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Park Visitor: Comments, Memories and Reviews
April 22 First Visit and Will Be Back
Loved the park! Good - lots of wildlife, beautiful wooded area and lake with cypress trees. Saw an alligator, two deer, squirrels, turtles, birds. The arboretum is nice if you enjoy horticulture and wildlife. Each site has lined trash can that is picked up daily. Great trails to hike (can be muddy) and walking or biking along streets. Bad - most sites are too close for my comfort, some littering, little park patrol. Fishing for us and for everyone there Easter 2014 weekend was not good. Tried worms, crickets, blue and white lure. Caught two small perch off pier. :(
December 11 We had a great time!
Did some primitive camping with friends, really enjoyed the park.
May 9 by Me
May 6 Most beautiful lake in Louisiana by louise
New cabins are wonderful.I am afraid they are going to go by the wayside as far as cleanleness.The cabins are not being taken care of.And not being cleaned as should be.
March 27 Reminds me of WDW by Happy Mama
The Arboretum was filled with sounds of nature with lots of educational information--very well decorated--reminded me of a WDW display. The trails were family friendly with wide, mulch covered pathways-especially for those with skin allergies.
January 24 Amazing, except for partiers
We stayed at campsite 70-something for two weeks in mid-October 2011. Our primary goal was breaking in our new camper and kayaking. For these two purposes, Chicot is AMAZING!! The kayaking was absolute heaven. Our campsite was right near a pavilion on the water, a perfet spot to launch the yaks. The park is blissfully quiet during the week. The only problem we had was people who brought their satellite dish and loud speaker system to watch a football game. They were loud and obnoxious, but luckily the park ranger was very diplomatic and they soon quietened down. Seriously, why go out in the tranquil, quiet woods where everybody is trying to relax and bring the stadium with you? Other than that, our stay was wonderful. Thanks to the park ranger for handling it. Oh, and the facilities were super clean and well maintained. They also had internet in the park for my kids to do their schooling during the week. If you canoe/kayak, Chicot is a wonderland. Hiking trails are great too. Wildlife was everywhere!
March 20 great for backpacking by kmeche
went for the first time this weekend and had a blast. short hike and we were at camsite two. caught fish, watched the supermoon, and enjoyed a roaring campfire. will be back shortly
October 23 Love this place by tigerfan1011
My family booked for 4th of July weekend and we enjoyed our stay. The rangers and the people around us we so friendly and helpful. We are going to definately going to book again. This is our new camping price and for 16.00 NIGHT who can go wrong. I will refer my friends to this park.
September 12 Affordable Family Fun! by Aubrey
We just got back from a two night stay in a lodge. We had 8 adults and 3 children and were all very comfortable in the lodge! The screened in porch was wonderful, and there was plenty of room for everyone. The kids got to experience all the fun of the outdoors with the comforts of home. My husband even caught a bass off the pier! We cant wait to go back!
August 2 had an OK Experience!
We went the weekend of the July 30th, we went to the pool and got kicked out bc of a radio that wasnt even loud. the Park Ranger was not nice and very RUDE and was looking for a reason to kick us out. There is NO sign that says no MUSIC allowed and we were out there to have a good time.i would understand if we were being loud but we were just hanging out.the music was on country and was very low and even the life guard said it was ok to have it, but on low. Other than that our time was great! i just wish they had more to do!!! if your looking to have a good time i would recommend Cajun Palms for a fun environment this place was too quiet and not many things to do and was way to big for the little things they had.
July 23 Amazing! by GirlsCGroup
We went to the park a few weeks ago and went to the group camp. It was over 100 of us girls, and we had a blast.
July 16 The Fishing by Zach J.
Ok, the fishing is bad to us because every time we go all we catch is little fish ive tried the south landing the north landing and the bridge. Other then that the place is all so pretty and awsome. Also when i was fishing i did accedentaly catch a baby aligator it was fun catching it. I will keep trying until i have a good day and catch some big fish.
June 1 Loved Chicot!! by Pam
We are beginner Campers, this was our 4th camping trip and voted as a top spot for our family. Loved all the trees, no golf carts, everyone rides their bike or walks. The sceanery is breath taking. Always pick up your trash at night the racoons will have a fiesta if left out. The Bath Houses could use a good cleaning, other than that we will continue to camp at Chicot!
