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Fort San Marcos De Apalache State Park and Monument
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Fort San Marcos De Apalache State Park and Monument is a historical site showcasing Spanish colonial architecture. It features an old fort, museum exhibits about the area's history from 16th to 19th centuries including Native American culture, European exploration and territorial disputes. The park also offers picnic areas with scenic views of the confluence of three rivers: Wakulla, St Marks and Apalachicola River.

History of the Area
The site was first explored by Spanish explorers led by Panfilo de Narvaez in 1528. The fort's construction began under Spain's rule around 1679 to protect its interests from French and British invaders.

In the early eighteenth century, it became a trading post for English settlers until captured by Creek Indians allied with Britain during American Revolution. It then served as a base of operations for General Andrew Jackson during First Seminole War (1817-18).

The U.S government took control after purchasing Florida from Spain in 1821 but abandoned it due to harsh conditions and disease outbreaks among troops stationed there.

It briefly functioned as Confederate port during Civil War before being destroyed by Union forces. In later years, local residents used bricks from ruins for building homes or roads.

Preservation efforts started late nineteenth-century; however serious restoration didn't begin till mid-twentieth century when state acquired property through donation/purchase agreements.

Today visitors can explore museum exhibits about area history while walking trails offer views of surrounding natural beauty plus archaeological remnants dating back centuries.

Annual Entrance Passes can be purchased at all park ranger stations and museums. If you require immediate use of your pass, this is the best option. Passes can be purchased during regular business hours 365 days a year. Please call the park in advance to ensure availability. Those who are eligible for discounted or free passes may use this method to receive their pass. Annual Entrance Passes may be purchased online by visiting the FLORIDA STATE PARKS ANNUALENTRANCE PASSES web page.
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Our historic inn is located in historic Saint Marks, one of the oldest settlements in North America. First settled in 1527, Saint Marks is a historic little city at the confluence of the Wakulla and St. Marks Rivers. Surrounded by the natural beauty of the Saint Marks National Wildlife Refuge, it is located just 20 miles south of Tallahassee.
0.4 miles from park*

1. Fort San Marcos De Apalache State Park offers picnic tables in shaded areas for a relaxing outdoor meal.
2. Picnic while enjoying views of the historic fort and surrounding nature at this Florida state park.
3. Bring your own food to enjoy on one of many benches or grassy spots perfect for picnicking.
4. The park's open spaces provide ample room for family-friendly picnics with beautiful scenic backdrops.

- Fort San Marcos Trail: A 0.5-mile loop trail that starts at the visitor center, this path takes hikers through a lush forest and offers views of the historic fort.

- Apalache Bay Overlook Loop: This is an easy 1.2 miles round trip hike with scenic overlooks on Apalache Bay; it's perfect for bird watching or enjoying sunset vistas over water.

- River Walkway Path: An accessible paved pathway along St Marks river offering beautiful riverside scenery, picnic spots and fishing opportunities; length unknown but short enough for casual strolls.

- Wildlife Observation Deck Route: Short walk from parking area to a raised observation deck overlooking wetlands teeming with wildlife such as herons, egrets and occasionally alligators; exact distance not specified but suitable even for young children or those less mobile due to its ease.

- Historic Site Tour Pathway : Guided tour route around key historical sites including old Spanish forts ruins dating back centuries ago - no specific hiking involved here though visitors can explore these areas by foot freely after tours end ; overall park size being only about six acres in total so distances are minimal within any given point inside premises .

Note : All trails mentioned above have interpretive signage providing information regarding local flora , fauna , history etc making them educational besides just recreational .

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Area Campgrounds
Panacea RV Park
1089 Coastal Highway
Panacea, FL
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- If you're coming from the north:
- Head south on US Highway 319.
- Turn right onto Old Fort Road.

- From the east or west:
- Take State Route 98 until reaching Carrabelle.
- Then turn onto US Highway 319 North and follow signs for St Marks.

Once in St Marks:

- Continue straight at intersection of Port Leon Drive and Riverside Drive.

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Florida State Parks