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USA Parks
Southeast Region
Chattahoochee State Park
250 Chattahoochee State Park Rd
Gordon, Alabama   36343

Phone: 334-522-3607
Toll Free: 800-252-7275

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Visitor Comments, Memories and Reviews
April 1 most relaxed camp and sites are clean by Gordon and Karen Ewing
Kim is doing a great job getting all cleaned up. Most laid back camp we have ever been at. Loved our stay. Thanks Kim and your husband too.
March 23 Under New Management by Kim
Chattahoochee State Park is under new management. We are working non-stop to restore the cleanliness and beauty! Come see us :)
September 19 Awesome Place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by Debby*Z
My dog Roscoe Coltrane is lost in this area please call the park if found or bring him home. He is brindle colored and a white bow tie!!!!!!We miss our dog!!!!Reward!!!!!!!
May 24 Very Friendly Staff by Keith Hinson
The park is very peaceful and has good horse riding trails. The park staff is very friendly and goes out of his way to be helpful and to make sure you have everything you need for an enjoyable stay. He is the kind of man that keeps visitors returning again and again. Thanks for all the help!
May 22 Relaxing Place
My family and I visited the park today it truly seemed relaxing and peaceful all in all we had a much needed peaceful and relaxing sunday afternoon at the park.
September 28 Home Away From Home by S. Holweger
We loved this little hidden treasure. My kids had a wonderful time playing in the sand and biking. The care takers were sweet and caring people. The price was a good one at $15.00 a night we stayed a whole week and loved everyday. It is quiet and peaceful out there and I would enjoy revisiting again.
July 10 nice area for camping by d. brown
bugs where not so bad use alittle spray bathrooms clean nice warm showers the fellow taken care of the park was nice took care of and made sure we had plenty of firewood very downhome people well worth the money iwill be back
May 30 beautiful park.just not kept up by foggyday
the laws are not observed.bulldogs are allowed to roam free and with kids ,dangerous, fishing is no good ,and swimming is almost non existing,the wood raft in the water is all but sunk, mosquitters, yeah god, we will be lucky if no one is sick,I would like to know the price for over 65, he charges for things, unreal. bathroom is dirty, no paper,,nature trails have not been kept up it so over grown. oh we paid 15.00 ,a night 2.00 per car or truck ,2.00 for fishing. he charges 15.00 for a pile of wood which is o.k. the fire pit is always full.over all the park is so special for adults and kids just need someone who cares, to look after it...
April 29 Mosquitos by B. Vandergriff
I visited Chattahoochee State Park today with my family and fell in love with the beauty surrounding us. We had intended to do a little fishing,however, the mosquitos were so bad we could not stay more than a few minutes. There were at least 20 to 30 mosquitos on my legs at one time. We had to get back in our van as quickly as we got out it was so bad. I plan to call the park manager before going back to see if anything has been done about the mosquitos. Again, my family and I loved the park and would like to stay and camp but its impossible with the mosquitos as bad as they are.

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Chattahoochee State Park
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USA Parks
Southeast Region
Chattahoochee State Park
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