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Cumberland Plateau Region
Grundy State Forest
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The Grundy State Forest is a captivating natural habitat encompassing 1,747 acres of dense woodlands, vibrant foliage, and tranquil streams. The forest offers a serene escape for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike, with its diverse range of recreational activities and stunning landscapes. Hikers and backpackers can traverse the well-maintained trails, immersing themselves in the beauty of towering trees, wildlife sightings, and breathtaking vistas. The forest also provides ample opportunities for fishing, camping, and picnicking, ensuring a delightful experience for visitors of all ages. With its pristine atmosphere and untamed wilderness, the Grundy State Forest reveals the true essence of Tennessee's natural wonders.
History of the Area
In the mid-1930s, Tennessee suffered from severe soil erosion and deforestation due to unsustainable logging practices, leading to the formation of the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) in 1933. As part of the TVA's conservation efforts, the state government, in collaboration with the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC), initiated a reforestation program known as the Forest Management Plan.

Grundy State Forest was established in 1935 and became the first state-owned forest in Tennessee. The CCC workers, with their dedication and hard work, began reforesting the eroded lands by planting seedlings, constructing fire lanes, and managing the surrounding timber.

The forest played a crucial role in providing watershed protection to the neighboring communities and lands. It also served as a demonstration area for forestry practices and management techniques to be applied statewide. The CCC workers, under the guidance of the State Division of Forestry, actively managed and protected the forest from wildfires and other threats.

Throughout the years, the forest has partnered with various organizations and agencies to expand its reach and protect its natural resources. In 1994, Grundy State Forest entered into a Memorandum of Agreement with the Nature Conservancy, the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, and the state Division of Natural Areas to create the Fiery Gizzard Conservation Area. This partnership aimed to enhance wildlife habitats, protect unique plant communities, and provide recreational opportunities for visitors.

Grundy State Forest covers approximately 1,279 acres and continues to serve as a prime example of successful reforestation efforts and sustainable forest management practices. It offers outdoor activities like hiking, bird watching, and camping, attracting both locals and tourists who appreciate its natural beauty and historical significance.
1. Grundy Forest Day Loop Trail offers backcountry camping for experienced campers.
2. Foster Falls Campground provides 26 rustic campsites with picnic tables and grills.
3. Primitive Camping is available at the Fiery Gizzard trailhead in Tracy City, near Grundy State Forest.
4. The South Cumberland State Park has several designated backcountry sites within a short drive from the forest area.

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Grundy State Forest is located near Whitwell

1. Fiery Gizzard Trail: A 12.5-mile trail, considered one of the top 25 trails in America; features waterfalls and rock formations.

2. Grundy Forest Day Loop: An easy two-mile loop that takes hikers through a hemlock forest with views of cascades and pools.

3. Sycamore Falls Trailhead: This is an extension to the Fiery Gizzard trail, adding another three miles round trip featuring beautiful waterfall scenery.

4. Dog Hole Trail: A moderate difficulty five mile long hiking path offering scenic overlooks on Raven Point Campsite's cliffs edge overlooking Savage Gulf State Natural Area.

5. Collins West Access Trails: These are multiple short hikes ranging from half a mile to four miles leading into Collins Gulch or Horsepound falls area.

6. Grundy Lakes Park Trails: Short walking paths around several lakes within this park located near Tracy City at less than one mile each.

7. Foster Falls Small Wild Area Loop: Moderate level hike approximately 1/2mile showcasing Foster Fall's spectacular view along its course.

8. Savage Day Loops: Comprises North Plateau, North Rim, South Rim loops varying between 45 miles & over four-miles providing panoramic vistas across Cumberland plateau.

9. Stone Door Ranger Station Hike- Easy access route about a quarter: of-a-mile towards Stone door, a massive crack amidst bluff line used as passageway by Native Americans.

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Area Cabins and Lodges
Camp Mountain Lakes Inc
345 Lakes Rd
Tracy City, TN
(931) 592-5253

From Nashville, TN:
1. Start by getting onto I:40 E from Church St and 14th Ave N.
2. Follow I:24 E to US-41 S/US-64 W in Kimball.
3. Take exit 152 from I:24 E towards South Pittsburg/Kimball.
4. Continue on US:41 S then turn right onto Main Street.

From Knoxville, TN:
1. Start with taking the ramp to Asheville/I:75S Chattanooga.
2. Merge into i275:South.
3. Take Exit for Interstate 640W /I40:W toward Nashville/Middlebrook Pike/Oak Ridge/TN62E/Ashville NC.
4. Continue straight until you reach Grundy State Forest.

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Tennessee State Parks