many memorable experiences. A large sign in the shape of Illinois, fashioned from angle iron by a blacksmith, greets visitors at the entrance. Once inside, choose from a variety of recreational opportunities. Beautiful Lake Carlton, a stream-fed ........more >
Norwegian Settlers State Memorial
........more >
Prophetstown State Recreation Area
Prophetstown State Park, on the northeast edge of the city along the south bank of the Rock River in Whiteside County, is a scenic and historic area offering a variety of recreational facilities. Once the site of an American Indian village, the 53-acre park derives its name from the Native American ........more >
Rock Cut State Park
Chiseled out of the states far northern region is Rock Cut State Park in Winnebego County. Nearby are other rocky landmarks - the mighty Rock River and the place where wagons once forded it, Rockford. Its an area of rolling plains, interesting history and recreational variety. Two lakes set off the ........more >
Silver Springs State Park
A pool of clear bubbling water which sparkles like silver on sunny days provides the basis for the name of Silver Springs State Fish and Wildlife Area. Even on extremely cold days, this pool does not freeze, and visitors marvel at the bordering beds of watercress. Majestic oaks and prairie grasslands ........more >
Starved Rock State Park
Starved Rock State Park is best known for its fascinating rock formations, primarily St. Peter sandstone, laid down in a huge shallow inland sea more than 425 million years ago and later brought to the surface. While the areas along the river and its tributaries still are predominantly forested, ........more >
White Pines Forest State Park
Located in the heart of the Rock River valley, this charming 385-acre park is the south boundary of the old Chicago-Iowa Trail. History tells us that this was for years the principal route east and west across the northern part of the state. Today the park provides the perfect recipe for family getaways. ........more >
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