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Mt. Hood and the Gorge Region
Dabney State Recreation Area
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Western Meadow Lark
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Historic Columbia River Highway
Corbett, Oregon   97019
(lat:45.5174 lon:-122.353) map location

Phone: 800-551-6949
The classic summer place, Dabney has been a popular cooling-off swimming and picnic spot for over 50 years. It's easy to see why when you visit. The lower, older part of the park at the west end features an asphalt trail leading down to a classic swimming hole. Large picnic tables and electric cooking stations are on hand and fill up quickly on hot days. The newer parts of the park feature a covered, reservable picnic shelter and trails winding through tall bamboo, horsetail, cottonwoods and alders.

Check out the new disc golf course, made possible through a partnership with the Oregon Disc Sports Association.

You'll find a boat ramp near the swimming area. It's open to boaters year-round.

No dogs, except seeing-eye dogs, are permitted on park grounds. Alcohol is not allowed in those sections downstream of the main portion of the park, below the Stark Street Bridge.
History of the Area
Located in the U.S. state of Oregon, this recreational area was originally owned by Richard and Gladys Dabney who purchased it as a homestead around 1910. The couple transformed their property into an oasis with gardens, pools and even a dance pavilion which they opened to public use.

In the early years, visitors would arrive via steamboat along the Sandy River for picnics or dances at what became known locally as "Dabney Park". Over time however, due to financial difficulties during Great Depression era (1930s), Mr.Dabney sold his land piece-by-piece until only about 12 acres remained.

The remaining portion of land continued serving locals under private ownership until its purchase by State Highway Department in 1946 using highway funds from Multnomah County's share. This acquisition aimed at preserving river frontage for future freeway development but instead ended up being used primarily for recreation purposes after Interstate-84 construction bypassed site completely.

Afterwards,the park underwent several improvements including addition of picnic tables & restrooms through efforts led by Sam Boardman - then Superintendent of Parks Division within Highway Department.In late '50s,it also received federal aid that allowed further enhancements like parking lot expansion,picnic shelter erection etc.,making it more accessible & enjoyable space.

Finally,in year 1964,this place got officially designated as one among many parks managed under newly formed entity called "Oregon Parks and Recreation Department". Since then,it has been providing outdoor enthusiasts access to various activities such fishing,hiking,trail running,bird watching etc.alongside scenic views over Columbia Gorge National Scenic Area.Today,Dickson family legacy continues attracting thousands each year seeking respite amidst nature's beauty while contributing towards local economy indirectly too!
1. Dabney State Recreation Area offers a designated swimming area in the Sandy River.
2. Lifeguards are not provided, so swim at your own risk.
3. The river's current can be strong; caution is advised for swimmers of all levels.
4. Swimming season typically runs from late spring to early fall due to weather conditions.
5. Water shoes are recommended as the riverbed contains rocks and pebbles that may cause discomfort when stepped on.

Anglers can enjoy river fishing in the Sandy River, known for its Chinook salmon and steelhead trout. The park also offers a boat ramp for easy water access. Summer is ideal to catch smallmouth bass or Pacific lamprey. Fishing licenses are required before casting your line.

Dabney State Recreation Area offers picnic tables, grills and a large field for picnicking with river views. Restrooms are available.
1. Riverside Trail: This is a 2-mile trail that runs along the Sandy River, offering beautiful views of the river and surrounding forest.

2. Clackamas Viewpoint Trail: A short but steep hike leading to an overlook with stunning views of Mount Hood and Clackamas County.

3. Dabney Loop Trail: An easy loop trail covering about 0.8 miles through lush greenery ideal for beginners or families with children.

4. Oxbow Connector Pathway: Connects Dabney State Recreation Area to nearby Oxbow Regional Park; it's approximately three miles long featuring diverse flora and fauna sightings on route.

5. Cedar Grove Nature Walk: It's a half mile nature walk which takes you into dense cedar groves providing ample shade during summer months.

6. Sandy River Gorge Overlook Hike: Short yet rewarding hike taking hikers up close to sandy river gorge where they can enjoy panoramic view from top.

7. Riverfront Picnic Site Trails: These are small trails connecting various picnic sites located near riverside in park area, perfect for leisurely walks after meals.

8. Dogwood Day-Use Area Paths: Small paths around Dogwood day-use area suitable for quick strolls while enjoying scenic beauty.
While exploring the park, be aware that biking is limited to paved roads and parking areas.

Off-road cycling isn't permitted due to environmental concerns.

Please respect these rules for everyone's safety and enjoyment of nature.

Remember always wear a helmet when riding your bike in public spaces.

Bicycles should yield to pedestrians on shared paths within the area.

Be cautious while bicycling during peak hours as it can get crowded with vehicles and people alike.

Ensure you follow all posted signs regarding speed limits or restricted zones for bikes.

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Area Campgrounds
Portland Fairview RV Park
21401 NE Sandy Boulevard
Fairview, OR
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1. Start by heading east on Highway 84 from Portland.
2. Continue driving on Highway 84 for approximately 16 miles.
3. Take Exit 18 toward Troutdale/Bend onto NE Division St.
4. Merge onto SE Stark St/NE Historic Columbia River Hwy and continue straight.
5. After about half a mile, turn left onto SW Halsey Way (signs for Corbett).
6. Continue driving on SW Halsey Way until you reach the recreation area entrance.

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Oregon State Parks