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Old Sacramento State Historic Park
Old Sacramento State Historic Park © Steven Pavlov / CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons
Old Sacramento Historic District
Old Sacramento State Historic Park © Sarbjit Bahga / CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons
Old Sacramento Historic District. 2.
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Sacramento, California   95814

Phone: 916-445-7387
Old Sacramento State Historic Park is a cluster of noteworthy, early Gold Rush commercial structures. Historic buildings include the 1849 Eagle Theater; the 1853 B. F. Hastings Building, once home to the California Supreme Court; and the 1855 Big Four Building. Old Sacramento?s historical significance comes from it being the western terminus of the Pony Express postal system, the first transcontinental railroad, and the transcontinental telegraph.

Old Sacramento is a California Historical Landmark. The National Park Service named the entire original historic 1850s business district of Old Sacramento a National Historic Landmark in 1965. With over 50 historic buildings, Old Sacramento has more buildings of historic value in its 28 acres than any area of similar size in the West.
History of the Area
Located in the heart of California's capital city, Sacramento, this historic district spans 28 acres and is a significant part of American history. Established during the Gold Rush era in mid-19th century as both an economic hub for gold miners and terminus for Pony Express mail delivery system, it quickly became one of the most important cities on West Coast.

In late 1860s to early 1870s, with completion of First Transcontinental Railroad which connected Atlantic coast with Pacific through Central Pacific railroad whose western portion started from Sacramento; its importance grew multifold overnight making it gateway to Californian economy. However by end-of-century due to flooding issues many businesses moved out leading towards decline.

The idea for preservation began taking shape around middle twentieth century when plans were made under redevelopment scheme led by City & State authorities along private investors who saw potential tourism opportunity within these historical structures that represented unique Victorian architecture style prevalent during those times. In year 1965 after years-long restoration work was completed successfully area got officially designated as 'State Historic Park' offering visitors chance experiencing life back then via various museums showcasing different aspects like transportation (railroad), commerce etc., alongside numerous events held throughout year celebrating local culture & heritage.
In California, the historic area of Old Sacramento offers a variety of boating options for visitors. The Delta King Riverboat is an authentic 1927 paddlewheel riverboat that now serves as a hotel with dining and entertainment facilities. For those interested in history, one-hour educational cruises on the Sacramento Historic River Cruise are available from April to October.

For more adventurous types, there's also white-water rafting trips offered by local companies like Beyond Limits Adventures and American Whitewater Expeditions which operate nearby along the American River. Additionally, Hornblower Cruises offer scenic yacht tours around San Francisco Bay Area departing from this location.

Visitors can also rent pedal boats or kayaks at Capitol Kayak Adventure Company located near Discovery Park just north-east outside downtown district if they prefer self-guided exploration over guided tours.

Old Sacramento State Historic Park in California offers a variety of picnicking options for visitors. There are numerous open spaces within the park where you can lay out a blanket and enjoy an outdoor meal, surrounded by historic buildings from the Gold Rush era. Although there aren't designated picnic tables or grills available, many people bring their own food to enjoy while taking in views of the riverfront area and downtown skyline. Nearby restaurants also offer takeout meals that you could incorporate into your picnic experience if desired.
While exploring this renowned historic location in California, it's important to note that bicycling options are somewhat limited. The area is primarily pedestrian-oriented with cobblestone streets and bustling sidewalks filled with tourists which can make cycling challenging.

However, there are some opportunities for those who wish to explore on two wheels. Adjacent bike paths offer a chance for cyclists of all levels to enjoy the scenic views along the Sacramento River without venturing into crowded areas.

The American River Bike Trail (also known as Jedediah Smith Memorial Trail) runs close by and offers 32 miles of paved pathway suitable for both casual rides or more strenuous workouts. This trail provides beautiful riverfront scenery away from traffic but be aware - it does get busy during peak times so exercise caution when navigating around pedestrians and other bikers.

Bike rentals including traditional bicycles, tandems, surreys etc., are available at Practical Cycle located nearby if you didn't bring your own equipment; however always remember safety first - helmets should be worn at all times while riding regardless of rental or personal bikes being used.

In conclusion: While biking within this historical district itself may not be ideal due its heavy foot-traffic nature & uneven surfaces like cobblestones posing potential hazards; adjacent trails provide ample opportunity provided one exercises appropriate care & vigilance regarding their surroundings ensuring an enjoyable experience overall!

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Old Sacramento State Historic Park is located in downtown Sacramento and is convenient to reach by all freeways. Coming from any direction in the state, take Interstate 5 to the ?J Street? exit and follow the signs into park. Abundant covered parking is available at the main parking structure located at 3rd and J Streets. There are a limited number of metered, 90-minute on-street parking spaces throughout the park.

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California State Parks