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Robert W Sawyer State Park
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Western Meadow Lark
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It is always a great day for a picnic in the park.
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Robert W. Sawyer State Park, located in Oregon, is a picturesque natural haven that offers visitors an array of outdoor activities to enjoy amidst its stunning landscapes. The park features lush greenery and diverse wildlife which makes it perfect for nature enthusiasts who love hiking or bird watching. It also has well-maintained picnic areas ideal for family outings as well as camping sites where you can spend the night under the stars surrounded by serene wilderness. Whether you're seeking adventure or tranquility, Robert W Sawyer State Park provides a refreshing escape from city life with its captivating beauty and peaceful ambiance.
History of the Area
Located in Central Oregon, this natural reserve was established as a state park in 1975. It is named after Robert W Sawyer, an influential journalist and conservationist who played a significant role in the establishment of several parks across the region.

Sawyer had been instrumental not only for his journalistic contributions but also for advocating environmental preservation during the early to mid-20th century. His efforts led him to serve on various boards including that of National Parks Association and Save-the-Redwoods League.

The land where it stands today used to be part of Camp Abbot's training site during World War II before being converted into its current form. The area covers approximately 4,680 acres featuring diverse landscapes from high desert terrain with juniper trees and sagebrush flats to river canyons along Deschutes River which flows through it.

Over time, facilities were developed within its boundaries such as campgrounds offering tent sites or RV hookups alongside picnic areas equipped with tables & grills plus restrooms providing modern conveniences while maintaining respect towards nature's integrity.

In addition to these amenities are trails designed both for hiking enthusiasts seeking scenic views atop Pilot Butte or those preferring leisurely walks around Cline Falls Scenic Viewpoint; all showcasing unique geological formations indicative of volcanic activities millions years ago shaping what we see now - lava fields interspersed among ponderosa pine forests creating habitats supporting varied wildlife species like mule deer herds roaming freely under clear blue skies above them most days throughout year except winter months when snow blankets ground turning everything white until spring arrives bringing back vibrant colors once again making every visit worthwhile regardless season chosen by visitors coming near far wanting experience beauty serenity offered here at heart Pacific Northwest USA - truly testament enduring legacy left behind man whose name bears witness commitment preserving environment future generations enjoy appreciate just much he did lifetime dedicated service cause dear close his heart: Conservation Nature itself!

Robert W Sawyer State Park is located near Bend, La Pine and Redmond

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The Robert W Sawyer State Park is located in Oregon and can be easily accessed by following these directions:

1. Start your journey on the nearest major highway or road that leads to the city of Eugene, Oregon.
2. From Eugene, take Highway 126 eastbound towards McKenzie Bridge for approximately 50 miles.
3. Once you reach McKenzie Bridge, continue straight onto OR-242 E/McKenzie Pass Hwy.
4. Follow OR-242 E for about 20 miles until you see signs indicating the entrance to Robert W Sawyer State Park on your right-hand side.

1. If coming from Bend or Sisters area, start by taking US-20 westbound toward Santiam Junction.
2. At Santiam Junction, turn left onto OR-22W/Santiam Hwy and continue driving for around 30 miles until reaching Detroit Lake Recreation Area.
3.Continue past Detroit Lake along Breitenbush River Road/Forest Service Rd #46 (FSR#46) heading northward into Willamette National Forest
4.Follow FSR#46 through a series of turns as it becomes Marion Forks-Camp Sherman Road/Fraser-Darr Grade/Road NF42/NF4220 before finally becoming FS19 at its intersection with Highways US26/OR22 near Camp Sherman
5.Turn right onto FS19/Old Mckenzie Highway after crossing over Metolius River bridge then follow this scenic route southwards up & down hillsides alongside Clear Lake Creek drainage basin all way back out again whereupon one will arrive at junction between Old Mckenzie Higway /OR126 just outside town Blue Rivee
6.Take a slight left turn here continuing onward via old mackenzie hwy/orhwy126 another few more mile till arriving destination

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Oregon State Parks