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Wilson River Highway Forest State Scenic Corridor
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The Wilson River Highway Forest State Scenic Corridor is a picturesque stretch of land that runs along the banks of the Wilson River. This scenic corridor, which follows Route 6 through Tillamook County, offers breathtaking views of lush forests and rushing river waters. It's an outdoor enthusiast's paradise with numerous opportunities for hiking, fishing and camping amidst its verdant landscapes teeming with wildlife. The area also features several picnic spots as well as interpretive signs detailing local history and ecology making it not just visually appealing but educational too.

History of the Area
Located in Oregon, this scenic corridor is a part of the Tillamook State Forest and runs along Highway 6. The area was designated as a state park by the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department to preserve its natural beauty.

The history of this region dates back thousands of years when it was inhabited by Native American tribes such as the Tillamook people. European settlers arrived in the late 18th century, drawn to its abundant resources including timber and fish.

In terms of modern development, construction on Highway 6 began around early-20th-century with an aim to connect Portland with coastal communities like Tillamook City. This highway cuts through what would later become known for its stunning views - dense forests interspersed with riverside vistas that make up today's Scenic Corridor.

However, during mid-20th-century (1940s-1950s), massive wildfires ravaged much of these forest lands causing significant damage - events collectively referred to as "Tillamook Burn". Post-fire efforts led not only towards reforestation but also increased public interest which eventually resulted into establishment & preservation initiatives from government bodies leading toward creation & designation under 'State Park' status during latter half-of-the-twentieth century.

Today's lush greenery seen throughout are testament both nature's resilience after devastating fires; human effort put forth over decades via replanting programs initiated post-Tillamook Burn era making it one among largest man-made forests globally while preserving unique biodiversity within Pacific Northwest ecosystem context at same time offering recreational opportunities ranging from hiking trails fishing spots picnic areas etc., all accessible directly off main thoroughfare i.e., aforementioned Hwy #06 itself!
Anglers can enjoy fishing in the river, known for its steelhead and Chinook salmon. Trout is also available seasonally.

Wilson River Highway Forest State Scenic Corridor is located near Forest Grove, Tillamook and Salem

Wilson River Highway Forest State Scenic Corridor offers scenic picnic spots with tables, grills and restrooms amidst lush greenery and river views.
1. Wilson River Trail: A 23-mile long trail that offers a challenging hike with beautiful views of the river, forest and wildlife.

2. Kings Mountain Trail: This steep climb leads to panoramic vistas from atop King's Mountain; it is about 5 miles round trip.

3. Elk Creek Campground Loop: An easy loop around the campground area offering scenic views of lush greenery and creek crossings, approximately one mile in length.

4. Jones Creek Day Use Area Trails: These trails are perfect for family outings or short hikes as they offer picnic areas along the way while winding through dense forests near creekside settings.

5. Footbridge Trailhead Section: Part of longer Wilson River trail but can be hiked separately starting at footbridge over Wilson River leading into deep woods providing serene environment away from highway noise.

6. Diamond Mill OHV Area Hiking Paths: Though primarily used by off:road vehicles these paths also provide hiking opportunities amidst rugged terrain giving unique experience compared to other trails within corridor.

7. Tillamook Forest Center Trails: Short interpretive nature walks available here give insight on local flora & fauna making them ideal choice for educational trips or leisurely strolls.

8. University Falls Loop Trial: Approximately an eight:mile-long moderate difficulty level trial which takes you past stunning waterfalls including famous University falls.

9. Roger's Pass: Difficult yet rewarding this six:miles out-and-back trek provides breathtaking view points overlooking entire valley below.

10. Little South Fork Kilchis River Hike: Easy two miles walk alongside Little south fork kilchis river suitable even for beginners.

11. Kings mountain junior hike: Less strenuous version than original kings mountain trial, three miles long path still manages to deliver impressive sights without much elevation gain.

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1. Start by heading west on US:26 W from Portland.
2. Continue driving on US:26 W for approximately 30 miles until you reach the town of Banks.
3. In Banks, take a slight right onto OR:47 N/NW Main St and continue following OR-47 N for about 15 miles.
4. After passing through Vernonia, turn left onto Bridge Street/NE Nehalem Ave (signs will indicate "Wilson River Loop").
5. Follow NE Nehalem Ave as it turns into Keasey Road/Wilson River Hwy/Old Rainier Rd NW: stay on this road for around 10 miles.

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Oregon State Parks