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USA Parks
USA Parks
Sunrise Coast Region
Sunrise Coast Region
Moosehorn National Wildlife Refuge
Moosehorn National Wildlife Refuge
RR 1 Box 202, Suite 1
Baring, Maine   04694

Phone: 207-454-7161
Moosehorn is one of the northern most national wildlife refuges in the Atlantic Flyway, a migratory route that follows the eastern coast of North America. The refuge provides important feeding and nesting habitat for many bird species, including waterfowl. Wading birds, shorebirds, upland game birds, songbirds, and birds of prey.

The refuge consists of two divisions. The Baring Division covers 20,016 acres and is located off U.S. Route 1, southwest of Calais. The 8,735 acre Edmunds Division is between Dennysville and Whiting on U.S. Route 1 and borders the tidal waters of Cobscook Bay. Each division contains a National Wilderness Area, thousands of acres managed to preserve their wild character for future generation.
Nature of the Area
The refuge's landscape is varied, with rolling hills, large ledge outcrops, streams, lakes, bogs, and marshes. A northern hardwood forest of aspen, maple, birch, spruce and fir dominates the upland. Scattered stands of majestic white pine are common. The Edmunds Division boasts several miles of rocky shoreline where tidal fluctuations of up to 24 feet occur twice a day.
History of the Area
Located in Washington County, it is here that Americans first greet the morning sun, and local citizens are proud of its nickname "Sunrise County". It was also here, in 1604, that the explorers Sieur DeMonts and Champlain celebrated the first Christmas in the New World.
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Visitor Comments, Memories and Reviews
June 26 Remembering last July 4 by Montie
We had a great time in Eastport last year, we stayed in Seaview Campground. The 4th of July celebration was great, I do wish you had not scheduled the storm the next day. We will be back I hope someday and it will be another July 4.
January 26 Great spot by Ron McGuire
Great spot to birdwatch, walk and bike, ski and snowshoe in the winter.
January 31 Our binoculars and our love of nature by loothig
My husband and I visit every year. We pull over on the side of the road and just sit there for hours with our binoculars and our love of nature.

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Current Weather Prediction
Moosehorn National Wildlife Refuge is located off Route 1 southwest of Calais, ME. It can be reached by taking Route 1 North from coastal Maine, Route 1 South from northern Maine, or Route 9 east from the Bangor area. From Route 1, follow signs to the Refuge Headquarters about 3 miles south on the Charlotte Road. The office is open Monday - Friday, from 8 a.m. - 4 p.m., except holidays. An information booth provides after - hours visitors with brochures and maps.

USA Parks
USA Parks
Sunrise Coast Region
Sunrise Coast Region
Moosehorn National Wildlife Refuge
Moosehorn National Wildlife Refuge