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Vermont State Parks

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Jamaica State Park
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48 Salmon Hole Ln
Jamaica, Vermont   05343
(lat:43.1057 lon:-72.7733) map location

Phone: (802) 874-4600
Reservations: 888-409-7579
Jamaica State Park, now comprising 772 acres, was completed and opened to the public in 1969.

Previously, the area had supported a few small farms and a sawmill. The West River Railroad ran through the park. The old railroad bed is now used as the trail that leads along the West River to Ball Mountain Dam. The railroad operated from about 1879 until 1927, when a flood wiped most of it out.
1. Jamaica State Park offers a designated swimming area on the West River for visitors to enjoy.
2. The park's river provides cool, refreshing water perfect for hot summer days.
3. Swimming is unsupervised and at your own risk due to varying depths and currents in different areas of the river.
4. For safety reasons, it's advised not to swim during or after heavy rainfall when currents can be strong.
5. There are no lifeguards present; swimmers should always have someone watching them from shore as an extra precautionary measure.

Enjoy fishing in the West River, home to brook trout and brown trout. The Salmon Hole is a popular spot.

1. Jamaica State Park offers numerous picnic areas with tables and grills.
2. Picnic near the Salmon Hole swimming area for a refreshing dip.
3. Enjoy picnicking by the West River, offering stunning views.
4. There are open fields perfect for family picnics or games.
5. Some hiking trails have designated spots ideal for secluded picnics.

Biking is permitted on park roads and the West River Multi-Use Trail, offering a scenic ride. Be cautious of pedestrians.

The 2-mile trail follows an old railroad bed along the river's edge; it can be rocky in places.

Mountain biking enthusiasts may find this terrain challenging due to its steep inclines and rough surfaces.

Remember that helmets are required for bikers under age 16 as per state law - safety first!

Avoid riding during or after heavy rainfalls when trails become muddy and slippery, increasing risk of accidents.

Please respect all posted signs regarding restricted areas where cycling isn't allowed to protect natural habitats.

Always keep your speed at safe levels especially around blind corners or narrow sections of paths.
Birdwatchers can spot species like the American Redstart, Black-throated Blue Warbler and Yellow-bellied Sapsucker. The park is home to over 200 bird species including rare ones such as Peregrine Falcons. Other common sightings include Ovenbirds, Scarlet Tanagers and various types of vireos.

The West River Trail offers excellent opportunities for spotting waterfowl while woodland birds are often seen along Overlook trail.

In springtime, migratory songbirds return in large numbers making it an ideal time for birding visits.

Guided tours led by experienced ornithologists are available which provide insights into local avian life.

Visitor Comments, Memories and Reviews
June 30 by James
park review stars; one to five The park offers a large area for hiking, with some good inclines, including the trip up Little Ball Mountain, and the switchback trail going up to Ball Lake Dam. Hamilton Falls is really wonderful. In sum, the park really is beautiful, much of it following along the West River.
April 21 Vermont State Parks are the best. by maddog0122
park review stars; one to five Close to everything and just beautiful. We try to visit every year!!
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