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Seal Rock State Park
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Seal Rock State Park © Michael Skourtes
Seal Rock State Park © Michael Skourtes
Seal Rock State Park © Rick Stasel
Seal Rock State Park © Michael Skourtes
Seal Rock State Park © Becky Lowe
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Seal Rock State Wayside has large off-shore rock formations which are the habitat of seals, sea lions, sea birds and other marine life. The wayside includes interesting tidepools as well as excellent ocean views and a sandy beach. Developed for day-use, the picnic area is in a pleasant stand of shore pine, spruce and salal.
History of the Area
Located in the coastal region of Oregon, this natural reserve was initially a popular resort area during the late 19th century. The site's main attraction is its large rock formations that serve as habitat for seals and sea lions.

In 1926, Governor I.L Patterson donated land to create an official state park at Seal Rock. This donation included approximately five acres of property with beach frontage along Highway US101 on the central coast between Newport and Waldport.

The State Parks Department further expanded it by purchasing additional lands over several years from private owners until reaching its current size today - around four miles long stretching northward towards Ona Beach Park.

During World War II, military installations were set up within these grounds due to strategic location overlooking Pacific Ocean which provided excellent vantage points against potential enemy invasions; however they have since been removed post-war era leaving behind only remnants such as concrete bunkers scattered throughout landscape serving reminders past history events occurred here.
Enjoy fishing from the beach or rocks for species like Redtail Surfperch, Striped Seaperch and Greenling.

Try your luck at tide pool angling for Sculpin.

Crabbing is also popular in nearby tidal areas with Dungeness crab as a common catch.

Remember to check local regulations before you go.

Seal Rock State Park offers picnic tables with ocean views. It also has a grassy area for picnics and games.
1. Elephant Rock Trail: This is a short, easy trail that leads to the park's main attraction - the massive rock formation known as "Elephant Rock". The path offers stunning views of this natural wonder and surrounding coastal scenery.

2. Seal Point Loop: A moderate 0.8-mile loop offering panoramic ocean vistas from atop high cliffs, with opportunities for bird watching and seal spotting at certain times of year.

3. Tide Pool Pathway: An accessible pathway leading down towards tide pools teeming with marine life during low tides; it's an excellent spot for nature observation or photography enthusiasts.

4. Coastal Forest Trail: Winding through lush forested areas within the park, this trail provides hikers a chance to experience Oregon's diverse flora up close while enjoying occasional glimpses of sea stacks in distance.

5. Captain Cook Lookout Walkway: Named after explorer Captain James Cook who sailed past these shores in 1778,this paved walkway takes you directly out onto headlands providing breathtaking view points over Pacific Ocean.

6. Seal Rocks Beach Access Trails: These are multiple trails which lead visitors straight on beach where they can explore numerous offshore rocks & islands home to seals,birds etc.

7. Interpretive Nature Boardwalk: It features informative signs about local wildlife species making it perfect educational hike especially suitable for families with children.

8. Picnic Area Paths: Short paths connecting picnic spots scattered throughout Park ; ideal choice if looking forward relaxing day amidst beautiful surroundings without much physical exertion involved.
Birdwatchers can enjoy spotting a variety of bird species, including shorebirds and seabirds. The park is home to common murres, tufted puffins, western gulls and more. Birding enthusiasts may also see peregrine falcons nesting on the cliffs during certain seasons.

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1. Start by heading west on Highway 20 from Corvallis or east on Highway 34 from Waldport.
2. Merge onto US:101 South and continue for about 8 miles.
3. Look for signs indicating Seal Rock State Recreation Site and turn left onto NW Pacific Coast Hwy (also known as Old Bay Road).
4. Follow this road for around half a mile until you see the entrance to Seal Rock State Park on your right.

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