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Geisel Monument State Park
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Geisel Monument State Park is a beautiful natural reserve. Named after the Geisel family who donated the land to the state of Oregon, this park offers visitors an opportunity to explore its lush greenery and diverse wildlife through various hiking trails that wind their way around towering trees and along serene creeks. The park's landscape features rolling hills covered with dense forests of Douglas fir, western hemlock, red cedar as well as broadleaf maple trees which provide habitat for numerous bird species making it a paradise for nature lovers and bird watchers alike. With picnic areas available too; it's perfect place for families or individuals seeking tranquility amidst unspoiled wilderness.

History of the Area
Located in Oregon, this natural reserve was established to honor Theodor Seuss Geisel, better known as Dr. Seuss. It is a small park that spans 0.36 acres and it's situated near the city of Springfield.

The history of the monument dates back to when Audrey Stone Dimond donated land for its establishment after her husband's death in 1991 - he had been an admirer of Dr.Seuss' work throughout his life.

In addition to being a tribute site dedicated solely towards celebrating one man's contribution toward children literature worldwide, it also serves as an educational center where visitors can learn about various aspects related with nature conservation efforts undertaken by local authorities over years gone by since its inception till date.

It features several sculptures inspired from characters found within books written by him such as "Cat In Hat" or "Green Eggs And Ham". These were created using bronze material which further adds charm into overall ambiance present here making each visit truly memorable experience indeed!

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1. Start your journey from the nearest major city, such as Portland or Eugene.
2. Take Interstate 5 (I:5) southbound if you are coming from Portland or northbound if you are starting from Eugene.
3. Continue on I:5 until reaching Exit 99 for OR-38 towards Drain/Elkton.
4. Take this exit and merge onto OR:38 West/N Umpqua Highway toward Elkton/Reedsport.
5. Follow OR:38 for approximately 30 miles until you reach a junction with US Route 101 near Reedsport.

At this point, there may be signs indicating the way to Geisel Monument State Park; however, it's always recommended to have GPS navigation or a map handy just in case.

6a.If there are clear signs directing towards Geisel Monument State Park at the junction of OR-38 and US Route 101:.
- Turn right onto US Route 101 North/S Coast Hwy heading northward along the coast
- Drive for about five miles before looking out for signage pointing left into Geisel Road leading directly to the park entrance

6b.If no specific signages exist at that particular intersection:.
- Proceed straight through Junction between Ortega Rd & S Smith River Rd continuing on N Old Scenic Coastal HWY
- After driving around two more miles turn Left onto E Beaver Hill RD
Note: If unsure during any part of travel ask locals nearby who might provide better guidance based upon current conditions

7. Continue down Geisel Road/E Beaver Hill Rd till arriving at an obvious parking area designated specifically within state park boundaries where visitors can safely leave their vehicles behind while exploring all that awaits them inside!

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Oregon State Parks