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Tishomingo State Park
Tishomingo State Park
Park Visitor: Comments, Memories and Reviews
November 5 My Tishomingo Park Visit. by Tanda
My husband & I visited the park last week as we were in the area. Park is beautiful as far as the nature, but needs some upkeep. The bathroom we were directed to was in very bad shape, the boat docks were falling down & unuseable. The nature trail really needs work as several of the foot bridges across some ditches have fallen in & rotten. We managed to climb up & down the ditch banks of a few of them as we saw where others had crossed. But we got to one that was really too dangerous for us to cross so we had to turn around & go back. I would think they would have someone checking the nature trail all the time for problems like these but we could tell from looking these foot bridges had been fallen in for awhile not just a week or two. We had been told it was the most beautiful state park in MS but we were not impressed with dis repair & neglected look. Not a place we care to visit again.
September 11 my only state park by Lonny
been going there for years,my first visit was over forty ago.still love going there.
June 27 Beautiful memories by Ida Groves
My mother discoved this jewel of a park when I a young child of 8. Today I am 42 and still in love with this park!!! We have spent several weekends here in cabins and roughing it in tents growning up. When my children were young, I introduced them to the beauty also and every Spring Break we would go there if only for just a day. My son was able to over come his fear of heights and crossed the swinging bridge alone after many years of struggles to do so. He enjoyed the rock formations and hikes on the oppisite side of that bridge and the fountain of fresh spring water flowing gently to take a sip on your walk beside the river. There are several small waterfalls the kids would get behind and we took amazing photos through out their lifes in the rustic settings. The pond behind the cabin covered in lilly pads is beautiful and the trails that lead up to the rocks that form a cave is a big adventure to a child. they can go inside and pretend to be an indian. This is the place to go to for family fun and time away from the hussle of todays computer filled world and get back to nature. Not much cell phone service! YEA!!!! They do need more litter cans and responsible people to pick up after themselves. It is very sad that humans have let this park become littered. Please take a garbage bag with you and take out what you take in and maybe pick up a little also. We did! Every hand helps!!!! Thanks!!!!
February 24 Real pretty! by G.J.Knight II
The park it self is rich with its beautiful rock formations and history. The facilities on the other hand were not maintained and run down three comfort stations one working shower with cold water.
February 15 Do not feed the racoons by land2lakes
We always stay in one of the cabins and they are so beautiful. I have to say that the mattresses need replacing as they have gotten difficult to sleep on, but other than that this is such a great place to stay!!
June 8 Peaceful place by Teresa R
We just love it. Camped there several times and did the canoes several time. Very peaceful.
March 20 beautiful
I admit i hav not been to many places, but as a fan of hiking and walking i loved it.the scenery often changes from beach to forest to a small waterfall coming out of the rocks.it has never been too loud or crowded.i see it as a friendly escape to take it easy or push yourself with some excitement
January 31 Spent Honeymoon There by Nick and Debbie
My husband and I spent our honeymoon there in Dec. 1975. We were the only people in the park. We had Cabin 6 (rustic) and when we got there, a fire had been started and the mood was out of this world. We took our children back when they were young and we had a ball! I wanna go back!
January 4 We love this place!
Tishomingo is our favorite place to go when we need a nature fix. The cabins are wonderful, the staff is knowledgeable and helpful, the park itself is paradise. If we could live here, we would.
July 10 Trail Runner by Roger Foster
I enjoyed the trails however, the 6.5 miles covered was littered with plastic bottles, wrappers and all sorts of debris. It is unfortunate that people do this....perhaps some trash recepticals along the trails would help....or even some PLEASE HELP KEEP OUR PARK CLEAN BY PICKING UP AFTER YOURSELF(S)
July 4 Great asset, but has been neglected.
Great activities, but lake is very low & overall has not been maintained. Kind of sad to see such a great park being neglected.
June 25 Bible Camp by Jenna
well i am glad i am going to bible camp here i can show how much i learned!the creeks name is bear creek, the park takes name after the leader chickasaw.
