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Oregon Coast Region
Sunset Highway State Park
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Sunset Highway State Park, located in Oregon, is a picturesque natural haven that offers visitors an array of outdoor activities. The park features lush greenery and scenic landscapes with the backdrop of majestic mountains which are particularly stunning during sunset - hence its name. It provides opportunities for hiking through serene trails where one can witness diverse flora and fauna native to this region. This tranquil setting also includes picnic areas perfect for family outings or quiet reflection amidst nature's beauty. Whether you're seeking adventure or relaxation, Sunset Highway State Park serves as an ideal destination offering breathtaking views at every turn.
History of the Area
Located in Oregon, this natural haven was initially established as a highway rest area during the 1930s. The land for the park was acquired between 1926 and 1958 through purchases from private owners.

The original purpose of its establishment revolved around providing travelers on U.S Route 26 (also known as Sunset Highway) with an opportunity to take breaks amidst their journey. This route is one of Oregon's most scenic highways, stretching across mountains, forests and coastal areas.

In terms of development history, it underwent significant changes over time due to various improvement projects initiated by state authorities. In particular, Civilian Conservation Corps played a crucial role in developing facilities within the site during late-1930s which included picnic tables & shelters along with restroom buildings that were constructed using native stone materials sourced locally.

Over years following World War II era until mid-twentieth century period saw further enhancements being made such as addition of camping sites equipped with modern amenities catering towards increasing number tourists visiting region annually who sought outdoor recreational activities like hiking or bird-watching among others offered here at this location nestled amid lush greenery offering panoramic views surrounding landscapes making it popular destination today attracting visitors worldwide seeking unique blend nature combined convenience accessibility provided via well-maintained road network connecting nearby cities towns thus contributing significantly local economy while preserving environmental heritage future generations enjoy appreciate.

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Sunset Highway State Park is located in Oregon and can be easily accessed by following these directions:

1. Start your journey from Portland, Oregon.
2. Take US-26 W/Sunset Hwy heading westbound towards the coast.
3. Continue on this highway for approximately 30 miles until you reach the town of Banks.
4. In Banks, take a left onto NW Main St/US-47 S and continue to follow US-26 W/Sunset Hwy.
5. Stay on Sunset Highway for about another 20 miles until you see signs indicating the entrance to Sunset Highway State Park.

Please note that specific address details may vary depending on which part or trail within the state park you are planning to visit, so it's always recommended to check with official sources or use GPS navigation systems for precise location information.

Enjoy your time at Sunset Highway State Park!

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Oregon State Parks