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Point Cabrillo Light Station State Historic Park
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PO Box 440
Mendocino, California   95460

Phone: 707-937-5804
The preserve occupies a spectacular headland thrusting out into the Pacific Ocean. Park and walk the half-mile down the access road to explore the Light Station. It is comprised of the lighthouse and three original lightkeepers? houses and outbuildings. The fully restored lighthouse is open 365 days a year from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. The preserve grounds are open for pedestrian use from sunrise to sunset daily. Accessible parking is available in front of the light station residences.
History of the Area
The Point Cabrillo Light Station, located in Mendocino County, California was established in 1909. It served as a crucial navigational aid for ships navigating the treacherous waters off Northern California's coast. The lighthouse and its associated buildings were constructed by the Lindgren Company under contract with United States Lighthouse Service.

In World War II, it played an important role when military personnel stationed there kept watch for enemy submarines and ships along Pacific Coastline. After automation of light station operations occurred during late 1970s to early '80s period, many historic structures fell into disrepair due to neglect.

Efforts towards restoration began after ownership transferred from federal government to North Coast Interpretive Association (NCIA) via State Lands Commission lease agreement signed on June 10th ,1992 . In August of that year NCIA formed non-profit corporation named "Point Cabrillo Lightkeepers" dedicated specifically towards preservation efforts at this site .

Today fully restored Fresnel lens continues shining out over ocean while surrounding area has been turned into state park offering visitors chance explore rich history maritime navigation.

1. Point Cabrillo Light Station Trail: This is the main trail that leads to the historic lighthouse and museum from parking area, spanning approximately half a mile in length. It's an easy walk with stunning views of Mendocino coastline.

2. Frolic Cove Loop Trail: A 0.7-mile loop trail located near Caspar, California featuring beautiful wild flowers during springtime and offers scenic ocean vistas throughout its course.

3. North Bluff Preserve Trails: These trails are spread across several miles along rugged cliffs overlooking Pacific Ocean offering panoramic coastal views including wildlife sightings such as seals or whales at certain times of year.

4. South Nature Preserve Area Trails: Offering more secluded hiking experience through dense forests leading towards southern part of park where visitors can enjoy bird watching amidst serene natural surroundings.

5. Tide Pool Exploration Areas: Two short offshoots from main Lighthouse trail which lead down to rocky shoreline areas ideal for exploring tide pools teeming with marine life during low tides; these paths require careful navigation due to steepness but reward hikers with unique close:up view into inter-tidal ecosystem.

6. Wetland Pond Pathway: An accessible boardwalk path around small pond within Park's wetlands habitat providing opportunities for spotting local amphibians like frogs or salamanders amongst lush vegetation growth surrounding water body.

7. Headlands Overlook Spur: Short spur branching out eastward on northern end of Main Lighthouse Trail presenting elevated viewpoint over dramatic headland formations jutting out into sea below.

8. Marine Mammal Observation Deck Access Route: Another brief detour pathway guiding visitors up onto wooden observation deck constructed specifically for enhanced viewing experiences particularly focused upon observing migrating grey whales passing by offshore waters between December-April annually.

9. Historic Buildings Circuit Walk: Self:guided walking route encompassing all key historical structures scattered around light station grounds inclusive original keeper residences now serving as museum exhibits, blacksmith shop and the restored operational lighthouse itself.

10. Coastal Prairie Loop: A longer 1.5:mile loop trail meandering through coastal prairie habitats showcasing diverse range of native plant species adapted to harsh seaside conditions; offers additional oceanic views from different perspectives compared with other trails within park boundaries.

11. Sunset Point Pathway: Short pathway leading westward towards secluded lookout point ideal for watching sunsets over Pacific horizon or stargazing activities during clear nights.
The park offers a variety of birding options for enthusiasts. It is home to numerous species, including the Peregrine Falcon and various types of owls. The coastal location also attracts many seabirds such as cormorants, gulls, pelicans and more. Birders can explore different habitats within the park like meadows or forests where they may spot woodpeckers or songbirds respectively.

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1. If you are coming from San Francisco, take US:101 North towards Santa Rosa.
2. Continue on US:101 for approximately 100 miles until you reach Cloverdale.
3. In Cloverdale, take exit 522B onto CA:128 West toward Boonville/Fort Bragg.
4. Follow CA:128 West for about 55 miles as it winds through scenic wine country and redwood forests.
5. Once you arrive in Fort Bragg, continue straight onto Main Street/CA Highway One (CA Hwy 20).
6. Drive along CA Highway One for around three miles until you see signs indicating the entrance to Point Cabrillo Light Station State Historic Park.

Please note that there may be additional signage directing visitors specifically to the light station within the park grounds.

Once at Point Cabrillo Light Station State Historic Park:
7a: To access parking near or inside of the lighthouse area itself (if available), follow any posted signs leading directly into designated parking areas nearby or adjacent roadsides if permitted by local regulations.
7b: For general visitor parking outside of specific restricted zones such as those reserved solely for staff members' use only; proceed with caution while observing all relevant traffic rules and guidelines when selecting a suitable space alongside other parked vehicles.

After finding appropriate parking:
8a: Walk towards clearly marked pathways leading up to various points of interest throughout your visit including but not limited too;.
- The iconic lighthouse structure,
- Historical buildings showcasing exhibits related its maritime history,
- Coastal trails offering breathtaking views,

8b: Utilize provided shuttle services operated during certain times/days depending upon availability which can transport individuals between different locations within larger parks like these where applicable so please check ahead before planning accordingly!

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California State Parks