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Memaloose State Park
Western Meadow Lark ©
Western Meadow Lark
Cool Swim ©
The Chinook Indian tribes of the Columbia Gorge used to lay the bones of their dead on open pyres on Memaloose Island in the middle of the Columbia River near The Dalles. A granite monument visible from Memaloose State Park campground marks the resting place where a local pioneer named Victor Trevitt wished to chart his eternal course buried among honorable men.

Today, Memaloose State Park is a virtual oasis of beauty in the hottest part of the Columbia River Gorge. Temperatures can top 110 F on a summer day, but Memaloose always manages to provide cool comfort, lush green grass and shade thanks to the tall maples and willows that loom large in the park. The sound of pulsating sprinklers provides a melodic nighttime rhythm to the counterpoint of chirping crickets and lonesome train whistles.

On summer nights, families select prime viewing spots on the cool grass and open meadows around the campground and observe the nightly celestial performances of shooting stars, wandering satellites and far away galaxies.
Day-UseSwimming Beachyes
 Electric Sitesyes
 Full Hookup Sitesyes
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Visitor Comments, Memories and Reviews
June 14 Bring ear plugs; watch the sun sets.
Sited between I-84 and the Columbia River, we were pleasantly surprised at how little freeway noise there is after dark. Bring ear plugs if you do not like to hear the occasional train. You easily see barges and train traffic on both sides of gorge. Wonderful sunsets on the volcanic cliffs in Washington. Most sites are shady, and the bathrooms are immaculate.
May 15 Good Location for US
Its a great location for us we go because of the area around it. We love to fish and hike. But the campsites are kind of small and uneven ground. We only camp there if one of the 2 sites are available. otherwise we go elsewhere. Playground is nice, also the showers are nice and warm. The stars are very beautiful in the gorge at night.
August 21 NEVER again by Windswept
Might have potential IF you were in a camper, trailer or RV. However, we were in a tent, and the gale force winds were NOT fun. We were also on the A loop, and by the train tracks. There were at least 20 trains a day, and many at night (whistling and all). On a positive note, the playground was nice, and the camp hosts were friendly. We did leave a day early, and noticed many other people did not stay for their entire reservations :(
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