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San Francisco Bay Area Region
Baker Beach State Park
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Baker Beach State Park, located in San Francisco, California, is a public beach on the peninsula within the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. Known for its stunning views of the iconic Golden Gate Bridge and Marin Headlands across sparkling blue waters, it offers picnic areas with grills and restrooms facilities. The northern section attracts clothing-optional sunbathers while fishing enthusiasts enjoy casting their lines from Baker's sandy shores. Its picturesque landscape makes it popular among photographers as well.

History of the Area
Is part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area (GGNRA). It spans about a mile along the city's western coastline. The beach offers stunning views of both Marin County and the iconic Golden Gate Bridge.

Before becoming public land under GGNRA in 1972, it was used as an army base during World War II. This military history can still be seen today with remnants like Battery Chamberlin on site.

The area has been popular for recreational activities since its opening to public use. However due to strong rip currents swimming isn't recommended here.

In addition to recreation opportunities such as picnicking or hiking trails nearby Lands End Lookout; Baker Beach also hosts annual events including Burning Man Festival's precursor event from 1986-1990 before moving out into Nevada desert because of growing crowd size concerns by authorities.

- Baker Beach Trail: A 0.5-mile easy trail that leads directly to the beach, offering stunning views of Golden Gate Bridge.

- Lobos Creek Valley Trail: This is a one-way 0.8 mile paved path following alongside Lobos creek and ending at Lincoln Boulevard.

- Coastal Trail - Battery Crosby Loop: Approximately a two-mile loop with moderate difficulty level; offers panoramic ocean vistas along rugged coastline cliffs.

- Batteries To Bluffs Trail: An approximately half-a-half mile steep trail providing access to secluded Marshall's Beach and breathtaking view points overlooking Pacific Ocean waves crashing against rocks below.

- Battery Chamberlin Road : Shorter than most trails in this park but it provides an opportunity for visitors to see historic military installations up close

- Sand Ladder Pathway - Not technically within Baker State Park boundaries, however often used by hikers as part of their route due its proximity; challenging staircase-like pathway made from logs filled with sand leading down towards the southern end of Baker Beach

- Coastal/Lobos Creek Connector Trails- These are smaller connector paths linking main hiking routes together allowing more varied hikes depending on visitor preference

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- From San Francisco: Head south on US-101 S. Take exit 439 for Baker Beach.

- From Los Angeles: Get onto I-5 N towards Sacramento/San Francisco, then take the US -101 N to Exit 439 for Baker Beach.

From Oakland:
-Take I880-S and cross Bay Bridge.
-Follow signs to merge with Hwy 1 North toward Golden Gate Park/19th Ave
-Proceed through park until you reach Geary Blvd
-Merge right onto Geary Blvd which becomes Point Lobos Avenue after crossing Seal Rock Drive
-Baker beach is at end of road

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California State Parks