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Oregon Coast Region
Yachats Ocean Road State Natural Site
Yachats Ocean Road State Natural Site © willbuckner / CC BY 2.0
Western Meadow Lark ©
Western Meadow Lark
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Yachats Ocean Road
Yachats, Oregon   97498
(lat:44.3076 lon:-124.1023) map location

Phone: 800-551-6949
South of Yachats, the road makes a one-mile loop, exposing one of the most scenic viewpoints on the coast: the Yachats Bay and the Pacific Ocean. Park along the loop and enjoy access to the beach, tidepools, blowholes, summer sunsets and whale watching.
History of the Area
Located in the small coastal city of Yachats, Oregon, this natural site has a rich history. The area was originally inhabited by Native American tribes such as Alsea and Siuslaw for thousands of years before European settlers arrived.

In 1855, after several conflicts between native tribes and white settlers known as the Rogue River Wars ended with treaties signed at Port Orford on September 10th that year. These agreements led to forced relocation of many indigenous people from their ancestral lands onto reservations like Coast Indian Reservation (later renamed Siletz).

The land where the park now sits became part of Highway 101 project during early twentieth century when it was developed into Roosevelt Military Highway named after President Theodore Roosevelt who had passed away in January prior its completion.

During Great Depression era under Franklin D.Roosevelt's presidency New Deal programs were implemented which included Civilian Conservation Corps(CCC). CCC provided jobs for unemployed men while also contributing towards conservation efforts across country including construction work along highway route through what is today's state natural site.

After World War II tourism began to increase significantly leading State Parks Department acquiring more properties around coastline creating public recreational areas one being present day location near Yachats Ocean Road.

Yachats Ocean Road State Natural Site offers scenic picnic spots with ocean views. No specific facilities, bring your own gear and food.
1. 804 Trail: This is a historic trail that stretches for about one mile along the coastline, offering stunning views of crashing waves and rocky shores.

2. Amanda's Trail: A moderate four-mile hike starting from Yachats State Park to Cape Perpetua Scenic Area with beautiful ocean vistas and lush forest scenery.

3. Gerdemann Botanic Preserve Public Footpath: An easy half-mile walk through an enchanting woodland garden filled with exotic plants, rhododendrons, azaleas and other native species.

4. Ya'Xaik (YAH-hike) Trail: Connects downtown Yachats to the north end of town via a scenic route featuring wetlands teeming with wildlife such as birds and amphibians.

5. Oregon Coast Trail Section - Neptune State Scenic Viewpoint To Cummins Creek Wilderness: It's approximately 10 miles long providing hikers panoramic coastal views including sandy beaches, tide pools full of marine life & dense forests on its way.

6. Trail Of Restless Waters: Partly overlapping The Oregon Coastal Trails this path offers breathtaking view points like Devils Churn or Spouting Horn where you can witness water shooting up in air due sea wave pressure underneath rocks.

7. Yachats Ocean Road Loop: Easy walking loop around residential area giving access to multiple beach entry points, picnic spots & viewpoints overlooking Pacific Ocean.

8. Cape Cove Beach Pathway: Short pathway leading directly onto picturesque pebble covered beach ideal spot for sunset viewing.

9. St Perpetua Overlook Hiking Route: Steep uphill climb rewarding visitors at topmost point by unobstructed aerial view over entire region stretching till horizon line.
Birdwatchers can enjoy spotting a variety of shorebirds and seabirds, including gulls, cormorants, and sandpipers. The site also offers views of migrating whales during certain seasons.

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3299 Alsea Highway
Waldport, OR
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95480 Highway 101
Yachats, OR
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1. If you're coming from Portland or Eugene, take Interstate 5 South until you reach Exit 162 for Highway 99W towards Corvallis.

2. Follow Highway 99W and merge onto OR:34 West/Corvallis-Newport Hwy via the ramp on your left toward Newport/Ocean Beaches.

3. Continue driving west on OR:34 for approximately 50 miles until you arrive at a junction with US-101 North/Southwest Coast Highway near Waldport.

4. Take a right turn onto US:101 North/Southwest Coast Highway and continue northbound for about ten miles into Yachats city limits.

5. Once inside Yachats, keep an eye out for signs indicating "Ocean Road" or "State Park." Turn left when you see these signs to enter Ocean Road (also known as Cape Perpetua Scenic Area).

6. Continue along Ocean Road while enjoying breathtaking coastal views; after around two miles of scenic drive, look out for parking areas designated specifically within the state park boundaries.

7. Once parked safely in one of those spots provided by the state park authorities, feel free to explore various trails leading down towards rocky shores where waves crash dramatically against cliffs offering stunning vistas that make it worth visiting this natural site!

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Oregon State Parks