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Spring Mill State Park
Spring Mill State Park
Park Visitor: Comments, Memories and Reviews
November 11 Christmas in the Village by Pam Gilliam
Since you decided to take Christmas out of your Park, we will no longer be supporting.
March 12 spring mill a great place to visit/camp by todd&cindy
went there last summer 2014 for the first time the mill and village were spectacular the setting is beautiful and peaceful everything is beautifully restored the place is really excellent we are looking forward to going back this year and every year after that hope to see you there!
April 22 One of great camping places
We camp every year at Spring Mill and love the campgrounds. My son comes up from Tennessee to camp here and those of who live here locally gather at least one evening to grill out and visit. My only complaint is the shower houses need updating badly.
April 21 an enjoyable evening escape lost by Mike
I recently completed our annual task of sorting last yeara??s receipts which reminded me of the frequent midweek evening trips and weekend visits to enjoy Spring Mill and a meal at the Inn. But we have not returned after a couple of disappointing evening meals lacking variety. As an example, for our anniversary in March, the two of us had to purchase three meals to get salads and main dish. Since it was a special evening, we stayed and enjoyed it but purchasing three meals made the cost unproportionate. We split the main dish. When the annual receipts are sorted next year, the Spring Mill stack, sadly, will be greatly diminished. Also makes for a wasted annual pass. We had followed another car entering the park up to the inn one evening. When we entered the restaurant, that visitor was coming out and left after hearing the disappointing menu options and limited bar. In hindsight, we should have. The waitress was very kind and tried to accommodate anyway she could but the manager restricted her. The food was excellent as usual but the variety and particularly the lack of the option of the salad bar with a main dish combination was very disappointing. The salad bar with a main dish use to be offered during slow months.
September 27 kids of all ages by Mike Kitchen
Took my family camping at Spring Mill this summer, the whole family enjoyed it. We never ran out of things to do. The young boys were always waiting the next adventure and wore out by bed time. I just wish they would build some primative and family cabins. We will be back again and again
July 11 A fun place for families!
We were at Spring Mill this past weekend camping with my sister and her family. It was our first time at the park. We had a wonderful time. There are a lot of activities for kids to do. We went hiking, swimming and toured the pioneer village. I would recommend it highly.
July 4 Best Overall Park and Inn by Family Favorite
I came to the Inn in 1982 when I was a kid. Now I have been bringing my family and children since 2001. My two teenage girls love the Ping Pong table in the Inn. It is made from a tree from the Park. The trails and Pioneer village are a great way to see nature and a living histroy museum and it is FREE. If you like history see the cemetery at the top of the hill where the pioneers who lived in the park area are laid to rest. Food at the Inn gives variety and has tasty desserts. Go anytime of year and you will have something to enjoy.
June 30 The best state park in indiana by j.p craven
I have been going to spring mill my whole life.I am now 33 years old i am starting to take my family and make memories with the them there.It is such a beautiful park the trails are excellent to hike.The village is really neat to go through.It makes you feel like you are back in time.The campground has excellent sites for camping in a tent.I am very thankful to live in a state that has parks as neat as Spring Mill to go.It is important that we preserve our parks so our childrens children can enjoy them to.
June 8 been going here for years by Tim M.
my family has held reunions there for years and i have been coming here camping for years, i have used both the primitive sites and prefer the electric sites though especially during the summer so can have fans. ive read some of the other reviews on here and most i agree with, as with any other place with public showers and restrooms its always a good idea to bring your own supplies especially if it is popular place like this one got a couple hundred people using facilities things go quick.. as far as best sites as one person asked there are alot, best suggestion i can give on best sites is to go there once before your planned trip, if you ask they will give you a map and let you drive through and you can mark sites you would prefer to stay in and plan accordingly. i have one i have marked with around 50 real good level/shaded areas which level not really being a worry in a camper it makes a big difference in a tent so ya dont end up in a ball in a corner of it in the morning. lol. started coming here before i can remember, if i wasnt camping on family land i was campping here. 40 years later if i am not camping on family land i am camping here, i have tried other places but none are as good as spring mill has always been for us.. always something to do or somewhere to go, or just lazily hanging around the campsite, it always makes for a nice couple days to get away. i am headed there this weekend and i dont expect it to be any different.
April 18 Spring Mill Inn by Pam Cunningham April 2011
My husband and I find peace and comfort at the Inn. My husband loves the fall and the persimmon tree at the beginning of the walk into the Pioneer Village. What a beautiful Indiana Park. We are looking forward to our stay in October this year!!
March 30 a long time destination by misty tuttle
i have been coming to springmill since i was 8 and im now 34. now i bring my kids and we all love it!!! no other state park compares. keep up the good work !!!
February 10 We were married here!
My husband and I love this park. We come every year to spend time and enjoy the park. The campground is one of the best in the state, and the village is beautiful.
