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Nehalem Bay State Park
Nehalem Bay State Park © jhm_ / CC BY 2.0
Nehalem Bay State Park © niseag03 / CC BY-ND 2.0
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34600 Garey St
Nehalem, Oregon   97131
(lat:45.685 lon:-123.9367) map location

Phone: 800-551-6949
Toll Free: 800-551-6949
Reservations: 503-368-5154
Imagine waking up to the song of the seagull, spending your afternoon on a kayak trip around Nehalem Bay, then taking a short walk over the dunes to the beach. There you'll sit with a blanket and watch the sun set over the ocean in the shadow of Neah-Kah-Nie Mountain. Finally, snuggle down for the night while the ocean waves sing you a lullaby. This is Nehalem Bay State Park.

Many visitors find the serenity of Nehalem Bay State Park to be the most attractive feature. If you look closer you'll find a lot of ways to keep busy, though. Crabbing and fishing on Nehalem Bay are popular. For a breathtaking view of the bay, fitness and wildlife enthusiasts will enjoy the 1.75 mile bike trail that circles the park airplane landing strip. Along this route and in the campground itself, you're likely to see deer grazing, a herd of elk, or a coyote crossing the road. The park is also graced with a variety of birds.

Fine dining and local boutiques in the neighboring communities of Manzanita and Nehalem offer a change of scenery from the park setting. Afternoon or moonlit walks on the beach and down to the end of the jetty enhance the serenity of this park.

Northwest Equine Outfitters operates a horse concession from the day-use area in the park during Spring Break and in summer (from Memorial Day to Labor Day). Why not spend the day and take in a guided trail or beach ride? For more information, visit their website or call 1-503-801-RIDE. Make Nehalem Bay State Park a planned destination in your vacation schedule.
Day-UseSwimming Beachyes
 Electric Sitesyes
 Water/Electric Sitesyes
1. Tent Camping: Nehalem Bay State Park offers over 250 tent camping sites with amenities like picnic tables, fire pits and restrooms nearby.

2. RV Camping: The park also has a large number of RV campsites that come equipped with electrical hookups for your convenience.

3. Yurts Rental: For those who prefer more comfort while still being close to nature, the park rents out yurts which are round canvas-covered structures featuring beds, heat source and electricity.

4. Horse Campsites: There is an area specifically designed for horse campers in the south loop of the campground where you can set up tents or trailers next to corrals provided by the state park.

5. Group Campsite Area: This site accommodates groups from 9-25 people making it perfect for family reunions or group outings.

6. Hiker/Biker Camps: These are primitive camps meant only for hikers/bikers traveling through on foot/ bicycle without vehicle support.

7. Dispersed Camping: While not officially designated as such within this particular state park itself , there may be opportunities available in surrounding areas under certain conditions (always check local regulations).
1. Nehalem Bay State Park offers a variety of swimming options in Oregon.
2. The park features an expansive sandy beach ideal for ocean swimming and sunbathing.
3. Visitors can also swim or wade in the calm waters of Nehalem River that borders the park.
4. Lifeguards are not on duty, so swimmers should exercise caution when entering water bodies within the park.
5. Swimming is best during summer months due to warmer temperatures but possible year-round with appropriate gear.

The park offers a variety of boating options for visitors. There is access to the bay and river, allowing for activities such as kayaking, canoeing or motorized boating. The nearby marina provides boat rentals if you don't have your own equipment. Fishing is also popular in these waters with numerous species available depending on the season.
Located in Oregon, the park offers a variety of fishing options. Anglers can catch species like salmon and steelhead trout. Crabbing is also popular here due to abundant Dungeness crabs. Fishing from boats or shorelines are both viable methods within this location's boundaries.

Nehalem Bay State Park offers picnic tables, fire rings for barbecuing and scenic views perfect for outdoor dining.
1. Nehalem Bay State Park Loop: This 2-mile loop trail is perfect for beginners and families, offering beautiful views of the bay, beach, dunes and forest.

2. Jetty Fishery Trail: A short but scenic route that takes you to a popular fishing spot on the jetty with stunning ocean vistas along the way.

3. Sand Dune Nature Trail: An educational hike through sand dunes where hikers can learn about local flora and fauna from interpretive signs scattered throughout this easy-to-navigate path.

4. Beachside Trails: These trails run parallel to miles-long sandy beaches providing breathtaking sunset views over Pacific Ocean; ideal for leisurely walks or horseback riding as well.

5. Bayside Birding Pathway: As its name suggests it's an excellent place for bird watching while enjoying serene view of Nehalem Bay.

6. Nehalem Spit Hike: It's a moderate level hiking trail stretching around six miles round trip which offers panoramic coastal scenery including wildlife sightings like deer & elk herds in their natural habitat.

7. Campground Paths: Numerous small paths crisscross between campsites within park boundaries allowing campers quick access to amenities such as restrooms or picnic areas.

8. Bay Viewpoint Walks: Short walking routes leading towards viewpoints overlooking picturesque bayscape often frequented by photographers at sunrise/sunset times.

9. Forest Edge Trekking Route: For those seeking solitude amidst nature these less:traveled pathways meandering alongside dense forests provide peaceful retreat away from crowd.

Biking enthusiasts can explore a 1.8-mile bike path, but be aware of potential hazards like sand and debris.

The park offers bicycle rentals for those who don't bring their own gear; however, availability is not guaranteed.

Cyclists should remain cautious as the terrain varies from flat surfaces to hilly areas with loose gravel or dirt paths.

For safety reasons, biking after dark isn't recommended due to limited visibility in certain sections of the trail network.

Remember that helmets are mandatory when cycling within this area - it's important always prioritize your personal safety.

While enjoying scenic views on two wheels, remember wildlife encounters may occur unexpectedly so stay alert at all times.
The park offers a diverse bird population for enthusiasts, including shorebirds and raptors. Birdwatchers can spot species like the Great Blue Heron or Bald Eagle during their visit. The area's wetlands attract waterfowl while forests are home to songbirds. There is also an annual Christmas Bird Count event held in December.

Visitor Comments, Memories and Reviews
February 17 great location to every thing
park review stars; one to five
September 7 Home away.... by RF
park review stars; one to five I have been travelling from Canada to this particular park for 18 least one visit per year...needless to say, it is my favourite park and has become a family meeting place.....
June 19 It is a great Camp ground
park review stars; one to five Good campsites.Clean Restrooms, but could use a couple more stools,specially on the weekends.The Host people very helpful and nice.A great recycle system, very organized.
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1. Start your journey from Portland, Oregon.
2. Take US:26 W/US Hwy 30 W towards Seaside/Astoria for approximately 60 miles.
3. Continue on US:101 S/Pacific Coast Scenic Byway for about 20 miles until you reach Nehalem Bay State Park Road (just south of Manzanita).
4. Turn right onto Nehalem Bay State Park Road and continue driving for around half a mile until you arrive at the park entrance.

Alternatively, if you are coming from Tillamook or any other location along the coast:
1. Head north on US:101 N/Pacific Coast Scenic Byway.
2. After passing through Wheeler, drive another few miles to find Nehalem Bay State Park Road on your left:hand side (north of Rockaway Beach).
3. Turn left onto Nehalem Bay State Park Road and proceed ahead for roughly half a mile to reach the park's entrance.

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Oregon State Parks