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King Country Region
Lake Sammamish State Park
Lake Sammamish State Park
2000 NW Sammamish State Park
Issaquah, Washington   98027
Lake Sammamish State Park is a 512-acre day-use park with 6,858 feet of waterfront on Lake Sammamish. The area around the lake was an important culture zone for local Indian tribes for centuries. The park provides deciduous forest and wetland vegetation for the enjoyment of visitors. A salmon-bearing creek and a great-blue-heron rookery are additional features. The park includes diverse natural wetlands, a large great blue heron rookery and the salmon-bearing Issaquah Creek. The park has one of the largest freshwater beaches in the greater Seattle area.

Park hours/updates:

Summer: 6:30 a.m. to dusk.Winter: 8 a.m. to dusk.
Nature of the Area
Wildlife Mammals Birds Fish & Sea Life? Chipmunks? Coyotes? Deer or Elk? Rabbits? Raccoons? Squirrels? Crows or Ravens? Doves or Pigeons? Ducks? Geese? Gulls? Hawks? Herons? Jays? Owls? Woodpeckers? Bass? Salmon? Trout

Environmental Features Physical Features Plant Life

In recent times, coal was mined in the area and shipped by rail to Seattle.

? Cedar? Douglas Fir? Hemlock? Nobel Fir? Alder? Birch? Cherry? Maple? Daisy? Foxglove? Rhododendron? Berries? Ferns? Moss or Lichens? Poison Ivy
History of the Area
The Lake Sammamish area was once a gathering place for Indian tribes. They celebrated their "potlatch," or winter festival, at the south end of the lake, where they hunted, fished and berry-gathered in preparation for winter. The word "Sammamish" comes from the Indian "Samena," meaning "hunter."
The park has the Hans Jensen youth group camping area. It accommodates up to 100 people and up to 40 cars. There are 36 picnic tables, 12 stoves, a covered picnic shelter and four vault toilets. To reserve call (888) CAMPOUT or (888) 226-7688. The fee is per person and a non-refundable reservation fee applies.

Park Store
Services/Supplies Available in the park Available in the area? Boat rentals? Pay phone? Auto repair? Camping? Fishing/hunting? Gasoline? Gifts? Golf? Groceries? Hardware? Marine supplies? Overnight Accommodations? Pay phone? Postal service? Propane? Recreational equipment? White gas? Wood? Swimming

Kayak rental is available in the summer. Most other services are available near the park.
July 12
Mud Factor
"Seriously Fun, 5K Obstacle Run!" . Mud Factor is a family fun run with participants 4 years old and up. This is a 5k(3 mile) running course social athletic event. Obstacles are placed throughout the course with several mud pits constructed to enhance this unique experience. This is not a competitive event, with no timing or scoring whatsoever. Discover Pass required.

Time: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

July 25
The Great Inflatable Race
This event is an approximate 5k fun run with 8-10 inflatable obstacles spread throughout the course. Discover Pass required.

Time: 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM

August 8
Lake Sammamish Watersports Festival
A watersports event to celebrate all aspects of watersports and safety. Discover Pass required.

Time: 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM

August 15
Color Me Rad 5K
BIGGER. BADDER. RADDER. For the first time in 5K history, Color Me Rad is doing the unthinkable - eight color stations. That's literally double the color stations of any other fun run. You'll run through eight color stations where our volunteers will cover you from head to toe in pink, yellow, green, blue, and violet. Did we mention that it's gluten free? Meet the newest member of the family- the Color Gel. It will rad you from head to toe, with a cooling sensation and full coverage, guaranteeing that you're being your best selfie. In 2015, every RAD participant gets access to free photos from professional action sports photographers so you can brag about your RAD experience without spending a dime. We're all about style, ease, and steez, which is why each participant is getting the softest RAD t-shirt ever made and the ever infamous RAD tattoo. And if that wasn't enough, we're also throwing in some killer knee-highs, which we will proceed to knock off. Discover Pass required.

