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Wyoming State Parks

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Central Region
Glendo State Park
Glendo State Park © Wusel007 / CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons
Overview Glendo State park with reservoir
Glendo State Park © Wusel007 / CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons
Glendo State Park and North Platte River
397 Glendo Park Road
Glendo, Wyoming   82213

Phone: 307-735-4433
Reservations: 877-996-7275
History of the Area
Glendo State Park is found in one of Wyoming's most historic areas. Spanish Diggings, suggesting a large area of aboriginal activity, lie just a few miles east of the reservoir. Rising out of the reservoir's east side at Sandy Beach is a series of sand dunes that reach from the Great Divide Basin and the Green River to the sand hills of Nebraska. The Arapaho and Cheyenne Indians arrived in southeastern Wyoming and the North Platte River Basin in the 18th century. The Oglala and Brule Sioux arrived in the 1830s, moving into eastern Wyoming from South Dakota. Tipi rings and a variety of cultural artifacts can still be found at Glendo State Park and the surrounding area. Remember though, removing artifacts is unlawful. Although now mostly covered by water, two or more branches of the Oregon-Utah-California Trail went through the area. Upon close examination you can still see evidence of the historic trail. Fertile ground was an enticement to early farmers and ranchers. At one time some of the finest potatoes in northeastern Wyoming were grown here. Glendo Dam construction began in 1954. The dam was completed in 1957 and the power plant in 1958. The dam is an earth fill structure 2,096 feet long and 167 feet high.
Red Hills and Waters Point--Camping areas have some shade trees and close access to the lake with a rock and gravel shoreline and protected bay for tying boats. Grounds are not very level and sites are exposed to the wind. Approximately 45 sites.

*Reno Cove--Boat launching area with limited camping area and few shade trees. Close access to lake with rock and mud shoreline. Protected bay for tying boats. Grounds are not level and sites are exposed to wind. Approximately 30 sites.

*Custer Cove, Soldier Rock and Colter Bay--Camping areas with shade trees and close access to lake with mud and rock shoreline. Protected bay for tying boats. Some level sites with fair protection from the wind. Approximately 40 sites.

*Whiskey Gulch and Sagebrush--Large camping areas along the south side of a large bay with good access to shoreline of mud and gravel. Shade trees and lots of grass. Level sites with good wind protection and some protected areas for tying boats. Approximately 100 sites.

*Two Moon--Our largest and best camping area with many pine trees for shade and wind protection. Located on a bluff overlooking the lake with no access to the shoreline by foot. Most sites are leveled with paved roads through the area. Approximately 200 sites, 23 are reservable.

*Sandy Beach--A large area with many trees above the high waterline and approximately 2 miles of sandy beach for swimming, waterskiing, etc. Tent camping on the beach next to the shoreline is permitted. However, all vehicles including campers are no longer allowed on the beach. New camping areas recently built away from shoreline. No protection for tying boats. Room enough here for hundreds, sometimes crowds in the thousands. Completely rennovated in 2005.

*Elk Horn--Boat launching area with limited camping spaces with some shade trees. Close access to lake with mud shoreline. The boat ramp is a short season ramp normally unusable in early July due to receding water levels. Approximately 20 sites.

*Reservable Shelters--Available for an additional fee. Contact park office for more information.
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Glendo State Park is
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Visitor Comments, Memories and Reviews
January 15 Not being taken care of by Nunya_B
My husband and I are Wyoming residents and have been coming here for years. We went 3 times this last summer. This place is being treated terribly, not being cleaned and kept up, and the park is profiting off of out of towners who are coming in and taking over our land. The bathrooms in sandy beach are disgusting with the exception of one that appears to be cleaned daily. There were branches and debris everywhere and fire bans were in effect all summer long. Fire pits are there for a reason and have been forever, with our ancestors. The fire bans are completely unnecessary. The water level of the lake had shrunk significantly each time we came back which shows that it was not being refilled at all. And on top of all of this they were charging at least $5 more a night than the previous year. If youre going to be taking our money and charging us more, then you need to take care of this land and stop allowing out of towners to come and take it over. This is our land and this is not going unnoticed by your residents.
July 7 It was like camping on a landfill by LH
We spent the first hour or more picking up trash Cooked and raw food was everywhere Hamburgers, hotdogs, raw chicken Jalapeos and limes all over the groundWe cleaned up food wrappers, broken glass bottles, aluminum cans, clothes, shoes, ropes from trees My dogs ate crap tossed everywhere and even brought me used tamponsWe spent good money to have a good time I left two days early from a reserved campsite Super disappointed with the unsanitary condition at Glendo My daughter deserves her money back She was embarrassed because she invited people to have a good time and there was nowhere to be without trash Its a beautiful lake but I dont think Ill ever go back or recommend anyone I know to camp at Glendo
June 25 by Sherril_M
We camped for 10 days at Glendo June 10 -20 2021. On the weekend the camp grounds were full mainly with Colorado campers very few Wyoming campers, in our campground we were the only Wyoming people there. During the week we drove around many different campgrounds and checked sites to possibly camp at in the future, we also checked on your site to see if they were reserved. Almost all of the sites showed reserved for days and nobody camping in them, we they did become occupied it was with Colorado and Nebraska campers which is not right at all. If they dont show up what do they lose $4.00 big deal. Your reservation system needs a serve overhaul that allows us Wyoming campers at least a month to book reservations before any out of staters are allowed to reserve spots for days on end and then dont show up until the weekend. They also dont pay that much more for yearly or camping permits then we as Wyomingnites do. Better yet raise camping fees and do away with reservations altogether and make every site first come first serve. This is Wyomings lake and Wyoming campers should be able to enjoy it all season.
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