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Lily Bay State Park
Lily Bay State Park © JAN CONLEY POLAND
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Beaver Cove, Maine   04441
(lat:45.5701 lon:-69.5511) map location

Phone: (207) 695-2700
Reservations: 800-332-1501
Lily Bay State Park is the place to pitch your tent near the shores of Moosehead Lake where campsites are well-spaced, wooded and some are lakeside. Located in Beaver Cove, the park offers visitors access to the popular central Maine region where hiking, fishing, hunting and leaf-peeping are popular activities throughout the year.

The largest lake in New England, Moosehead Lake fills a glacier-scoured basin 117-square miles in area. Its waters run cool and deep, harboring togue, brook trout, and landlocked salmon. Opened in 1961, this 925-acre park welcomes visitors to experience a variety of outdoor activities including swimming, boating, camping and watching wildlife.

The Moosehead area is famous worldwide for its local native, the moose, and visitors hope to see these magestic animals in their native habitat. Along with moose, bear, deer, and other wild animals live in the area. Perhaps the most spectacular peak in the area is Mt. Kineo, which rises abruptly from the middle of the lake. Kineo's cliffs tower 800 feet above the water and are a must-see on visitors' vacation lists.

In the winter, cross country skiing, snowmobiling and ice fishing attract hearty visitors to the park.
1. Lily Bay State Park offers two designated swimming areas on Moosehead Lake's shores.
2. The first beach is near the campground, ideal for campers and day visitors alike.
3. A second smaller beach is located further along the park road, offering a quieter experience.
4. Both beaches have sandy bottoms making it comfortable to walk in water without shoes.
5. Lifeguards are not present at either location; swimmers should exercise caution when entering deep waters or during rough weather conditions.
6. The lake's clear cool water makes summer swims refreshing but can be chilly early/late season.
7. Park rules prohibit pets from both swim areas ensuring clean and safe environments for all guests.

The park offers a variety of boating options for visitors. There is a public boat launch available, which provides easy access to Moosehead Lake's lower end - perfect for motorized watercrafts and sailboats. Canoeing and kayaking are also popular activities in the area due to its calm waters. Boat rentals are not provided within the park itself; however, they can be found at local businesses nearby.
Enjoy fishing in freshwater bodies, home to brook trout and landlocked salmon. Ice-fishing is popular during winter months.

Lily Bay State Park is

1. Lily Bay State Park offers numerous picnic tables with stunning views of Moosehead Lake.
2. There are two designated picnicking areas in the park, both near beach access points.
3. Visitors can enjoy a meal at one of many grills available for public use throughout the park.
4. Picnic shelters provide shade and protection from weather conditions during your outdoor dining experience.
5. The Rowell Cove area has several secluded spots perfect for private family picnics or romantic outings.

The park offers a variety of birding options, with diverse habitats attracting numerous species. Birdwatchers can spot waterfowl and shorebirds along the shoreline or songbirds in forested areas. The park's wetlands attract marsh birds while raptors are often seen soaring above open spaces.

Visitor Comments, Memories and Reviews
August 4 Beautiful, friendly and clean by JAN_C_P
park review stars; one to five We needed a site for our conversion van for the night.We were able to get a beautiful private waterfront site to watch the sunset. The next morning we kayaked and swam. It was heavenly. The comfort station for showering is the best we have seen so far. Dont miss this lovely park Very affordable and friendly.
June 25 Beach covered in Goose poop by Nicole
park review stars; one to five We love Moosehead and coming to this campground is something weve done since childhood but I will not be coming back due to the fact that the state literally cannot clean up the goose crap that has spoiled the beach and the grass leading up to it. Seriously what did the entrance fee cover if they cant come down and make it so you can enjoy the beach. So disgusting and gross
February 7 it is my favorite vacation by barry s. mellor
park review stars; one to five this is our 14th year in a row
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