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Washington State Parks

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Rocky Mountain Gateway Region
Spokane Battlefield State Park
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A Discover Pass is required for vehicle access to Washington state parks for day use. For more information about the Discover Pass and exemptions, please visit the Discover Pass web page.

1. Deep Creek Loop: This 3-mile trail is perfect for beginners and families, offering a gentle hike through the park's lush forests with views of wildlife.

2. Centennial Trail: A part of this extensive regional trail runs through Spokane Battlefield State Park, providing hikers an opportunity to explore both natural beauty and historical landmarks along its path.

3. Prairie View Trail: An easy-to-moderate difficulty level hiking route that offers stunning prairie landscapes as well as glimpses into the area's rich history related to Native American tribes and early settlers.

4. Riverside Walkway: Ideal for leisurely strolls or bird watching activities; it follows alongside the river giving visitors beautiful water vistas throughout their journey.

5. Battle Point Pathway: It leads you directly towards Battle Point - a significant historic site within the state park where major battles took place during Indian Wars in late 1850s.

6. Wildlife Observation Route: As suggested by name itself,this pathway provides ample opportunities to spot local fauna including deer, squirrels & variety of birds.

7. Forest Canopy Trekking Course: For those seeking more adventurous experience,this elevated walkways course takes one high up among trees allowing unique perspective on forest ecosystem.

8. Interpretive Trails: These trails are dotted with informative signs about flora/fauna found in region plus details regarding cultural heritage associated with land making them educational yet fun option especially when visiting with kids.

9. Picnic Area Access Paths: Short pathways leading from main parking lot towards designated picnic spots equipped all necessary amenities like tables,bins etc., ideal if planning outdoor meal amidst nature setting after day full exploring around park grounds.

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Washington State Parks