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Northwest Ohio Region
Maumee State Forest
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12431-12693 Ohio 64
Swanton, Ohio   43558-9514
(lat:41.5157 lon:-83.9068) map location

Phone: (419) 822-3052
The Maumee State Forest Progeny Test Site is an area set aside for the purpose of evaluating genetic selections for superior characteristics. The superior trees will then be grafted into orchards where their seed will be collected and grown in the state tree nurseries. These improved seedlings will then be sold to Ohioans for reforestation purposes. The Maumee State Forest Windbreak Arboretum was established in 1990. This area is set aside for the purpose of evaluating tree and shrub species for their suitability for use in windbreaks. A variety of management and cultural techniques relative to windbreaks is also demonstrated at this site. The Oak Openings Metropark lying northeast of Maumee State Forest has picnic areas and other day-use facilities.
History of the Area
Maumee State Forest is located in northwestern Ohio, covering an area of about 2,900 acres. It was established in 1936 with the goal of reforesting the land to improve soil conservation and water quality in the nearby Maumee River watershed.

Historically, the land that now comprises Maumee State Forest was heavily impacted by human activities. The original forest cover was heavily logged for timber, and as a result, the area experienced severe soil erosion and degradation. To combat this issue, the state of Ohio initiated reforestation efforts, primarily by planting pine and hardwood trees.

In the early years of the forest's establishment, a Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) camp was established within the forest to carry out reforestation projects and develop forest infrastructure. The CCC workers constructed roads, fire lanes, and trails, as well as planted trees to restore the forested landscape.

Over time, Maumee State Forest has evolved into a multi-use forest that serves various roles. It provides recreational opportunities for visitors, including hiking, camping, hunting, and birdwatching. The forest is also actively managed for timber production, with sustainable logging practices in place.

In recent years, the forest has also become increasingly important for its role in water quality protection within the Maumee River watershed. The Maumee River is the largest tributary of Lake Erie and is known for its agricultural runoff, which contributes to harmful algal blooms in the lake. The trees in Maumee State Forest help to filter and absorb nutrients and sediments, ultimately improving water quality in the region.

Maumee State Forest continues to be a valuable resource for both wildlife and people. It showcases the ongoing efforts of reforestation and land conservation, providing a diverse habitat for numerous plant and animal species.
GeneralLand, acres3,068
Day-UseHiking Trail, miles5
 Bridle Trails, miles15
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1. Springbrook Trail: This is a 2-mile loop trail that offers scenic views of the forest and wildlife sightings, suitable for all skill levels.

2. Oak Openings Preserve Trails: A network of trails spanning over 50 miles through diverse landscapes including sand dunes, wetlands, prairies and forests.

3. Wabash Cannonball Trail North Fork: An extensive multi-use trail stretching across Northwestern Ohio with sections passing through Maumee State Forest offering beautiful woodland scenery.

4. Fallen Timbers Battlefield Walkway & Fort Miamis National Historic Site Trails: These historical trails offer interpretive signs about significant events in American history while providing pleasant walks along the riverfront or within wooded areas respectively.

5. Towpath Trail (Maumee River): Following alongside the historic Miami-Erie Canal route this path provides hikers an opportunity to explore both natural beauty as well as local history.

6. Maumee Valley Heritage Corridor - Scenic Byways Walking Path: Offers panoramic views of rolling hillsides covered by lush greenery during summer months; perfect for bird watching enthusiasts due its rich avian diversity.

7. Wildwood Preserve Metropark Loop: Known for its wildflowers blooming seasonally,this easy-to-moderate difficulty level hiking track loops around picturesque meadows.

8. Side Cut Explorer's Loop: As part of Side Cut Metro Park system,this short but sweet hike features stunning waterfalls cascading down rocky cliffs amidst dense foliage.

9. Secor Nature Photographers' Dream Hike:A paradise for nature photographers owing to abundant flora fauna species found here ; also includes boardwalks crossing marshy lands.

10. Metamora:Holland Southward Bound Track-This long distance trekking pathway traverses multiple terrains like grassland savannahs,dense woodlands etc.,providing ample opportunities adventure seekers looking challenging hikes.

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34.6 miles from park*

1. From Toledo, take the US-24 W/US-6 W towards Napoleon.
2. Continue on US-24 W for about 14 miles.
3. Take the exit towards Fort Meigs/Oregon Road.
4. Merge onto Anthony Wayne Trail.
5. Turn right onto State Route 65/Oregon Road.
6. Continue on Oregon Road for about 4 miles.
7. Turn left onto Dutch Road.
8. After approximately 1 mile, turn right onto State Route 64/Neapolis Waterville Road.
9. Continue on Neapolis Waterville Road for about 2 miles.
10. Maumee State Forest will be on your left.

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Ohio State Parks