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Tumalo State Park
Tumalo State Park © J K Amero / CC BY 2.0
Tumalo State Park © theslowlane / CC BY 2.0
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64170 O. B. Riley Road
Tumalo, Oregon   97703
(lat:44.1287 lon:-121.3274) map location

Phone: 800-551-6949
Toll Free: 800-551-6949
Reservations: 800-452-5687
Nestled in the heart of sunny central Oregon, Tumalo rests along Oregon's spectacular Deschutes River. The campground is simultaneously close enough to the town of Bend to make an quick jaunt to the grocery store, but far enough away to escape the commotion. Its location makes it an ideal stepping stone for any type of outdoor activity you could possibly dream of: lush green golf courses, clear blue-ribbon trout steams, pristine alpine lakes, miles upon miles of challenging yet scenic hiking and mountain bike trails, and of course the Cascade Mountains are all within easy reach.

Winter recreation is just up the road at Mt. Bachelor where skiers and snowboarders can experience some of the best powder in the state. If you are not fond of the lifts, there are miles of groomed Nordic trails and tons of snowy back-country areas to explore.

At dawn or dusk try casting for rainbow trout as they sip at mayflies and caddisflies. Grab your raft and float with your feet dangling into the cool water during the heat of the summer. Take a hike and explore one of the river trails as they gently wind through canyons created by the untamed river. Watch deer forage for food just as the sun creeps below the rim of the canyon. Listen as coyotes perform their haunting call, announcing the sunset and the coming darkness. Smell the sweet fragrance of sage and juniper as the dew drips off its branches. Sit quietly in the evening and let the stars put on a show of their own. All of this plus a quiet, quaint campground where your family can stay in a yurt, or camp in your own tent or RV.
History of the Area
Located in the heart of Oregon, near Bend and along the Deschutes River, a popular recreational area was established. The land for this park was acquired between 1954 and 1978 through purchase from private owners with funds provided by general obligation bonds.

The site's history is richly intertwined with Native American tribes who once roamed its lands - particularly those belonging to Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs Reservation. These indigenous people utilized resources available within these territories before European settlers arrived.

In later years, during America's westward expansion era in mid-19th century, pioneers began settling around what would become known as Tumalo Reservoir Area due to its proximity to water sources essential for survival and farming activities.

By early twentieth-century it became an increasingly attractive location not only because of agricultural potential but also due to scenic beauty attracting tourists seeking outdoor recreation opportunities such as fishing or camping amidst natural splendor offered by Central Oregon landscape.

Recognizing public interest towards preserving nature while providing leisure facilities led state authorities into transforming this region into a designated State Park which officially opened on July 1st ,1963 offering visitors access year-round since then.

Over time amenities were added including campgrounds equipped modern conveniences like showers & restrooms alongside picnic areas making stay more comfortable whilst maintaining rustic charm inherent throughout surroundings filled abundant wildlife species native here adding unique appeal drawing thousands annually enjoying tranquility found nowhere else quite same way thus ensuring continued preservation legacy left behind generations past future ones yet come enjoy too!
1. Tumalo State Park Campground: This campground offers 23 full-hookup sites, 54 tent campsites with water nearby, seven yurts (two pet-friendly), and a hiker/biker camp.

2. Deschutes River Trail RV Camping: Located near the park, this site provides access to hiking trails along the river as well as fishing opportunities.

3. Bend/Sisters Garden RV Resort: A short drive from Tumalo State Park is this resort which features amenities like hot tubs and swimming pools in addition to camping spots for tents or recreational vehicles.

4. Scandia RV Park: Another option close by that caters specifically towards those traveling via an RV; it also has laundry facilities on-site among other conveniences.

5. Crown Villa Rv Resort: It's located just south of downtown bend offering luxury accommodations including large lots designed for big rigs.

6. Tent Sites at Sisters Creekside Campground: Just north of Tumalo state park you can find these beautiful creekside tenting options.

7. Smith Rock State Park Bivouac Area: For more adventurous types who don't mind roughing it a bit more than usual there are primitive camping areas available here too!

8. Bend Sunriver Camper Rentals: If you want all comforts but still be outdoors then renting camper might be best choice! They offer delivery service directly into your chosen spot within tumulo state park so no need worry about towing anything yourself!

Remember always check availability before planning trip since some places may require reservations especially during peak season times

1. Tumalo Rim Trail: This 4-mile moderate trail offers panoramic views of the Cascade Mountains and Deschutes River.

2. South Fork Trail: A relatively easy, flat 3-mile loop that follows along the riverbank with plenty of spots for picnicking or fishing.

3. North Loop Trail: An intermediate level hike covering about 5 miles through dense forest areas offering a variety of flora and fauna to observe.

4. Middle Ridge Hike: A challenging uphill trek spanning around six miles which rewards hikers with stunning vistas over Bend cityscape from its peak point.

5. Riverside Walkway Path: Ideal for families, this is an accessible paved path running parallel to the river providing beautiful water views throughout its one mile stretch.

6. Tumalo Falls Viewpoint Track: Short half-a-mile track leading directly up to a viewpoint overlooking spectacular waterfall cascades in park's western region.

7. Desert High Nature Route: Covering approximately seven miles round trip; it's known as birdwatcher paradise due to diverse avian species inhabiting surrounding juniper woodlands.

8. Bend Overlook Circuit: Moderate difficulty four:miles long circuit featuring several scenic overlooks on route including breathtaking view points towards Three Sisters peaks.

9. Canyon Creek Meadows Trek: Challenging nine-miles-long high-altitude alpine meadows walk requiring good fitness levels but rewarding participants by showcasing wildflower blooms during summer months.

10. South Canyon Adventure Course: Multi:use five-kilometer course suitable both hiking & mountain biking activities traverses across varied terrains like grassy fields, sandy dunes before culminating at picturesque canyon edge.

Visitor Comments, Memories and Reviews
July 22 Fun! :)
park review stars; one to five i went their a couple years ago and we swam in the creek on a fairly hot day and it was extreamly refreshing. i am now going back soon, i cant wait. this is a great park but i suggest some kind of water shoes for the creek and maybe an innertube? we saw people innertubing down the creek and it looked like a bunch of fun! the area is pretty and i bet its a good camping spot. anyways you should go here :)
August 16 Wonderful Family Park! by KityyHawk3
park review stars; one to five Have camped at Tumalo several times, both with and without young children, have have loved it every time. Great fun on the river, on the many, many trails and with the Jr. Ranger Program. The ampatheater was great, as was the evenings presentaions. Would recomend it highly to anyone.
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1. Start by heading west on NW Wall St toward NW Franklin Ave.
2. Continue onto US:20 W/NE Greenwood Ave and follow this road for about 4 miles.
3. Take a slight right onto NE Empire Blvd and continue straight for approximately 5 miles.
4. At the roundabout, take the second exit onto Tumalo Rd/NW Mt Washington Dr (signs for Sisters).
5. Follow Tumalo Road for around 6 miles until you reach Cline Falls Highway/Tumalo Reservoir Road intersection.
6 Turn left at that intersection to stay on Tumalo Road/Cline Falls Highway and drive another mile or so.

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