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Oregon Coast Region
Humbug Mountain State Park
Humbug Mountain State Park © seeyoo4 / CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons
Humbug Mountain State Park
Humbug Mountain State Park © Visitor7 / CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons
Humbug Mountain rises behind the park beach.
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Port Orford, Oregon   97465
(lat:42.6883 lon:-124.4337) map location

Phone: 541-332-6774
Toll Free: 800-551- 6949
Reservations: 541-332-6774
The park and campground are dominated by Humbug Mountain (elevation 1,756 feet) and surrounded by forested hills. The campground enjoys some of the warmest weather on the Oregon coast as the surrounding mountains offer protection from cool ocean breezes. Many visitors enjoy windsurfing and scuba diving. Hiking to the top of Humbug Mountain is a major activity.
History of the Area
Located in the southern part of Oregon, along Highway 101 and near Port Orford, this natural reserve is known for its lush coastal forest that surrounds a peak rising directly from the Pacific Ocean. The park's history dates back to prehistoric times when it was inhabited by Native American tribes.

The mountain itself has had several names throughout history. It was initially called "Tichenat's Mountain" after an early explorer who attempted but failed to establish a fur trading post nearby in 1828-29. Later on, during California Gold Rush era (1849), prospectors named it "Sugarloaf Mountain". However, they were disappointed not finding any gold here which led them to rename it as 'Humbug' expressing their frustration -a term used at that time referring something deceptive or false.

In terms of modern usage as recreational area began around mid-twentieth century with establishment under State Parks system due largely efforts local citizens lobbying government officials preserve land public use enjoyment rather than private development logging operations prevalent region during period

It officially became state property in 1958 following acquisition various parcels totaling over thousand acres making one largest parks within network offering variety outdoor activities including camping hiking fishing wildlife viewing among others addition spectacular views coastline ocean especially summit trail highest point coast range accessible visitors year-round weather permitting

Over years facilities have been improved expanded include campground sites picnic areas restrooms showers even amphitheater interpretive programs ranger-led walks talks summer months attracting thousands tourists locals alike each season contributing significantly regional economy while also serving important role conservation education biodiversity protection these unique ecosystems
 Electric Sitesyes
 Water/Electric Sitesyes
 Full Hookup Sitesyes
1. Tent Camping: There are 39 tent sites available within the park, each equipped with picnic tables and fire pits.

2. RV Camping: The campground also has 34 electrical sites that can accommodate trailers or recreational vehicles up to 55 feet long.

3. Hiker/Biker Campsites: For those traveling on foot or by bike, there is a hikers/bikers camp area where no reservations are needed and fees are lower than regular campsites.

4. Group Campsite: A group site accommodating up to 25 people is also available but must be reserved ahead of time through Reserve America website or call center (800-452-5687).

5. Yurts Rental: Although Humbug mountain state park does not offer yurt rentals directly , nearby parks such as Harris Beach State Park do have this option.

All these facilities come with access to hot showers and flush toilets located at various points around the campground.
1. Humbug Mountain State Park offers a beach for ocean swimming.
2. The park does not have any designated pool or lake areas for swimming.
3. Swimming in the Pacific Ocean can be challenging due to cold temperatures and strong currents.
4. Lifeguards are typically not on duty, so swimmers should exercise caution when entering the water.
5 Brush Creek is also located within the park but it's generally too shallow and rocky for safe swimming.

Enjoy fishing in the nearby Sixes and Elk Rivers, home to Chinook salmon. Brush Creek offers trout opportunities too.

Humbug Mountain State Park offers picnic tables, fire rings and grills. It's perfect for a family outing or solo adventure.
1. Humbug Mountain Trail: This is the main trail in the park, a challenging 5.3-mile loop that ascends to the summit of Humbug Mountain at an elevation of over 1700 feet.

2. Lower Trailhead Loop: A moderate hike with less steep inclines than other trails within this state park; it's about three miles long and offers beautiful views along Brush Creek.

3. Eastside Trails: These are several interconnected paths on eastern side of mountain offering hikers different levels difficulty while providing stunning ocean vistas from various viewpoints.

4. Westside Trails: Similar to east-side counterparts but located on western flank, these offer unique perspectives including lush forest scenery and occasional wildlife sightings.

5. Brush Creek Beach Access Pathway: Shorter path leading directly down towards beach area for those looking enjoy some coastal relaxation after their hiking adventures.

6. Old Highway Route: An easy walk following old highway route through dense forests filled with ferns moss:covered trees making it perfect choice families or beginners.

7. South Boundary Ridge Road: It's not technically part of official trail system yet popular among locals due its panoramic view points overlooking Pacific Ocean coastline below.

8. North Summit Approach: More strenuous option taking you up steeper sections reaching northern peak where breathtaking aerial views await adventurous climbers who make journey upwards.

9. Campground Paths: Several smaller pathways crisscrossing campground areas allowing campers quick access facilities as well nearby nature spots like creek banks picnic zones etc.

Visitor Comments, Memories and Reviews
November 3 A magical hike by Forest Grove OR
park review stars; one to five Very beautiful and quiet. Nice viewing area at the top.
May 14 fantastic mountain hike by John from WA
park review stars; one to five very nice hike to the top of Humbug, used to be great views of the ocean up there.
April 22 Very Beautiful by Diane from California
park review stars; one to five Love to camp here, walking to the beach, riding our bikes (easy) So pretty,clean & quiet.
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1. Starting from Portland: Take I-5 South towards Salem and continue for approximately 45 miles.
2. Keep left at the fork to stay on I:5 S, following signs for Grants Pass/Medford/Central Point.
3. Continue driving on I:5 S for around 200 miles until reaching Exit 55 toward OR-99/Grants Pass/Klamath Falls.
4. Merge onto Rogue River Hwy/OR:99 and drive straight through downtown Grants Pass.
5. After passing through town, turn right onto Redwood Highway/US Route 199 heading southwest towards Crescent City (California).
6. Continue along US Route 199/South Coast Highway for approximately another hour or so until you reach Gold Beach.
7. Once in Gold Beach, take a slight left onto Ellensburg Avenue/Oregon Street which will lead you directly into Port Orford after roughly half an hour's drive.
8. In Port Orford, follow signs directing you southward along Oregon Coast Scenic Byway/U.S.Route101S/Pacific Highways as it winds its way alongside stunning coastal views.
9. After traveling about six scenic miles down U.S.Route101S from central Port Orfod,you'll see Humbug Mountain State Park entrance signposted clearly off your right:hand side: just before mile marker #316!
10. Turn right into the park entrance road and proceed onwards till arriving at designated parking areas near visitor center facilities where staff can provide further assistance if needed.

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Oregon State Parks