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Fiery Fork State Forest
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Fiery Fork State Forest, located in the beautiful state of Missouri, is a serene and captivating natural haven that encompasses an area of breathtaking beauty. Blanketed by dense foliage, this enchanting forest boasts towering trees and vibrant wildflowers, creating a kaleidoscope of colors throughout the year. Home to diverse wildlife and a plethora of bird species, the forest offers ample opportunities for nature enthusiasts, hikers, and birdwatchers to immerse themselves in its peaceful ambiance. With its picturesque trails, babbling brooks, and scenic vistas, Fiery Fork State Forest provides a tranquil escape, inviting visitors to reconnect with nature and indulge in its profound serenity.
History of the Area
Fiery Fork State Forest is a relatively new addition to Missouri's public lands, with its establishment taking place in the early 21st century. Here is a brief history:

1. Acquisition of Land: The process of acquiring the land for Fiery Fork State Forest began in 2002 when the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) purchased the property. The forest is located in the south-central part of the state, primarily within Wright County, and covers approximately 8,600 acres.

2. Ecological Restoration: The initial focus of the MDC was to restore and rehabilitate the land due to its previous land use patterns. Portions of the land were previously used for agriculture and grazing, resulting in some ecological degradation. Restoration efforts aimed to improve the forest's health and biodiversity.

3. Reforestation Efforts: As part of the restoration process, the MDC worked on reforesting the area. Trees and plants native to the region were planted to replace those that had been lost or damaged over time. This helped to promote a healthy forest ecosystem and enhance wildlife habitats.

4. Recreational Opportunities: Fiery Fork State Forest is open to the public and offers various recreational opportunities. These include hunting, fishing, hiking, bird watching, and wildlife viewing. The forest's scenic beauty and diverse landscapes make it an attractive destination for outdoor enthusiasts.

5. Management and Conservation: The MDC manages Fiery Fork State Forest, employing sustainable practices to maintain and enhance the forest's natural resources. This includes periodic timber harvests, prescribed burns to manage vegetation, and wildlife management efforts.

While Fiery Fork State Forest does not have a long history compared to some other protected areas in Missouri, it serves as an important example of land restoration and the conservation efforts undertaken by the state.
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Area Campgrounds
Ozark Trails Family Campground
4171 East US Highway 54
Linn Creek, MO

1. Start by heading south on Highway 63 from Rolla.
2. Continue driving for approximately 15 miles until you reach Licking.
3. In Licking, turn left onto Route 32 and continue westward for about 10 miles.
4. Look out for signs indicating the entrance to Fiery Fork State Forest on your right:hand side.

If you are coming from Houston or Salem areas, take Route B eastbound towards Success.
5. Once in Success, turn right onto County Road CR:5280 (also known as Huggins Road).
6. Drive along this road for around six miles until you see a sign directing you to Fiery Fork State Forest's entrance on your left.

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Missouri State Parks