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Rupert State Forest
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Rupert, Vermont   05251
(lat:43.2367 lon:-73.129) map location
Rupert State Forest is a haven of natural beauty, boasting diverse landscapes and abundant wildlife. This enchanting forest spans over thousands of acres, filled with towering trees, serene streams, and rolling hills. Hikers and nature enthusiasts are drawn to its many trails, offering the perfect opportunity for exploration and solitude. The forest is home to an array of wildlife, including deer, black bears, and various bird species, making it a beloved spot for wildlife observation and photography. With its tranquil ambiance and breathtaking surroundings, Rupert State Forest is the epitome of Vermont's picturesque and undisturbed wilderness.
History of the Area
The land that now comprises Rupert State Forest was originally inhabited by the Abenaki Native American tribe. They used the area for hunting, fishing, and gathering resources. However, with the arrival of European settlers in the 18th century, the land was gradually claimed by colonists as they pushed westward.

In 1761, a group of land speculators known as the New Hampshire Grantees was granted the charter to what is now Rupert. The town was named after Prince Rupert of the Rhine, a cousin of King Charles II of England. The early settlers cleared land for farming, and agriculture became the primary occupation in the area.

Rupert State Forest itself was officially established in 1931, following years of timber exploitation and deforestation. This period of intensive logging had a significant impact on the landscape and natural resources in the region. As a response to this, the State of Vermont purchased the land to restore and manage it for conservation purposes.
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1. Rupert State Forest Loop: A 4-mile loop trail, moderate difficulty with a variety of terrain and beautiful forest views.

2. Long Trail Section - VT Route 30 to Mad Tom Notch: This is an approximately 8 miles long section of the famous Long Trail passing through the state forest.

3. Appalachian/Long Trail Northbound from Rt-11/Rt-30 Intersection: Approximately six miles in length; features diverse flora and fauna along its path within Rupert State Forest boundaries.

4. The West Ridge Hiking Pathway - An easy-to-moderate level hiking route that stretches for about three miles throughout dense woodland areas inside this Vermont state parkland area.

5. East Hill Climb Track- Roughly two-and-a-half mile uphill hike offering panoramic vistas over surrounding landscapes at several points on its course.

6. The Cross-Country Skiing Trails - These are multi-use trails during non-winter months suitable for hikers looking for less strenuous routes ranging between one to four miles each depending upon chosen pathway

7. Rupert Fire Tower Road Walk - Approximate five-mile round trip walk up fire tower road providing stunning aerial view across Green Mountain range

8. South End Circuit- Three mile circular track encompassing southern portion of Rupert State Park featuring mixed hardwood forests, streams & wildlife sightings

9. Northwest Passage Trekking Course-A challenging seven-mile trek traverses rugged terrains including steep inclines, rocky outcrops & stream crossings

10. Brookside Nature Stroll - One-and-a-half mile leisure stroll alongside bubbling brooks showcasing rich biodiversity present in these northern woodlands

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Area Campgrounds
Camping On The Battenkill
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Arlington, VT

From Burlington, take US-7 South towards Middlebury.

Turn right onto VT-30 S in Cornwall.

Continue on VT-30 S to Pawlet.

In Pawlet, turn left onto NY-149 E/Vermont St.

After 3 miles, make a slight right toward Rupert Mountain Rd/State Forest Rd.

Follow this road until you reach the entrance of Rupert State Forest.

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Vermont State Parks