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Northeast Region
Salt Springs State Park
Salt Springs State Park
Dalton, Pennsylvania   18414

Phone: 570-945-3239
Toll Free: 888-727-2757
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Salt Springs State Park
© Marty Straub


A focal point of the 400-acre park is the old growth hemlock trees estimated to be between 600 and 700 years old. Also in the park are the waterfalls of Fall Brook, a stream that flows into Silver Creek.

The Friends of Salt Springs Inc. also have a Web site.
History of the Area
The idea for the park arose during the 1960s when local conservation-oriented citizens learned that the property was for sale by James Wheaton, whose family had owned the land since 1848.

The Nature Conservancy purchased the land with the assurance the state would buy it from them at a later date. On August 7, 1973, the Commonwealth purchased the first 129 acres for $81,500.

The Legend of the Salt Spring

Much folklore and history are associated with the salt spring. Information on the folklore and history of the area is available from the Susquehanna Historical Society, Montrose, Pennsylvania.

A well-known story about the salt spring was taken from an article printed in the newspaper (Independent Volunteer-October 11, 1832).

"At the time of the settlement of Susquehanna County, bands of hostile native Americans overran the country, and one of these roving tribes had attacked the house of a settler. After killing several of the native Americans, he was wounded, and taken captive, but his wife and children escaped.

"His captors, to avoid pursuit, made their way to a stream and followed its course until, just at dusk, they arrived at the mineral spring which gives to the place the name of Salt Spring. After drinking here they pass on into a little ravine, through which a second stream flows to join the first, intending to spend the night under its protection.

"It is a spot well adapted to shelter for on either side the banks rise for over a hundred feet and are crowned with dark forests which add to the gloom of the place. Between these black towering heights a series of beautiful cascades form a background for the weird picture of the encampment.

"The native Americans have bound their prisoner to a tree and are sitting around the fire, smoking and debating as to what shall be the fate of the captive. Their stern countenances foretell no easy one, but the poor victim is too exhausted to heed either their words or their looks.

"At last the fate of the captive is decided. The moment of vengeance at hand but from the dark cliff above rings out on the clear night air the war cry of the Oneidas, and over the precipice rock after rock comes thundering down. The native Americans quickly extinguish the fire, and an answering war whoop of defiance bursts forth as they recognize the song of their enemy, and they rush out to meet them, leaving the captive still bound to the tree.

"As soon as they leave the ravine, the wife who has followed them at a safe distance to their retreat, is at the side of her husband and has cut the thongs which bound him, and he is free. Knowing that the native Americans will only too soon find how they have been outwitted she hastens to assist her husband to escape but the surprise and joy have been too much for him and he sinks back into her arms, dead.

"Sorrowfully she conceals the body near the spot, and returning to her friends, bids them seek the remains of her husband beneath the shadow of the precipice that overhangs the Salt Spring."
June 20
Summer Solstice Celebration
Enjoy the longest day of the year at Salt Springs with solar viewing, solar lessons, solar panels, and other demos on-going all afternoon. Bring your picnic to the park-blankets or lawn chairs and snacks, food, and drinks. In the evening we'll have story-telling around a bonfire and revel in the long daylight until the stars begin to twinkle. Program fee: Free-will donation.
June 21
Father and Son Sunday
Spend the afternoon together delving into some environmental education and recreational activities like treasure hunting, orienteering, rock scrambling, and more. Pack the charcoal and end the day with a picnic dinner, or gather around a campfire to roast hotdogs and marshmallows. Meet at the Carriage Barn; most activities are outside.
June 27
Amphibian and Reptile Workshop / Survey
Pennsylvania Amphibian and Reptile Survey (PARS) representative Marlin Corn will give a morning presentation, beginning with general information about PA amphibians and reptiles. This will be followed by a detailed "how-to" about reptile and amphibian field surveying. After lunch, we'll hit the trails to conduct a field survey. Bring lunch, water, notebook, and camera. Meet at the Wheaton House.
June 28
Two-Wheeled Tour of Salt Springs Park
Every fourth Sunday of the month we'll bike the roads and trails to the edge of the park. We'll explore a different road and/or trail each month, with easy to moderate riding, depending on participants' skill levels. Meet at the Wheaton House.
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The park consists of 400 acres, mostly wooded, with very little development. A small picnic area is located at the base of a mountain along a stream stocked with trout. A restroom is located near the parking area between the two streams. A walk across the bridge will take you to the remains of the ?Salt Spring? from which the park was named.
Above the picnic area are hiking trails that provide access to giant hemlock trees. Trails also overlook the three falls on Fall Brook Stream hundreds of feet below. A constant roar of rushing water is heard from ?Penny Rock? along Hemlock Trail. Although this area provides some shorter trails, the country dirt roads are also available for those taking a longer trek.
Visitor Comments, Memories and Reviews
June 8 Freezing Cabins awesome park by Kimsan
The cabins have no heat in winter but we managed to stay warm. It is awesome there in the winter. Had a wonderful time on the trails there. First date with my wonderful wife was there in Dec 2009.
May 18 Romance and Beauty Abounds by dragonflywoman
My fiance and I hiked at Salt Springs this past weekend. I had been there many times, it was his first. We reached a spot on Hardwood Trail, where we both simultaneously decided we want to be married in that spot. It is truly a beautiful and serene place.
October 19 Beautiful! by Bess
My family loved this park! The hiking trails are beautiful, and the facilities are clean and well kept.

Area Campgrounds
Montrose Campsite Mr. Mz
403 Pratt Road
New Milford, PA
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Salt Springs State Park is in Susquehanna County seven miles north of Montrose in northeastern Pennsylvania. The park is off of PA 29, one mile west of Franklin Forks on Salt Spring Road.

USA Parks
USA Parks
Northeast Region
Northeast Region
Salt Springs State Park
Salt Springs State Park