Time: 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

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There are nine boat-launch ramps near the Hans Jensen area, and the park provides 40 feet of dock. There are two 60 feet by 4 feet and four 40 feet by 4 feet finger docks spaced among nine twelve feet by 30 feet launch ramps. There is one restroom and parking for 250 car/boat-trailer combinations.

A daily watercraft launching permit and a trailer dumping permit is available at the park.Annual permits also may be purchased at State Parks Headquarters in Olympia, at region offices, online, and at parks when staff is available.

Boats and RVs
Leavenworth Outfitters.com Outdoor Center - Leavenworth, WABoat Rentals
We want to share the nature and adventure of river rafting, kayaking, cross country skiing and snoeshoeing in the beautiful Cascade Mountains of Washington State with our honored guests.
54.9 miles from park*

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Day Use Area
The reservable Kitchen shelter has two sinks and a center counter with electrical outlets. There are horseshoe pits and a sand volleyball area nearby. The shelter accommodates groups up to 400 people.

The Rotunda, another rentable shelter, has several sinks, a central fireplace and a volleyball area. It accommodates groups of up to 100 people.

The Creek shelter is the only group site to offer a view of the lake. It is reservable for groups of up to 200 people and offers a volleyball areas.

All day-use facilities are reservable by calling (888) CAMPOUT or (888) 226-7688. The park also offers one sheltered and 475 unsheltered picnic tables, plus 80 barbecue grills on stands.
Area Attractions
Activities Trails Water Activities Other? 1.5 mi. Hiking Trails? 1.5 mi. Bike Trails? Boating (freshwater)? Boating (freshwater, non-motorized)? 9 boat ramps (freshwater)? 40 feet of dock (freshwater)? Fishing (freshwater)? Personal Watercraft (freshwater)? Swimming (freshwater)? Water Skiing (freshwater)? Bird Watching? 5 Horseshoe pits? Interpretive Activities? 3 Softball Fields? 9 Soccer Fields? 5 Volleyball Fields? Wildlife Viewing

