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Lake Owyhee State Park
Lake Owyhee State Park © Michael Skourtes
Lake Owyhee State Park Lake Owyhee © Louis Ruth
Photographed by Louis Ruth photography January 2015. This shows the beautiful reflections the Owyhee canyons and rock cliffs have and the deep colors of the lake. The surrounding mountains are beautiful and well worth a visit.
Lake Owyhee State Park Rugged Lake Owyhee © Louis Ruth
In the Spring months on Lake Owyhee the water color is an aqua green / blue. The rugged rocks are spectacular.
Lake Owyhee State Park Lake Owyhee Fall morning © Louis Ruth
A beautiful morning on Lake Owyhee. The Fall colors show beautifully. Calm aqua blue waters.
Lake Owyhee State Park Lale Owyhee © Louis Ruth
Morning light and glass-like water with beautiful reflections
Lake Owyhee State Park A fall morning on Lake Owyhee © Louis Ruth
This photo shows off the brilliant colors and the aqua blue water. In background you can see the rugged terrain of the Owyhee Mountains. The foreground is in complete shadow and other areas show the Dynamic morning light.
Lake Owyhee State Park Lake Owyhee Amazing morning © Louis Ruth
As a photographer the morning light can be some of the most dramatic lighting. This photo capture the rugged landscape of Lake Owyhee. To the right is the dam.
Lake Owyhee State Park © Michael Skourtes
Lake Owyhee State Park Lake Owyhee Scapes © Louis Ruth
The hills surrounding Lake Owyhee are forever changing in the light.
Lake Owyhee State Park Lake Owyhee a mirror morning © Louis Ruth
in the Spring the water color and mountains change colors. No wind on the water gives a photographer great opportunities.
Lake Owyhee State Park © Michael Skourtes
Lake Owyhee State Park Lake Owyhee Inlets © Louis Ruth
Lake Owyhee has many spectacular inlets, coves and rock face features. The colors of the water differ depending on season and time of the day.
Lake Owyhee State Park Lake Owyhee Mountains © Louis Ruth
This photo shows the mirror-like water and reflections of the rugged Owyhee mountains surrounding the lake
Lake Owyhee State Park Vibrant Sunset © Louis Ruth
Photographed over Lake Owyhee State Park river area along the windy road. This photo shows the beautiful magnificent colors reflecting on the water below. An ND grad filter was used on the sky to cut thru the haze and show a silhouette.
Lake Owyhee State Park Lake Owyhee Sunset © Louis Ruth
Along the river of Lake Owyhee outside the city of Adrian, you will see beautiful rock features and cliffs. You can see the sunset beyond the soft rolling hills.
Lake Owyhee State Park Sunset over Owyhee © Louis Ruth
Sunset over the Owhyees was photographed near the rock tunnel pass thru. This sunset shows the tangerines and purples in the sky at the sunset time.
Lake Owyhee State Park Lake Owyhee Soft © Louis Ruth
Shown here is part of the Lake Owyhee State Park where the mountains are rugged with beauty
Lake Owyhee State Park Owyhee Colors © Louis Ruth
This shows the Owyhee mountain colors
Lake Owyhee State Park lies next to a 53-mile-long lake formed by Owyhee Dam. Breathtaking views of the Owyhee Mountains await. A boat trip up the lake (we sell fuel, ice, and food to help you stock up) from the park is one of the many not-to-be-missed experiences in eastern Oregon. Look closely! Bighorn sheep and pronghorn antelope live here, as do golden eagles, coyotes, mule deer, wild horses and (rarely) mountain lions. Critters aren't your game? Rockhounds and hikers are welcome in this wilderness paradise. Use the park as your base camp to explore the badlands of Oregon.

The main campground (McCormack) has electric and tent sites, showers, a boat ramp, tepees, a wastewater dump station, and more. The Indian Creek campground has electric sites, fuel, ice and a boat ramp. The Gordon Gulch day-use area has a boat ramp and a large, shaded picnic area.
 Electric Sitesyes
 Water/Electric Sitesyes
 Full Hookup Sitesyes
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Lake Owyhee State Park is

Visitor Comments, Memories and Reviews
June 9 Great fishing and camping by David Versteeg
Camp Grounds well maintained. Fishing was great for cat fish and Crappie. Need to be careful of the snakes and pay attention. Fishing good from the bank and great from a boat.
June 23 Do Not stay in Teepee by Jeffry Stoker
We had a rattlesnake crawl into the we were staying in and curl up next to the twin mattress. The Teepees are not secured at the bottom. We had lizards and snakes in our Teepee. Not worth the cost. Ranger still has not called us back about the rattlesnake. We elected to get a hotel instead.
May 23 Gem Stone Among the Rocks by Claude 05-23-10
Lake Owyhee as is now known. Is a Gem itself the area abounds with wildlife as noted and usually easily seen.
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