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David Douglas State Park
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Western Meadow Lark
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David Douglas State Park is a beautiful natural sanctuary that offers an array of outdoor activities for visitors. Named after the Scottish botanist David Douglas who explored North America in the 19th century, this park features lush greenery and diverse wildlife within its expansive area. It provides opportunities for hiking through scenic trails with breathtaking views of nature's beauty at every turn; fishing or boating on tranquil waters; picnicking amidst serene surroundings; bird watching and more. The park also has well-maintained facilities including restrooms and picnic areas making it ideal for family outings.

History of the Area
David Douglas arrived in North America during the early 19th century and spent several years exploring western regions including what would later become known as Oregon. His work led to many new plant species being identified and introduced into cultivation back home in Europe.

The area now recognized as the state park bearing his name has long been appreciated for its scenic beauty and diverse wildlife habitats. However, it wasn't until much later - specifically around mid-20th century - when efforts were made towards preserving these lands officially under government protection.

In 1975, following decades-long conservation campaigns by local communities along with environmental organizations nationwide; legislation was passed designating over 5000 acres (around eight square miles) encompassing forests alongside Columbia River Gorge region within Multnomah County boundaries as protected public land dedicated to outdoor recreation activities such hiking or fishing while also serving educational purposes through interpretive programs about regional ecology & cultural heritage aspects related directly/indirectly via historical connection between site's eponymous figure - Mr.Douglas himself- plus broader context involving European exploration/settlement across American West territories throughout past centuries till present times.

David Douglas State Park offers picnic tables, grills and open spaces for picnicking. It also has a covered picnic shelter.

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1. Start by heading west on US:26 W towards Beaverton.
2. Continue driving for approximately 20 miles until you reach OR:47 S/Banks Rd exit toward Vernonia/Forest Grove.
3. Take a slight right onto Banks Road and continue for about 5 miles.
4. Turn left onto NW Sellers Rd and drive for another mile before turning right to stay on NW Sellers Rd.
5. After around half a mile, turn left onto SW Patton Valley Road which will lead you into David Douglas State Park.

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