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Oregon Coast Region
Fogarty Creek State Recreation Area
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Fogarty Creek State Recreation Area © Rick Stasel
Fogarty Creek State Recreation Area © Rick Stasel
Fogarty Creek State Recreation Area © Jerry Strasser
Fogarty Creek State Recreation Area © Rick Stasel
Fogarty Creek State Recreation Area © Rick Stasel
Fogarty Creek State Recreation Area © Rick Stasel
Fogarty Creek State Recreation Area © Rick Stasel
Fogarty Creek State Recreation Area Indian © Jerry Strasser
I painted this from a photo that my grandmother. I have that photo somewhere
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3115 U.S. 101
Depoe Bay, Oregon   97341
(lat:44.8426 lon:-124.0481) map location

Phone: 800-452-5687
Where the creek and ocean meet, you'll find ingredients that make the spirit soar. Discover this park's perfect wind-sheltered picnic areas. In case of rain, head for the covered picnic shelter. Walk the wooden footbridges arching through the Sitka spruce, western hemlock, shore pine and alder forest. At the cliff-rimmed beach, a lazy creek flows into the sea, cutting through an enchanting scenic ocean cove. This park has some of the best birdwatching and tidepooling on the coast.
History of the Area
Located in Lincoln County, Oregon, this recreational area is named after John Fogarty - a local judge and politician. The park was established as part of the state's efforts to preserve natural spaces for public enjoyment.

The land that now constitutes the recreation site originally belonged to private owners until it was acquired by the State Land Board around 1954. It became an official state park later on December 20th, 1963 when Governor Mark Hatfield signed its establishment into law.

Over time, additional parcels were added onto what initially constituted just over three acres of beachfront property along with two creeks flowing through dense forested areas leading out towards Pacific Ocean beaches. Today it spans approximately ten acres offering visitors access not only to pristine sandy shores but also picnic facilities nestled amidst lush greenery teeming with wildlife such as birds and small mammals.

Despite being relatively smaller compared other parks within Oregon's extensive network of protected lands; its unique blend between coastal beauty combined alongside tranquil woodland settings has made it one among many popular destinations attracting both locals plus tourists alike year-round since opening up more than half-century ago till date.

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1. Fogarty Creek State Recreation Area offers beach swimming, but no lifeguards are present.
2. The creek itself is also available for wading and light swimming activities.
3. Swimming in the Pacific Ocean can be challenging due to cold water temperatures and strong currents.
4. Always check local weather conditions before planning a swim as ocean tides can change rapidly.
5. Visitors should exercise caution when swimming or playing near driftwood logs which may shift with waves or tide changes.

Enjoy fishing in two creeks, teeming with cutthroat trout. The nearby Pacific Ocean offers opportunities for saltwater species like salmon and halibut.

Fogarty Creek State Recreation Area offers picnic tables, grills and a covered shelter for picnicking with ocean views.
1. Fogarty Creek Main Trail: This is the primary trail in the park, leading from the parking area to a beautiful beachfront view of Oregon's coastline.

2. North Loop Trail: A short but scenic route that takes hikers through dense forest and offers stunning views over rocky cliffs towards Pacific Ocean.

3. South Beach Access Pathway: An easy walk down this pathway leads directly to an expansive sandy beach where visitors can enjoy picnicking or bird watching.

4. Birdwatching Trails: These trails are scattered throughout different parts of the recreation area offering opportunities for spotting various species like gulls, sandpipers and plovers among others.

5. Tide Pool Exploration Paths: Several smaller paths lead off main hiking routes toward tide pools along shoreline which offer unique marine life viewing experiences during low tides.

6. Creek Side Nature Walks: There are several walking paths alongside Fogarty creek providing serene nature walks with sounds of flowing water adding tranquility to your hike experience.

7. Woodland Hiking Routes: Numerous woodland trails wind their way through lush greenery featuring native plants such as Sitka spruce, western hemlock etc., making it perfect spot for botany enthusiasts.

8. Picnic Area Walking Paths: Easy strolling pathways connecting picnic areas within park allowing families enjoying outdoor meals quick access back into heart of natural beauty surrounding them.

9. Viewpoint Overlook Track: Short uphill track leading up-to viewpoint overlooking entire state recreational site including ocean vistas & coastal landscapes around you.

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1. Starting from Portland, head west on US:26 towards Seaside.
2. Continue driving south along Highway 101 for about 90 miles until you reach Lincoln City.
3. In Lincoln City, take a right turn onto NW Logan Road (also known as County Rd 34).
4. Follow NW Logan Road for approximately 5 miles until it intersects with Highway 101 again.
5. Take a left turn onto Highway 101 and continue heading south for around half a mile.

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