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Mt. Hood and the Gorge Region
Wygant State Park
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Cascade Locks, Oregon   97014
(lat:45.6941 lon:-121.6375) map location
The Wygant trail -- six miles west of Hood River -- was a gift to Oregon honoring the memory of the Wygant family. This park adjoins two other state parks near Mitchell Point 5 miles west of Hood River on Interstate 84. A trail strikes through the park in a dense, hilly wilderness area that was once the old Oregon Trail and later the Historic Columbia River Highway. The first mile of this trail is on pavement that hasn't had an automobile on it for 50 years (it still has the yellow divider stripe). As it moves into the wilderness, Wygant trail penetrates a dense forest hillside along a gurgling creek. It is an ideal spot for backpackers who are looking for a little solitude.
History of the Area
Located in the scenic Columbia River Gorge, this natural reserve was established as a public recreation area by Oregon State Parks and Recreation Department. The park's history dates back to 1933 when it was donated by Simeon Reed Wygant and his wife Elizabeth Millar McClure.

The land donation of approximately 160 acres came with an agreement that it would be used for recreational purposes only. Over time, additional parcels were added through purchases or donations from various individuals including Philip Connell Jr., who contributed significantly towards expanding its boundaries.

Incorporating parts of Mitchell Point Drive Historic District - which is listed on National Register of Historic Places - the park offers panoramic views over Hood River Valley along with diverse flora & fauna native to Pacific Northwest region.

Despite being affected severely during Eagle Creek Fire incident in September 2017 causing temporary closure due to safety concerns; restoration efforts have been ongoing since then ensuring preservation & conservation while providing visitors opportunities for hiking, picnicking among other outdoor activities.

1. Wygant Trail: This is a 10-mile round trip trail that offers stunning views of the Columbia River Gorge and Mt. Hood at its peak.

2. Mitchell Point Overlook: A shorter, more accessible hike with an elevation gain of about 400 feet leading to panoramic vistas over the gorge.

3. Perham Creek Loop: An approximately six miles long loop offering diverse scenery including forested areas, open meadows and creek crossings.

4. Chetwoot Loop Trail: About four miles in length featuring wildflowers during springtime along with beautiful woodland scenes throughout all seasons.

5a) Lower Wygant Hiking Path: It's around two:and-a-half mile trek through dense forests filled with Douglas fir trees before reaching a viewpoint overlooking The Dalles cityscape below.

5b) Upper Wygant Hike: Starting from where lower path ends; this challenging uphill climb leads hikers towards Mount Defiance summit for breathtaking panoramas across Oregon's landscape.

6. Viento State Park Connection: For those looking for longer hikes can connect onto Viento state park trails which are just south-eastern side of wyngat park.

7. Wygant Peak via Cook Hill Road: This strenuous route takes you up steep slopes but rewards your efforts by providing spectacular view points on way upto top.

8. Cherry Orchard Trails: These set off eastwards into cherry orchards,offering unique experience especially when cherries bloom.

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1. Start by heading west on Highway 84 from Portland.
2. Continue driving on Highway 84 until you reach Exit 51 towards Mosier.
3. Take this exit and merge onto US:30 W/W Historic Columbia River Hwy.
4. Stay on this highway for approximately 5 miles until you see signs indicating Wygant State Park.
5. Turn left into the entrance of the park.

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Oregon State Parks