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Yachats State Park
Yachats State Park beautiful © Eileen Allen
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Yachats, Oregon   97498
(lat:44.3106 lon:-124.1084) map location
In the heart of Yachats, turn west on 2nd Street. The road makes a small loop, offering a serene view of the Yachats river as it meets the Pacific Ocean. Park and see the wild waves and gray whale migration. Rock and salmon fishing and tidepools bring people back to this park again and again. Plenty of resting benches and picnic tables.
History of the Area
Located in the small coastal city of Yachats, Oregon, this natural reserve has a rich history. The area was originally inhabited by Native American tribes such as Alsea and Siuslaw who relied on its abundant resources for survival.

In 1928, Lincoln County donated land to the state with an aim to preserve it for public use. This marked the beginning of what would later become one of Oregon's most beloved parks. Over time additional parcels were added until reaching today's size - approximately 93 acres.

During World War II, there was increased activity around due to fear that enemy submarines might approach from sea; however no attacks ever occurred here during wartime years.

The park officially opened in 1957 offering visitors access not only breathtaking views but also recreational activities like fishing or tidepooling at low tides where they can observe marine life up close.

Over decades since opening day improvements have been made including construction picnic areas restrooms trails making more accessible enjoyable all guests regardless their physical abilities age group interests while preserving unique beauty ecosystem found within boundaries ensuring future generations will continue enjoy wonders offers just much those past present do now
Anglers can enjoy fishing for species like Chinook salmon, steelhead and cutthroat trout. Both river and ocean options are available.

Yachats State Park offers picnic tables with stunning ocean views. It's perfect for a family outing or romantic lunch date.
1. 804 Trail: This is a flat, easy trail that runs along the coastline for about one mile and offers stunning views of the Pacific Ocean.

2. Amanda's Trail: A moderate to difficult hike with an elevation gain of around 800 feet over four miles, this path leads hikers through lush forests and ends at Cape Perpetua Scenic Area.

3. Gerdemann Botanic Preserve Public Footpath: An accessible half-mile long footpath showcasing exotic plants from all corners of the world in its botanical garden setting.

4. Yachats State Park Loop Hike: A short loop walk offering panoramic ocean vistas as well as opportunities to spot whales during migration season; it also includes access points down onto rocky beaches where tide pools can be explored at low tide.

5. Oregon Coast Trail (Yachats Section): Part of a larger state-wide hiking route stretching across most coastal areas within Oregon; provides breathtaking sea views while passing by sandy dunes, rugged cliffsides and dense forested regions.

6. Trailhead leading up Cummins Creek Wilderness area: For more experienced hikers seeking solitude amidst old:growth Sitka spruce trees on steep terrain covering approximately six miles round trip journey.

7. Ya'Xaik trail: Named after native Alsea language meaning "at the seacoast", this relatively new addition connects downtown Yachats with other trails like Amanda's or Whispering Spruces via scenic boardwalks crossing wetlands teeming with wildlife species such as birds or amphibians.

8. Cape Cove Beach Pathway: Short but picturesque pathway providing direct beach access near Devil's Churn viewpoint ideal for picnicking activities besides exploring tidal zones filled with marine life forms including starfishes or mussels etcetera.
Birdwatchers can enjoy spotting a variety of seabirds, including gulls and cormorants. Migratory birds are also common during certain seasons. The park's forested areas attract songbirds and woodpeckers too.

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Yachats State Park is located in Yachats, Oregon. To get there from the north, take Highway 101 southbound until you reach the town of Yachats. Once in town, continue on Highway 101 and look for signs directing you to the state park.

If coming from the south, drive north on Highway 101 until you reach Yachats. Follow signs within town that lead to Yachats State Park.

Once at the park entrance, follow any additional signage or directions provided by park staff if necessary.

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