The park offers easy hiking trails, plus bicycling and mountain biking through natural areas along paved and compacted dirt roads. Kayak rental is available in the summer. There are sanded volleyball courts, but many people place volleyball nets anywhere on the beach. There are two bath houses with dressing rooms, a concession stand and two "big toy" children's play areas. There are three baseball fields and nine soccer fields managed by local clubs.
Things To Do in the Area
Leavenworth Outfitters.com Outdoor Center - Leavenworth, WAFamily Outting
We want to share the nature and adventure of river rafting, kayaking, cross country skiing and snoeshoeing in the beautiful Cascade Mountains of Washington State with our honored guests.
54.9 miles from park*
Bainbridge Bluegrass Festival - Rollingbay, WAArts/Cultural/Drama
Bainbridge Bluegrass Festival is a family-focused music event organized by volunteers. The festival brings diverse music to the community, raising funds for local charities, this year PAWs of Bainbridge Island and North Kitsap.
25.2 miles from park*
Visitor Comments, Memories and Reviews
April 15 liking the improvements!
We are excited for the new bathhouse to open in time for summer 2015. Then comes new sand, and we hear that a new HUGE destination playground is coming.And lots of cool events! Learn more at Friends of Lake Sammamish State Park website, or find them on Facebook.
September 3 Ruined for me by DKM
I could never visit this park as I would always associate this place with that horrible July day 40 years ago. A bright sunshine filled day turned into one of the cloudiest ever. Janice Ott and Denise Naslund you will never be forgotten. What would your lives have turned out to be. Something only God knows. The other lucky girls form that fateful day. I hope you found peace and happiness. Those of us old enough to remember know what I am talking about. To those younger please enjoy the park but always be careful as you would any place.
April 28
September 10 Launch maintenance
On Sunday September 9th While pulling my boat out of the water I jump down off my boat and walk to the front to crank it up. My foot went down in space between the cement platforms. It was stuck, in the process of pulling my foot loose it tore my tevas and took layers of skin off the side of my foot. We will think twice before using the launch again.
July 24 Waste of Tax Dollars by J Valente
So they rebuilt the dock, painted lanes, and all should be good, right? Why when the government is out of money do we pay to have a parks employee at the launch telling people when to pull forward and luanch the boat. The parks employee would make people wait when over half the launch stalls were open. This is another sorry example of the government trying to hold peoples hands. If he wants to help he should go talk to the people that are standing at the dock holding there boat while the husband retrieves or parks the vehicle. This behavior is unacceptable at a lunch unless you are alone or with young children. Teach your wife for goodness sake. Go to the luanch on a cloudy day and practice. Or hog the launch and slow the line and listen to me chew you out next time I see it. The parks employee should be making the line faster not slower. I watched for 30 mins as the parks employee only allowed one vehicle every few mins. while over half, that means almost ten open stalls were sitting unused. No wonder the line stretches all the way down Eastlake Sammamish Pkwy. I assure you if this launch was privitized this would not happen. Unfortunetly another sorry example of shameless waste of tax payer dollars and total inefficiency on the part of a government entitiy.
August 15 Launch maintenance is unacceptable
We love Lake Sammamish, we hate the launch. We have been loyally paying our launch fees for the past 15+ years. Simple math tells all users that the money we pay is not going to maintain and improve the boat launch we are paying for. Exposed nails, broken boards, lack of direction for loading and un-loading ends of the launch are just some of the issues. Mowing the lawn and cleaning the toilets is not enough. In addition, there should be a internet access camera at the launch and on East Lake Sammamish Parkway to inform users of the lever of traffic and launch conditions. Also, there seems to be a growing camper park by the restrooms...
July 14 DOCKS BEYOND ACCEPTABLE! by mw - sammamish
This past weekend after being on the lake all day, we headed back to the boat launch and when pulling the boat up to the dock, I jumped out to help my wife hold the boat and due to the docks being under water and not being made of a non slip material, both feet went out from under me and I landed directly on to a cleat into my chest. when I tried to get up I went down again. The docks have never been this bad, cleats that are loose, the wood is splintered on both sides on just about every dock, they are extremly slippery, and there is no mercy to your boat if it rubs against these docks. We have been avid boaters for the last 4 years and only on lake Sammamish. The docks used to have painted lines that helped when there are 50 trailers trying to fit in 12 spots. At $7 bucks a trip, you would think the launch would be maintained better than it is. Lastly, it wouldnt hurt to put a sign at the launch letting beggining boaters know that the first set of docks are for launching and the last set for loading. Hoping to see changes soon as we visit the lake three to four times a week.
July 12 Extremely Dangerous Docks! by July 12, 2010
On Thursday, July 8th, after a great evening of boating, went to pull the boat out. My wife, with bow line in hand, jumped off the bow of the boat onto the dock. Both of her feet went out from underneath her and she landed on the back of her head and suffered a concussion! Our great evening turned into a trip to the urgent care in Issaquah. It could have been a lot worse though. Just an F.Y.I., the docks are extremely slippery. They are in need of repair (replacement) and there needs to be some anti-skid material placed on the docks!

Area Campgrounds
Trailer Inns R.V. Park/Bellevue
15531 South East 37th
Bellevue, WA
Snoqualmie River RV Park & Campground
34807 SE 44th Place
Fall City, WA
Seattle/Tacoma KOA
5801 South 212th Street
Kent, WA
Blue Sky R.V. Park
9002 302nd Avenue SE
Preston, WA
Weather Forecast, (98029)

Located on the edge of the city of Issaquah, Wash.

From I-90: Drive east to exit #15, and follow the signs.

USA Parks
USA Parks
King Country Region
King Country Region
Lake Sammamish State Park
Lake Sammamish State Park