Itasca State Park '' © bobby hissam
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Itasca State Park
© bobby hissam


Grand Portage State Forest
'High Falls'
© Joseph Valerius

Minnesotas highest falls at 120 feet.

Voyageurs is also spectacular from a geological perspective. Its rolling hills were carved by multiple periods of glaciation. The park is situated on the southern edge of the Canadian Shield. This shield contains...more
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Minnesota Parks Visitor Reviews
4/28/2013 10:16:09 AM Lake Bronson State Park by TNelson
One of our favorite parks! - Love the boating, paved bike trails, excellent kept bathrooms, a short walk to the ranger station, & friendly people! We used to enjoy Hayes Lake State Park & still do, but Lake Bronson has become #1! Looking forward to the coming summers! LOVE LAKE BRONSON STATE PARK!
There is no fishing spot there! - We drove up and down the road for 10 minutes before we found the driveway to a swamp access on a duck pond. No fishing there unless you are he man and can cast past 100 yards of reeds and weeds.
7/9/2012 10:50:42 AM Helmer Myre State Park by Gary Skaar
A truly outstanding park. - A pristine prarie environment with sweeping vistas in all directions. Ranger TOM WANOUS is very knowledgeable and helpful. A great family experience and repeat visitors. Thanks
4/22/2012 8:24:34 PM Bear Head Lake State Park
Childhood memories - Enjoyed this family friendly park many years ago.
Great hunting! great wetlands! - It is a nice park/wma. It has hunting blinds not far from the road easy access. Great wetlands and lots of wildlife. there is a county park also with a dam.
1/20/2012 Sibley State Park by Hitz
Our favorite park - Aside from the north shore, this is our favorite park ever. We go for a week every summer, we love hiking through the woods and the prairies, swimming, fishing, and canoeing. Sibley has become a family tradition since I was a child.
8/2/2011 Itasca State Park by Liisa
boat, hiking, history - I love the park since I was a child. From the time myyounger brother slipped off rock crossing the river and started cring, his foot got wet. Now hes in his 40s and loves hiking and camping
speaking in praise of bur oaks - Why not contact the Commissioner, Tom Landwehr, about the cutting of the oaks. The DNR commissioner has changed with the new Dayton administration and maybe the impetus for cutting oaks, as well.
Forest Harvesting - Forest harvesting is a good thing.Mature oak trees block out sunlite that other vegetation need to grow. New trees will be planted and vegetation will grow and feed the wildlife.In nature forest fires do this but in areas close to houses harvesting is the best opption.It is good for the wildlife and brings in money for other conservation projects like blue herrion nesting in the WMA.This is all a part of wild life management and a part of nature.I have been in forest areas all over MN and WIS. The MN DNR does a great job of forest management.
Forest Harvesting - I would like to know who I should contact to let the DNR know how concerned I am regarding the proposed harvesting of 70 acres of primarily mature, large oak trees? The location of the trees in question is off Anoka County Road 22, 2.5 miles west of the city of Wyoming and I-35. The purpose is purportedly to ?improve wildlife habitat? ??? I understand that the DNR will auction off these magnificent trees and will collect approximately $11 per cord. Who or what is benefiting from this devastation of public land? It certainly isn?t the wildlife or the people of Minnesota.
We LOVE this park! - We wanted to try a little trout fishing and ended up doing that and so much more! We loved the hiking trails, fishing in Whitewater River, and swimming. The beach was great but having the river as our backyard, we were able to just walk down the hill from our site and swim or fish right there!
6/3/2011 Saint Croix State Park by Coach O
The best state park - Have visited this park over the past 50+ years and have wonderful memories. So much to do and the only down side is some years the mosquitoes love the park too.
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