November 6 Very Nice Park by kbfarmtoys
My family is pretty new to camping and were told that this is the busiest time of year, but wow, the campground was PACKED - I think the key for us is to just go during the week. The restrooms were okay, but not great - they ran out of toilet paper a few times and the showers need work. We saw the pioneer village, which was amazing and well-kept. We hiked a few trails, which were nice and kept up well for the most part. The boatride in the cave is a must - it is not too long, which was perfect for my kids (and cheap too, only cost $12 for my entire family). The 2 story nature center was awesome, although I found it weird and no personnel was there. I would definately recommend this park.
November 4 My favorite vacation destination! by T C Butler
I have visited this park too many times to count over the past five decades. For the past ten years, I have stayed at the inn for my vacation. I can spend my vacation almost anywhere on the continent; however, I choose to stay at Spring Mill. I thoroughly enjoy the peace, serenity, and solitude at Spring Mill State Park. I highly recommend it to my friends and colleagues. The park is truly a treasure.
August 8 amazingly beautiful place! by the Hunters
We decided to take the kids camping on our 11th was a place we went all the time when we were just dating! and the kids enjoyed it so much! we are actually going back on Sept 18th for their candle walk...which I know will be awesome!
August 8 Great Place by Summer 2010
The shade and cool water makes a hot day enjoyable.
July 28 Generations of Memories by Angela, Greenwood IN
When my mom was a young girl, growing up in early 1950s in southern rual Indaian, she went on a school fieldtrip to Spring Mill State Park and fell in love! As a young girl growing up in the early 1970s, my fondest memories are picnics with my family, exploring the village and dipping my feet in the cold spring water at the park. In the 1990s, I started taking my young daughter to the park and she too fell in love with it!! My mom, my daughter and I have had wonderful moments together at the park and when my daughter has children, she plans on continuing the tradition!!
June 3 Wonderful Memories by Tonya
It was my favorite place to go as a child and young adult. I have since moved away but from time to time my thoughts come back to the enjoyable times spent there and wish that I could share them with my husband. Thanks for the memories
May 28 one of my favorite parks!!!!! by Ashley
I have been going to spring my whole life. Many b-day partys, cookouts, water fights the holloween thing, going in the caves, and the waterfell or just going to walk around. i love this place many memories that will never be forgoten. Thank you very much.
January 30 Really nice park by J Thornton
Camp ground great, lots of thing to see and do.
September 1 by happy campers
We loved this park. There is a ton of things to do. The inn is very nice. We have also camped here. The campground is very nice as well. Visiting twin caves is a must if you visit.
August 15 Cool as a cucumber by Angela Conner
I love the shade and cool water. It makes a hot day so cool. The buildings and scenery makes you feel like you are in the past and it is kept so pretty.
July 14 Great campground
My husband and I just got back from 4 nights of camping at Spring Mill. The location was great, we ride a motorcycle and the rides nearby are beautiful. We will definitely be back. The park and the Inn are very well kept. I highly recommend this park.
July 2 Love It by h.
I use to go her with my grand parents and since they have been there a hundred times they would show me everything.
May 26 My class trip by Carlie
my 4th grade class came here on 5/18/09, and they loved it.We got to see the snakes, how they grind the corn, and a lot more! We stayed from 11:00 a.m.-3:30 p.m. We will be back next year for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
April 20 New comer by vballklt
I have been reading all the reviews & was wandering if anyone can let me know which sites are the better sites. It sounds like a great place to go & a group of us wanted to try a new campground. any info will be appreciated. thanks
April 3 My favorate palce EVER. by Rita
I have visted here every season. Stayed in the lodge and campground and just a day visit. It is one of the best places to visit. I live in Kentucky and it only takes about one or two hours to get there. Something for the whole family to do. Teenagers to seniors have something to do.
January 18 I miss this!
I grew up in Huron and now live in North Carolina and miss living only 20 minutes from Spring Mill.
September 10 My Shangri-La!! by Debra
I have camped here for twenty years now, on the same is my vacation of choice and I have turned several friends and family members on to this place!!! I am so devoutly in love with Spring Mill and only hope that Heaven is just like this place!!!
July 16 A GREAT PLACE TO BE! by The Pine family
We took our children there for the last 24 years, now their grown and we will be taking the grandchildren there. Peaceful,and beautiful, a wonderful place to camp.
July 8 our best park ever by tom bradshaw and family
the elephants rode in and tore down our camp site but we were ok becouse we ate our wheaties for breakfast we were to strong so they ran away never to be seen again.
June 26 Wonderful time at Spring Mill Campground by NBDesign
We spent 3 nights at Spring Mill State Park Campground Memorial Day weekend. It was a great park to camp in and a wonderful introduction for me(my husband is from Indiana, I am not) to Indiana.
May 22 Love this place by Dorothy
I have visited several times. I almost always see a deer. I love Pioneer Village. My parents spent their honeymoon there 50 Years ago. It is a very peaceful place. If I had to complain about anything at all at this park the trails are sometimes poorly marked and difficult to follow. It is however one of my favorite places to visit and have a picnic. LOVE THE WATERFALL by Hamer Cave
Reviews by Park Visitors

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Spring Mill State Park
Spring Mill State Park