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Washington State Parks

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King Country Region
Tiger Mountain State Forest
Tiger Mountain State Forest Serendipity © Chris Fahrenbruch
Macro Close-up of Flowering Plant on Tiger Mountain
Tiger Mountain State Forest Fluidity © Chris Fahrenbruch
Small Creek on Tiger Mountain
Tiger Mountain State Forest Fluidity 2 © Chris Fahrenbruch
Close-up of Small Creek on Tiger Mountain
Tiger Mountain State Forest Fern Gully © Chris Fahrenbruch
Wide-Angle Close-up of Fern on Tiger Mountain
Tiger Mountain State Forest Colorful Gray Day © Kelley Overstreet
Beautiful wildflower and closed bud.
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Visitor Comments, Memories and Reviews
October 21 Attacked by Wasps on Tiger Mountain by Erik
We were walking down the K-3 trail just below the Railroad Grade trail on Tiger Mountain when we were suddenly attacked from behind by a horde of wasps or ground bees. At the time we were walking in the middle of the trail and did not see a hive. In fact, we never saw the bees. I was in back and was stung 18 times on my arms, back and legs while my wife was stung 3 times. Our dog received no stings at all. We ran away as quickly as we could. My right arm has swollen massively since then and I have had to undergo medical treatment to reduce the swelling. If youa?Tre hiking down that trail I would recommend wearing pants and a jacket--not the shorts and synthetic knit shirt that I was wearing. I would also be prepared with a first aid kit for the treatment of massive bee stings. The park needs to get this trail posted with warning signs about dangerous wasps or ground bees in the area.
May 12 A great hike for first time hikers! by KrudeKnitter
There are many options here, one trail that leads to a summit that almost everyone does...and then two other summits that we saw far fewer people on. On Summit 1, the last we did we saw no one until we got back to the road. There are quite a few trails down there and you could get lost too. Good for a lot of different hikers I thought. Oh and this was my first hike ever, we did 15 miles...phew!
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Washington State Parks