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Redwood State Park
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Redwood State Park is a breathtaking natural sanctuary that boasts some of the tallest trees on earth, with towering redwoods reaching heights over 300 feet. The park's lush landscape spans across vast acres and offers an array of outdoor activities such as hiking through its serene trails, camping under starlit skies or exploring diverse wildlife habitats. Its verdant forest floor is carpeted with ferns while streams meander peacefully throughout the area creating tranquil waterfalls. This majestic woodland provides visitors not only awe-inspiring views but also a sense of peace and tranquility amidst nature's grandeur.

History of the Area
Located in the southernmost part of Oregon, near Brookings and Harbor area, this natural reserve is renowned for its towering redwood trees. The park's history dates back to 1920 when Save-the-Redwoods League was established with an aim to preserve old-growth Redwoods.

In 1931, Jedediah Smith State Park became one of California's first state parks due largely to efforts by the league. However, it wasn't until later that a portion on the northern side extended into Oregon territory which eventually came under protection as well.

The establishment process took several decades involving numerous land acquisitions from private owners and logging companies who had previously exploited these forests extensively during late nineteenth century till early twentieth century.

By mid-twentieth century enough parcels were acquired leading towards formal recognition as a protected site within Curry County where it resides today.

Over time additional lands have been added including Boy Scout Tree Trailhead making up what we now know as Chetco River corridor - home not only for ancient coast redwoods but also diverse wildlife species such as Roosevelt elk or marbled murrelet among others.

Today visitors can enjoy hiking trails through lush forested landscapes offering breathtaking views while learning about unique ecosystem present here thanks partly due conservation initiatives undertaken throughout past hundred years preserving this remarkable piece of nature heritage against odds faced over centuries long human exploitation period prior becoming officially designated public recreation area serving both local community members along tourists alike visiting region each year seeking solace amidst serene surroundings offered at place often referred simply 'where giants meet sea'.

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Area Campgrounds
AtRivers Edge RV Resort
98203 SB Chetco River Road
Brookings, OR
Driftwood RV Park
16011 Lower Harbor Road
Brookings, OR
Riverside RV Park
97666 N Bank Chetco RV Road
Brookings, OR
Portside RV Park
16219 Lower Harbor Road
Brookings Harbor, OR
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1. Start on the I:5 highway heading south from Portland or north from Medford.
2. Take exit 119 for Grants Pass and merge onto OR:99/Grants Pass Parkway.
3. Continue driving on OR:199 S/Redwood Highway towards Crescent City, California.
4. After approximately 50 miles, you will reach Cave Junction where you should turn right to stay on Redwood Highway/OR:199 S.
5. Follow this road for about another 20 miles until you see signs indicating the entrance to Redwood State Park.

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Oregon State Parks