May 24 Worst experience ever by hali
I just returned form a 5 day stay and i must say it was the most horrible experience I have ever had on a camping trip. To start when we reserved our lodge we were told it would sleep 14 of us and it would be on the water with a warf to fish off of out the back door. We had 14 ladies and only 12 places to sleep. We went to the office and they said there was nothing they could do. A couple hours of later they decided to bring us two mattresses to put on the floor. Then later that night the worst part started. The mice in the lodge were everywhere. Then to make matters worse we walk into the kitchen to find food roaches all over the cabinet and in the bathroom. And last thing we call the front office and speak to a girl who tried to tell us there wasn't any mice. I was so dissapointed with my stay at Chicot Park! The workers are very rude and the lodge was disgusting!!
May 22 childhood memories by kevin byrd
i grew up in grand prairie la, and me and my oldest brother used to fish there alot mostly at the north dock and thats where i caught what i thought was the biggest catfish ever it was about 15 lbs and i was using a snoopy pole with a perch hook i was on the top of the world im 26 now and i still enjoy going there i hope one day to camp there again but this time with my kids so they can learn what i learned there i even learned how to swim in the lake its a great place
May 22 Our Home Away from Home by Darla from St Paul, MN
We have been coming from MN to Chicot for the past 6+ yrs. We love the cabins and park. Our family from Ville Platte loves to come visit us for the Christmas Holidays. Only thing missing for a 5 star rating is laundry facilities. Staff is great. Look forward to coming again this year.
May 21 A great central point for birders. by Jerry D.
My wife and I spent 2 days in your campground in mid-April. I had identified Chicot SP months prior as a great center point for birding in central LA. I was not disappointed and will probably go back again in a year or so. My only complaint was we arrived on the weekend of the cajun festival and we had to leave a day early as all the campsites were reserved ahead of time. I will not make that mistake again. I must say that even though the place was full, there were no drunks or loud music. A great family campground!
May 10 The greatest place I've ever been!
It Was Fun,Had VERY Nice Staff,Lovely Scenery. I recommend this park to everyone.
May 2 Great Canoe Trail by Hfontenot
I have been hiking in Chicot for quite a few years now and have thoroughly enjoyed every trip. Now I can say that the canoe trail through the lake is every bit as good as the hiking trails. The lake is beautiful, and the remote campsites along the canoe trail are awesome. Even on a very windy day, I was able to paddle solo in my canoe with relative ease. This is due to the fact that the trail winds through thick coves that are protected from the wind. All in all, a great place to canoe. Oh, and by the way, it cost me One dollar to gain entrance to the park! A great place!!!
April 14 Great staff and Awesome pak by Steve
I have been going to Chicot State Park for almost 20 years and have never left without a story to tell. I dropped my key in the lake and was stranded till my mother could bring me an extra from about 2 hours away.The rangers gave us a great place to stay and were extremely helpful.Thank you guys for your hard work.
March 26 i needed an escape by yabetta
My partner and myself needed some time alone, Chicot was the perfect escape. Our canoe trip was packed with wildlife and unforgettable. Our camp site was on a beautiful little peninsula, and worth every step of the hike in.
February 14 A Great Getaway by Janay Maraist
My parents came to Chicot for their anniversary in Oct, 09. They raved about it for weeks after they returned. We decided that we would all come back for this trip. Feb, 10. We love it. Its better than I imagined. Feels just like we are in the mountains. Great job!
December 12 Absolutely the best ever! by bts
No other state park compares to the scenery or tranquil setting that Chicot has to offer. You will not regret staying here in the deluxe cabins. In fact, after our first stay, we have made it a family tradition to come back each year about the same time.
October 28 A Great Honeymoon Gate Away by Sonja & Larry Anderson
My husband and I had the pleasure of spending October 25,26 & 27th. We had the best time of our life. I can tell you after being married almost 30 years this is a weekend that we will never forget. We are making arrangements to come back for another weekend with the children and grandchildren.
October 11 To Be Young Again by Sandy Villemarette
I re-visited the park about 4 months ago, me and my youngest daughter Karlie. I showed her where we use to camp with my family and relatives as I was growing up. The sights, the sounds, the smell of the great outdoors. I began to cry as I remember all of this and dad was alive then. He made simple camping trips feel like and great expidition. If I could go to sleep and wake up in those days at Chicot. I have a cabin rented on the water for me to bring my daughters and grandson in a couple of months. I want them to see how life was wonderful.Thanking God for his glorious creation.......
