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USA Parks
USA Parks
Northeast Region
Northeast Region
Rickwood Caverns State Park
Rickwood Caverns State Park
370 Rickwood Park Rd
Warrior, Alabama   35180-3568

Phone: 205-647-9692
Toll Free: 800-252-7275
Reservations: 205-647-9692
Experience the thrill of Rickwood's miracle mile of underground caverns! The 260 million-year-old limestone formations, blind cave fish and underground pool are just a few of the natural wonders exhibited in the colorful cavern. The park features an Olympic-size swimming pool, snack bar, picnic area, large and small picnic shelter, hiking trails, playground, campground and gift shop.

Rickwood Caverns is a recognized member of the National Caves Association, and offers more than a mile of living geology. The caverns themselves were water-formed during the Mississippian period over 260 million years ago. Rickwood Caverns still contains active "living formations," as mineral-laden water droplets build colorful structures and flowstones. Rickwood Cave reveals that it was carved from an ocean bed - shell fragments and fossils of marine life are clearly visible along the cavern ceiling and walls. Many curiosities are featured on guided tours of the "miracle mile" at Rickwood Caverns State Park.

Group Cave Tours: Special groups of 20 or more (school, civic, commercial organizations, etc.) during seasonal tour schedule can be arranged for by appointment.
Rickwood provides 13 developed campsites, 9 of which are landscaped and can accommodate trailers and motor homes of any size. Campsites are patrolled 24 hours, and comfort facilities include restrooms, seasonal showers, and dumpstation.
Rickwood's Olympic size swimming pool is open from 10 a.m. - 5:45p.m. daily from Memorial Day until usually the first week in August and then weekends until Labor Day.

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Rickwood's picnic area offers tables, grills, shelters and plenty of shade trees. Shelters are available by reservation (starting November 1st for following calendar year), suitable for company picnics and family reunions. Hiking trails and children's playground are available nearby. Rickwood's small pavilion is perfect for family get-togethers. Shelters include lights, electricity, water, tables and a barbecue grill.
Alabama State Parks recognizes Geocaching as an opportunity for additional outdoor activities for individuals and families at our parks.

To ensure the safety of our guests and to maintain proper management of our natural resources a geocaching policy was established, which requires that all geocaches hidden in Alabama State Parks be permitted.

Before hiding any geocaches please review and submit a signed permit to the Park Manager at each State Park. After the Park Manager or designee receives and reviews the permit you will be contacted for disposition.
Visitor Comments, Memories and Reviews
June 22 Best workout! by LSU Fan Mom
June 8, 2013-My family and I planned a camping trip around spelunking, or at least the city dwellers version of spelunking, which just means visiting caves. We spent a week camping out at various primitive camp grounds, and going on numerous cave tours. Rickwood caverns gets 5 stars! The tour guide was absolutely wonderful, Alabama Fan Bat Man, was a hoot! I think the family enjoyed the guide as much as the cave! The cave itself was awesome, and really felt like we were spelunking. The stairs were a doosie, but I would do it again, and again!
January 8 by RandyJ
I was probably 12-14 years old when I last visited Rickwood Caverns. I think the admission price back then was about 75 cents.. of course that has been over 40 years ago. I recall the blind cave fish, the pools in the caverns, and the swimming pool being fed from the cave water. I hope to have a family gathering there when the weather warms a bit. Now I have grand children who need this experience. I visited there with the cub scouts and again with our Sunday school class. It was a popular church wide outing.
September 28 Fall Family Outing by The Crowe, Chase and Carters
Our family went a couple of years ago and we are planning to come back in October. We had a blast then and look forward to another great time. Our kids are older now and we have added a few to the group so i know the younger ones will enjoy it as much as the older. See you soon!!!!!
September 5 lots of fun by larry and vanessa young
our family of 6 went and stayed 3 nights in tent camping,the staff was awesome ,helpful, friendly,curtious,the main park ranger became our friend quickly he does a great job all the things at the park were great.this park staff had just gone through tremendous personal loss of 3 employees just days before our arrival 2 were in critical condition and one had passed the morning we arrived ,but the staff still remained very pleasant etc.. even though i know things were hectic for them thank you for a blast the young family
July 11 First visit for my kids!
I went a lot as child. The last time I went I was in 10th grade. We went for an afternoon of swimming and while the pool is Nice and big, my son was disappointed. he is 3 and just learned how to swim and I didnt want him jumping of the diving board without a life jacket and they refused to let him. Broke his heart! My daughter on the other hand had a great time and is bugging me to take her back. The guy life guard that was there the day we went was very rude and would prefer not go if he would be there again!
July 28 A Great Day Trip by Stef
I took my 2 sons to spend the day at Rickwood Caverns as a side stop on the way home from a short vacation. They loved the cave tour and continue to talk about it. Afterwards we swam in the pool which is water pumped from the cave. They thought that was really neat. The pool was great. We hope to visit again some day. It was a pleasant trip.
July 25 We had a great time by Patricia Sturdivant
myself and my 2 nephews went on july 17 th and we had a great time we cooked out and went swimming it was so peaceful compared to other places I have been to.
May 27 Pests at the Park by Beth
I took my 2 boys in 2007. We camped in our tent. The tour was acceptable, but the boys seemed to know more than the guide. However, we had just come from Mammoth Cave in KY and they really got into the tour there. We had big problems with ants and raccoons. The raccoons kept the boys up all night, as they were afraid that we would be invaded. The ants were terrible! While they loved the pool, neither were pleased with the ant bites about everywhere we stood or sat. The ants got all over our towels from the chairs. I wish this had not been such a problem. However, to please my sons, I would make a return trip. I will just make sure to bring a lot of ant killer and park as far from the trash cans as I could.

Annual Entrance Permit passes are available for year-round entry to the park for Individuals, Families, and Seniors. Passes allow access to picnic area, hiking trail and children's playground at no additional charge and expire one year from date issued.
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USA Parks
USA Parks
Northeast Region
Northeast Region
Rickwood Caverns State Park
Rickwood Caverns State Park