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George W Joseph State Park
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Access to George Joseph State Park is possible by using the trail from Latourell Falls and Guy Talbot State Park. A trail leads from the parking lot to the top of lower Latourell Falls. Beyond this point on the trail, you've entered the enchanted forest of George Joseph State Park where sword fern, moss and lichens are barely illuminated through the dense stands of timber. Continue on the trail to a rarely visited wonder which is upper Latourell Falls.
History of the Area
Located in the U.S. state of Oregon, this natural reserve was established as a public recreation area in 1930 and named after George W Joseph, an attorney from Portland who had served on the State Highway Commission.

The land for the park was originally purchased by Mr. Joseph with plans to build his home there but he passed away before realizing that dream. In honor of her late husband's love for nature and outdoor activities, Mrs. Bessie Josph donated these lands to be used as a recreational site open to all citizens.

Covering approximately 5 acres along Lake Creek near Triangle Lake west of Junction City, it is one among many parks managed under Willamette Valley Project Management Plan which aims at preserving wildlife habitats while providing opportunities for water-based outdoor recreations like fishing or boating.

Over time various improvements have been made including picnic tables installation & restroom facilities construction making it more accessible & enjoyable place especially during summer months when visitors can enjoy swimming too.

1. Summit Trail: This is a moderate 2-mile trail that leads to the summit of Mount Joseph, offering panoramic views of Wallowa Lake and surrounding mountains.

2. Chief Joseph Mountain Trail: A challenging 6-mile hike with steep inclines leading up to an elevation gain over 4,000 feet; offers stunning vistas from atop Chief Joseph Mountain.

3. Iwetemlaykin State Heritage Site Loop: An easy one mile loop through open meadows featuring interpretive signs about local history and wildlife viewing opportunities.

4. Hurricane Creek Trailhead: Begins at park boundary extending for approximately five miles into Eagle Cap Wilderness area; features waterfalls, wildflowers in spring/summer months along creek bed path.

5. West Fork Wallowa River Trails: These trails offer varying lengths (from two to seven miles) following alongside the river providing access points for fishing or swimming during warmer seasons.

6. West Moraine Hiking Route: It's a strenuous uphill climb but rewards hikers with breathtaking view overlooking entire lake basin region upon reaching top point after three:miles trekking journey.

7. East Moraine Ridge Walk: Easy level walking route on flat terrain around eastern side moraines showcasing geological formations left behind by ancient glaciers.

8. Aneroid Lake Pathway: Moderate difficulty six:mile long pathway winding its way upwards towards beautiful alpine lake nestled amidst mountain peaks.

9. BC Falls Track: Short half-a mile track suitable even for beginners leading directly down waterfall site where visitors can enjoy picnic lunch while listening soothing sound cascading waters.

10. Six Mile Meadow Out:and-back: Long distance ten-hour round trip hiking adventure taking you deep inside wilderness areas passing through lush green meadowlands before culminating at remote backcountry campsite location.

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Area Campgrounds
Portland Fairview RV Park
21401 NE Sandy Boulevard
Fairview, OR
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1. Start your journey from [your location] and head towards the city of Grants Pass, which is situated along Interstate 5.

2. Once you reach Grants Pass, take exit 58 for Merlin/Galice Road toward Galice.

3. Merge onto Merlin:Galice Road (also known as County Rd 101) and continue driving westward for approximately 16 miles until you reach the town of Galice.

4. In Galice, turn left onto Lower River Road/Grants Pass:Selma Highway (County Rd-2600). You will see signs indicating this road leads to Hellgate Jetboat Excursions as well.

5. Continue on Lower River Road/Grants Pass:Selma Highway for about another mile or so until you spot a sign directing you to George W Joseph State Park on your right-hand side.

6. Turn right at that junction into an access road leading directly into the park area.

7. Follow this access road all the way down until it ends at its parking lot near Rogue River's edge where there are designated spots available for visitors' vehicles.

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Oregon State Parks