June 21 Disappointing Visit
We were considering camping at the campground and were in the area, so we decided to check it out before bringing the camper.WE WERE CHARGED JUST TO ENTER THE PARK FOR 10 MINUTES TO DRIVE THROUGH THE CAMPGROUND!!!...This is the first park ever to charge for a peek at the campground. We will never camp here... the lake was not much of a lake either...
December 22 Perfect for a weekend getaway! by Nick Harrell
I live in Texas now, but one of my favorite childhood memories is how my family took weekend mini-vacations to Tishomingo State Park. The park was always peaceful and quiet and never felt crowded. In reading these posts, I could not agree more in praise of this Mississippi Treasure. All who visit will have the opportunity to make favorite memories for themselves.
November 17 Good Park by Rodney Waddle
The park needs a good mountain bike trail for mountain bikers.
September 13 My Favorite Place To Go by Kathy Russell
The first time I ever went to this wonderful park, I fell in love with it. I have been going there off and on for years. My family and I have rented the lodge several years in a row for a get together. Everyone just loves it here. I have been camping for up to a week at a time. It is one of the most peaceful, quietest, and beautiful places to go. I encourage anyone who has never been there, to go. You will not find a better place to be when you need peace and quiet. Or just want to get away from everything. This is definately the place to be.
June 29 One of our favorite parks. by Cynthia Gross
My family has been coming here for our family reunions since 1977. We enjoy coming and staying in the cabins and visit with our family.
May 29 Best Picnic Area by Christy
I love to take a picnic to Tishomingo State Park and walk across the swinging bridge to hike the trails. It would be great if there were canoeing on Bear Creek in the afternoon (not just the morning)
March 22 be with nature by 1Lover
To be in nature is truely connecting with God!
February 16 A Great Family Get Away by Smith Family
We began having our family reunion here in June 1984. We have only missed 3 years during that time. We rent all of the family cabins and we have a great time. We love canoeing, hiking, fishing and swimming in Bear Creek. We are looking forward to the new pool.
December 8 MS Jewel by Zoo Biologist
Tishomingo State Park is definitely the jewel of the MS state parks. It is unlike any other place in the state. You truly feel like you are in the southern Appalachians- the Smoky Mountains of east TN and western NC. My favorite state park in the country.
November 1 Pretty and Clean by Mike from Illinois
Just stopped to tent camp 1 night while going down the Natchez Trace Parkway. Staff was awesome, let me go pick a primitive tent site and pay in the morning. Very nice showers/bathrooms. The short trail over the swinging bridge and up into the rocks was perfect.
September 13 Our favorite park by Betty
We love to walk the trails along the creek and just to walk through the woods. The rock formations and boulders and awesome. We love the park!
September 7 paradise close to home by Loretta
I love coming to Tishomingo park. It is an excellent stress reliever. When life gets hetic I go to the beautiful park and just walk the trails and get perpective back.. I love it
August 19 Abundant wildlife by Louisiana
The park is clean and safe for human visitors as well as consciously agressive in providing for the welfare of nature.
May 29 a peacefull getaway
i love going to tishomingo and enjoying the beauty GOD gave us.
May 28 Great park by Franck
I love going to Tishomingo and play on the rocks.
May 4 our favorite park by Mickey and Pat
Tishomingo is a 6 hour drive for us but the beauty of the park makes it all worth the drive. Every chance we get,we pack up and head north for relaxation.The rustic cabins and the beauty of the gently rolling hills are unequaled any where else in MS. I would love to spend every weekend at tishomingo.
April 29 One of our favorite places by Dr. Ron M. Buck
For almost twenty years my wife and I, along with our children (when they were younger) have made trips to stay in one of the cabins at Tishomingo State Park. We love it--from the quiet beauty of the woods to the hiking trails to the canoeing, we love everything about Tishomingo. It is one of the most restful, serene places I have ever been.
Reviews by Park Visitors

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Tishomingo State Park
Tishomingo State Park