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Kern River State Park
Kern River State Park Mallard Duck © Michael R Duncan
The male Mallard Duck in flight. Photography by Michael R Duncan
Valley Quail ©
Valley Quail
The beautiful scenery of Kern County and the water flowing gracefully down Kern River attract people from near and far. The average whitewater rafting or kayaking river tends to be a bit harder to master in this state than those in other states, so better not forget that many runs in this state are not easy. This section is long enough to enjoy a good non stop paddle, you can easily run it on an afternoon. Getting your paddling muscles activated and a chance to spend some time outdoors will make you glad you came. This stretch of Kern River in Kern County is 7 miles long and is according to American Whitewater a class II-III section of whitewater. The Lake Isabella to Sandy Flat section is one of many paddling sections in this river system. Whitewater paddling here in the Southern Sierra Nevada is a great experience. Thestarting point is not too far from Bakersfield, if you're not familiar with the area there's a road map further down the page. The campgrounds here at Kern River are pretty good. There aren?t any hotels right nearby but if you're willing to drive a short distance then no problem but if you don?t have reservations you might end up sleeping in your car. Some people prefer whitewater rafting and some kayaking, either way around here you'll find a large number of good places.
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Kern River State Park is located near Bakersfield, Lamont and Mc Farland

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