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Azalea Park
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Western Meadow Lark
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640 Old County Road
Brookings, Oregon   97415
(lat:42.0584 lon:-124.2752) map location

Phone: 541-469-1103
Azalea Park is a charming public space located in Brookings, Oregon. Spanning approximately 33 acres, it's known for its beautiful azaleas and rhododendrons that bloom seasonally.

Opened to the public in 1991, Azalea Park features manicured gardens with walking paths meandering through vibrant floral displays. The park also includes a bandshell for concerts and events, picnic areas, children's playgrounds as well as Capella by the Sea which serves as an all-faith chapel or meditation area.

The main feature of this serene oasis is arguably its annual Azalea Festival held every Memorial Day weekend since 1938 (though not necessarily at this location from inception), celebrating the blooming flowers with parades and community activities. This event draws visitors from far beyond Brookings' borders to revel in nature's splendor amidst local festivities.
Nature of the Area
The park itself is renowned for its beautifully landscaped gardens featuring an array of vibrant azaleas and other flowering plants which bloom profusely in springtime.
History of the Area
Azalea Park has a history that dates back to when Native American tribes like the Chetco and Tolowa lived off its land. The 19th-century gold rush brought settlers into southern Oregon, leading to conflicts with indigenous peoples and their eventual displacement through treaties such as those at Table Rock.

The parcel of land became privately owned after these events, forming part of homesteads or small farms common during America's frontier expansion. By the mid-20th century, Everett D. Musser acquired it and donated five acres for public enjoyment rather than commercial use; this donation was the foundation around which Azalea Park grew due to community efforts including monetary gifts and additional land donations.

Now spanning approximately thirty-three acres within city limits yet offering an escape from urban life, Azalea Park provides year-round activities for visitors-leisurely walks in formal gardens or seasonal festivals-and contributes significantly both environmentally and economically by attracting tourism locally.

Azalea Park is supported by various stakeholders who ensure its accessibility for future generations-a testament to long-standing stewardship values initiated by predecessors whose vision made today's park possible.

Azalea Park in Oregon offers scenic picnicking spots with tables available and open grassy areas for blankets.
1. Azalea Park Nature Trail: A 0.5-mile loop trail that meanders through native azaleas, rhododendrons, and a diverse array of local flora; suitable for all skill levels.

2. Brookside Walkway: This paved path stretches approximately 0.3 miles alongside the park's babbling brook; ideal for leisurely strolls or those with mobility issues.

3. Creekside Loop Trail: Approximately 1 mile in length, this trail offers hikers scenic views as it follows the contours of a creek running through dense forested areas within the park.

4. Woodland Ridge Path: Spanning about 0.8 miles, this moderate-level hiking route takes visitors up slight elevations to experience panoramic vistas from various ridge points along its course.

5. Fern Gully Track: Notable for its lush fern-covered landscape, this short but enchanting segment is roughly one-quarter mile long ; perfect for nature photography enthusiasts.

6. Wildflower Way: During springtime, enjoy an easy half -mile stroll surrounded by vibrant wildflowers dotting both sides of the pathway ; educational signage provides insights into species variety.

7. Vista Point Connector: At just under half-a-mile, connect between major trails while gaining elevation quickly on switchbacks leading to stunning overlooks offering expansive views across Azalea Park's terrain.

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- Turn right at Dick George Rd/Upper River Rd and drive for another mile or so until you reach Azalea Park.

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