September 30 Best childhood memories!
I am now 26. When I was a little girl, my parents had a pop-up camper. We traveled all over the country with this camper, but we made sure to make a visit to Chicot State Park every year! I remember being the most excited when we would come here! Some of my best childhood memories were made here, and I will cherish them forever! I visited the park again 2 years ago just to see what it was like. It was just as beautiful and fun as I always remember! Great family getaway!!!
September 28 if i have a day........ by freemindevolving
i live in lafayette louisiana; if i have an airplane, i go to yosimite; if i have a week, i go to buffalo river; if i have a day, i go to chicot state park......
July 17 Perfect getaway by Cassie Taylor
We have been coming here every year for our family reunion it is a very peaceful place with plenty to do and see. The cabins on the water are beautiful and its better every time we go
May 11 Fishing Pier by Keith
I found the park to be really nice. It would really be nice if the park would construct fishing piers in strategic areas alone the shore. There are people who would love to fish who are just afraid of boats if not just en-experienced on how to operate a boat.
April 24 This park is beautyfull BUT
WE really enjoy our stay in chicot state park, we were there the 21-22-23 april during the cajun festival but during those 3 days the comfort station was never properly clean, the showers rooms and the toilets was really durty and it,s a shame on this nice park so please do some thing about it. Thank you
February 23 Excelent spot for a vacation by The Church of the Living God
This is a beautiful and relaxing environment for family to come and have fun. The rooms are amazing. The first thing that caught my eye was the big television and the cleanliness of the lodges. My family and I are in the process of planning or making reservations to come in March. I love this place. Tamika Williams
January 2 Pure Serenity and Awe by Helen
The first week of December my cousin surprised me for my birthday by selecting a cabin at Chicot. Both of us were amazed BEFORE we even opened the main door. The cabin was beautiful, spacious, clean and unbelievably furnished with everything we needed. The sunrise and sunsets were gorgeous and the sight of so many beautiful ducks at one time and place was amazing. Being out over the water was such a thrill for me as I felt I was drifting along in a boat. A much needed peaceful rest is just what I needed and what I received. We plan to visit again as soon as we can.
December 31 watch for racoons!
We had the best time. I really enjoyed our campsight. However, the little racoons did come and steal our food the first night. We had a blast trying to figure out how to hide our food so they wouldnt get to it. On the last night we finally out smarted them. WE WON!
October 30 This is the best setup I have ever seen! by Will Holmes
What a great setup! We have stayed there twice this year. The cabins are fantastic and the staff is great.
October 2 Peace,Tranquility & Beauty for the Soul by Texas Lady
We enjoyed gently floating in a canoe amongst the cypress & tupelo trees watching the gators & turtles surface & dive and the herons skimming low over the water.My soul felt renewed by the serene environment. The reflections are just beautiful and at night the still water even reflected the stars lending the lake an exceptional depth. The cabins over the lake were beautifully designed & furnished.We were glad to see tax money going to good use for a change! Enjoy & treasure them everyone.
September 5 Now My Favorite Louisiana State Park by HappyCampers
My husband and I reserved a cabin 8/22-8/24 and when we opened the cabin door, I was very shocked at how beautiful and nice the cabin was. We were use to packing a tv but we did not need it because there was a big plasma tv on the wall. I really felt like I was in at resort up north somewhere. The decor is very upscale and up to date, not an old time cabin feeling. I really hope that everyone take care of these beautiful cabins and make sure that you or your children do not distroy them. If you can get a reservation, I really advise everyone to go see for yourself. You will not regret the stay.
August 30 Favorite by chicotfan
The greatest park we have EVER stayed at. Cabins...ah...where can I start? The ABSOLUTE BEST!
June 24 Wonderful Park. Best cabins by Rosa Stelly
Lots of rest and relaxation. Loved the new cabins on the water. Have already booked again for a family gathering.
June 17 great park and staff by A. SPONER
June 17 Awesome by Rachel
The cabins were beautiful, well equipped, and clean. The view was spectacular. We had a blast. Fish, turtles, alligators, deer, rabbit, squirrels, birds. Nature at its best! We will be back soon.
Reviews by Park Visitors

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