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Morphy Lake State Park
Morphy Lake State Park Morphy Lake © Kelly Haller
My friend and I visited Morphy Lake in July 2017. We love this high altitude lake. Its just beautiful there in the summer. We enjoyed looking for frogs and crayfish in the water along the shore.
Morphy Lake State Park Morphy Lake © Robert Crespin
Small trout fishing lake
P.O. Box 477
Guadalupita, New Mexico   87722

Phone: 505-387-2326
Reservations: 877-664-7787
While no hunting of any species is currently allowed on the Refuge, the white-tailed and mule deer populations are growing on the Refuge and may, at some point in the future, require management. Interested individuals should check at the Refuge office on the current status of hunting on the refuge.

Visitor Comments, Memories and Reviews
August 11 do not leave litter
Beautiful place secluded with pine trees all around. Rangers were friendly and worked cleaning toilets trash etc. Fishing was slow and the water level low. It was a sham as our weekend was a little spoiled due to selfish people shouting until the early hours of the morning and running there generator.
July 11 fisher men with no place to fish by raymond
a lot of people bought there fishing license but no where to fish it feels like we,ve been reaped off for the third year in a roll $39 for three years is about $117 thrown to the wind not right.
June 3 morphy lake by selaida
I love to go camping and fishing at morphy lake. the only thing you should drill a well for water. and stock the lake more often

Area Campgrounds
Pendaries RV Park
Park Place #3 Highway 105
Rociada, NM

Morphy Lake State Park is seven miles south of Mora on NM 94 and four miles west on a dirt road.

New Mexico

New Mexico State Parks